We have the fully modded version by neil on instagram at rc underscore. I am nmd nmd, okay, so first one was unboxing. Second one. We ran it on the trail and this third one. We let neils imagination go wild and he went at it exterior and if interior dont wan na change aint no place to hide aint, no one to run to if you dont wan na change a little bit its a toyota tacoma gen 3. So long wheelbase 12.8 inch wheelbase, it had a pretty nice body. Very nice like sand light buckets were quite ugly. Bumpers were nice, but i think what they, what was special about this vehicle is they worked with james knight of knight customs, so he was ready with all these 3d printed parts that you could buy from him or you could buy the files from him yeah and Which which you went with uh files, uh yeah, i bought the files and then i just printed them all. On my 3d printer, you went nuts with 3d printing right, oh yeah, uh, huh and uh. Basically, for like a week or two weeks, the printers were just going: yeah um uh eight days straight yeah, eight days straight of of operating piece by piece on the exterior was the uh rooftop um rack, roof rock yeah, the ex the higher bed mount pieces and Then the rear, sway bars left and right and then the inner fenders and then the biggest piece of them all was the actual interior, the interior interior, with the dash and steering wheel about uh two and a half days of printing non stop for just the interior Itself, wow, wow, okay, so lets talk about the the biggest issues, the uh, the light buckets, so they were just lexan with stickers on him, yeah uh.

What? What did you do to solve those both front and rear? Oh so james knight actually had uh files so that we can print here, light buckets for front and rear. So a good thing about element is that the stickers actually were removable and the lexan underneath was clear: unpainted unpainted! Yes! So then, i just printed out the light buckets front and rear and we added the mitric rc light kit right so that we have front rear turn signals reverse brake lights and front headlights nice. So i would say if you were, if you had this vehicle and you wanted to start printing or start modifying it, that would be where you start. The next thing is its not called toyota tacoma at all, because its not licensed you dont want to get in trouble. So then you addressed that right. How did you address the branding of it? Okay, so it has the toyota grill toyota, tacoma grill, the uh printed trd pro badge on the side and then, if you can see in the rear, the tailgate actually has the tacoma uh decal on it right, yeah right. So that fixes the issue of um. What what vehicle is this, it kind of looks like a tacoma anything out here that you purchased uh. Will we have the links in the description? Oh yeah, the uh stuff that i didnt print were, of course, the the wheels. These are the vanquish wheels so im using the stock tires 1.

5 on 1.9 inch, rims vanquish wheels, general grabber yeah, i think all trains, yeah yeah general grabber at very nice, tires um. The rooftop tent was stock with the knight runner kit. These are decals that i printed up all right, so these boards are actually tracks boards traction from the trx for sportsport, yeah, yeah, theyre, beautiful little pieces and then on the uh on the other side is the scale accessories by uh james knight, uh huh. So you got a jack shovel and i think what else is there an axe, uh huh? What is this water, water yeah? This is a water port system, the i think, the the day version so, like 3.85 gallons yeah, you take a shower yeah and wash your truck and the body clips. The true crime in humanity is. This thing has body clips uh. They look ugly and theyre gon na ruin your lexan. What did how did you do uh? What did you do to address that magnum out magnum out front and rear, then in order to hide the body posts the holes in the in the hood? I put this nice decal, yeah uh. The actual thing about this body is that its actually one to one so i i took a one to one scale: uh decal for the actual to go to tacoma. No, and i just sealed it down once it feels down, and it fits perfectly. Oh my god. Oh yeah, so thats really cool because um its magnet mounted easy to take off not ugly in front in the rear, its it its its unobtrusive.

You cant see them, but you cant reach them. So one of our buddies in in version two of the video when, when we when we asked to take the body off it, was so hard for him. He had to take the rack off before he could get it there. So having a magnum method makes it prettier and and makes it a lot more usable too right. I notice your your wheel. Well, your fenders uh are a little bit of a different color yeah, so theyre black. So i put a automotive matte black vinyl on them. You vinyled them yeah to to to tone down the color, make it look a little more scale. How did you mold them with a curve? So for the fenders i used a heat gun and just vinyl and then slowly worked. It uh the curvature of the fender yeah, so the vinyl. Actually, you can bend it yeah once its here with heat yeah. Okay, all right, so we will have detailed pictures of the interior as well and before were going to go to the chassis uh. But it looks like you: have a driver and a doggy huh, oh yeah, i got a driver, so the driver inside is actually from cyberpunk its a 7 inch driver. I think i got the the dog from hobby lobby, uh huh, so its a its scale enough. That it looks proportional to the driver yeah, then the seven inch driver worked out good yeah.

So i had to cut off the legs, but uh huh. It looks proportional yeah yeah. It looks like the the right size, arms and head, which is the key uh. But since this is not a full on interior uh, you have to you, have to decapitate. Uh do some chopping sometimes the feet, but i think you have to chop the whole legs up yeah and then you have a little cooler there. You have a electric uh refrigerator yep. I got a arb cooler from rc four wheel drive. I think i got a few beer cans in there yeah how nice and then finally lets talk about your lighting system, all right lights. We got the proline five inch curved light bar on top. We got the baja racing pod lights in the front, and then we have a vanquish. I think three inch light bar ill mount it on the front bumper and then all the standard lights, the front and rear tail lights are from my trick. Rc the bed lights itself here are from the actual traxxas trx4 sport, sport, um, bedrack lights, yeah yeah. Those are nice pieces and then the rock lights are from my truck rc from the capra kit, and i notice you, you touch the transmitter, it it kind of goes to sleep. What does it do yeah? So if the vehicle is idle uh for more than 20 seconds, the front and rear trail lights turn off. Uh huh and the hazards turn on the hazards turn on yeah and then, when you turn, you have some light somewhere.

I see i see so uh. It has a light controller, so these are not just dumb lights. They you could you have a lot of options on what they will do. The mitric rc power system is powered by the 7.4 volts from the receiver, okay and then all the other light bars. The proline light bar the baja lights and the front vanquish light is powered by uh the three cell directly vanquish wheels with the drager rim, whats that back on the on the back there. Oh the bag is a uh treasure so trash roo. If you go on, their website actually makes a one tenth scale bag or you can actually put on and it actually its functional you can put stuff inside. What i have inside is a few uh toe straps yeah all right. So what were gon na do? Im gon na were gon na, go to the trail ill edit in some running videos, so you dont get too bored of us talking and um and then well show you the rest of the chassis. You wont believe what happened to this chassis. Most people just do just exterior mods, but it looks like neil really went to town with the the chassis, the electronics, the Music you winch. I can help you out. I can help Music Music call me up Music. If you dont wan na change, i can help you. I can help you out. I can help Music look Music.

If Music Music help you out Music, i feel the rain crashing down Music. All around this empty town were searching for the lost, but you dont care. Youre unaware Music, thats Music, when you cried for me – is Music, Music, Music, uh, Music, Music. All right Music. Music is Music Music, oh Music, Music, im gon na do this! Oh Music! Hope you enjoyed that great video since thats. What this wonderful hobby is all about. Buying expensive toys, upgrading them and playing with them, but because we have another 20 minutes of tabletop discussion and trail footage. We will release the rest of the video, the chassis in a part 2 video, so make sure to subscribe and tune in next couple days.