So today, we’re gon na check it out here, take it outside and drive it and then maybe make a few changes. Music. The sendero hd is a one tenth scale. Electric truck that comes pre assembled out of the box, including some extra tools and parts and the xp 130 three channel transmitter, which does require four double a batteries. The truck also requires a battery pack to drive and it’s compatible with either 2s or 3s lipo batteries. With a t style connector now, if you need a battery element, rc offers the sendero hd in two versions, one that includes a battery and battery charger and one without now, once you had that needed battery, the sendero hd is ready for action out on the trail. The sendero hd is definitely a looker features, a two piece cab and caged bed design, which is a nice update over the original sendero truck and adds a little bit more utility to add your extra scale, parts scale tools or spare tire in the bed. The body also has a good amount of plastic scale, accessories included and attached to the lexan body from the inside. The front grille is a good example of this resting over our hard plastic bumper with d toe rings and a winch fairlead for the headlights, they’re equipped with leds that are included and installed. Moving down. The sendero hd body are more hard plastic accessories, with windshield wipers and folding side mirrors that protect them in a rollover.

Decals are used for the window, trim blinkers and door handles. If you love rc, go subscribe, if you haven’t already for our tires, these are officially licensed general grabber x3 tires and a soft rubber compound. Their 1.9 is at 4.65 inches tall mounted up on the new ocho bead, lock wheel, that uses a 12 millimeter hex hub for the other half of our body. The sendero hd uses a caged bed design made from hard plastic tubing with lexan panels attached. The cage is attached to the body from the inside, but mainly only at lower points, giving the body in bed a bit more flexing than my liking, although it’s probably perfectly adequate, but we still just wanted the tinker on it and found an easy modification by removing This screw in the cage and attaching it from the inside of the body, and we just used a body reamer to make a precise screw hole, and then we put a little bit of silicone fuel tubing as a spacer on a new longer screw. Now, since the lexan body is curved here and a little bit fragile, it’s not ideal to rest a hard metal screw head right on it, so the silicone is like a bit of a protective cushion. Now we were able to do this on both sides in about 15 minutes. The cage is definitely a cool scale accessory for this body, but there are more accessories included that you can install yourself.

For instance, these hard plastic antennas are included, as is this exhaust system. These plastic accessories are also paintable. If you want to detail them, as are all the other, hard plastic bits and pieces, if you enjoy customizing with decals you’ll, enjoy this full decal sheet, that’s included ready for you to cut out and apply yourself. That includes these white body panels. If you want to change things up against the red paint, although we didn’t add them to our truck element, rc added one more piece to this scale experience if you turn the box inside out it’s, now a scaled diorama backdrop for your truck and if you’re handy With a 3d printer element, rc offers the files to print these 3d engine parts to paint and add to your truck and all those files are free and available at their website. So there’s a lot you can personally do to tinker and modify the truck beyond how it comes out of the box. Now, what about tackling the terrain, while the sendero hd chassis, is well equipped for the trail and uses realistic axles with diff covers metal, axle, shafts and lock differentials since lock differentials reduce steering performance. The truck tackles this in two ways. First, it uses cv, drive shafts in the front axle for wide steering angles, and then second, it uses the stealth x transmission that comes configured with overdrive, where the front tires spin faster than the front helping pull the rear end around.

Among other things, now that stock overdrive is a 5.7, but you can change it to an 11.8 percent overdrive with a gear change and that needed gear is included. If you don’t want the overdrive, you can put the transmission back into a one to one setup out on the trail. We found that five percent overdrive pretty dang good and the steering in the truck is excellent. One of the coolest things about the element: rc trucks is their use of the bta or behind the axle, steering where the steering linkage is placed behind the front axle for a cleaner look. The bta steering also works for those that want to add it to the optional independent front, suspension, conversion, kit or ifs, because that works on the sendero hd. Now on our truck the front, axle is supported by a three league suspension with panhard bar and chassis mounted. Servo with a second servo mount available for you to add your own winch servo in the back, the truck uses a four link suspension with all the links in the truck being metal. The drive shafts are telescoping front rear with aluminum center drive, shaft splines. If we flip back up top you’ll, find aluminum threaded shocks on all four corners, supported by shock towers attached to our stamped steel chassis rails, the front bumper on this truck is adjustable, as are the adjustable width, side guards and also the body post. If you want to use a different body to accommodate the truck’s battery, this small battery box is installed designed to fit shorty.

Lipo batteries like this 3s protect pack that we’re using. But if you have a long batteries you want to use, there is a second longer battery box, included that you can install the rest of the items in our chassis. Are the electronics and the main reason this is called the hd, starting with the upgraded brushed esc? It’S 3d, sc480x and it’s water resistant with programmability functions using this program card, the esc also features two aux power: ports for accessories with one of them being used to power our headlights, our steering servo is another upgraded item to be included and it’s. 3D. 15. 23 mg, with metal gears and a water resistant design, the servo pushes about 12 and a half kilograms, centimeter or 173 ounce inches at 6 volts, and you can feel the power on the rocks where most ready to run servos would fall short. Some of this is thanks to the included metal, servo horn, but whatever the case, the servo’s, probably the best upgrade included with the hd for our motor power, it’s, pretty standard equipment and it’s a ready 5 slot 16 turn brush crawler motor. Now that combined with our speed controller, are super smooth as you’d expect for our top speeds. We didn’t meter it but here’s what it looks like all right out on the trail, the sendero hd crawls as good as it looks doing it the throttle. Precision from the electronics make it easy to be smooth on the rocks and it’s cool to watch the suspension, articulate over the terrain during really extreme flexing the tires.

Do rub a little on the wheel wells of the body but it’s nothing. A little scissor trimming. Can’T fix now there’s a couple of things i want to try on this truck. First we’ve got some other 1.9 tires from our gatekeeper, build and they’re a little bit better suited for our local park and they’re the pitbull rock beast xl’s, but they’re a little taller at 4.75 inches. Now these tires are mounted up onto ssd assassin, metal, bead locks and bronze. Since these tires are a little taller than the stock tires. We’Ll experience more tire rubbing unless we trim the body a little which we’ll probably do down the road. But the larger tires do clear everything else inside the chassis, also having metal bead lock wheels on these tires really helped to give the truck a bit more of a rugged and utility look and feel, although we are fans of these new ochos since the truck already Comes with lights, we want to add more lights, help a hundred percent on the trail and they look cool so we’re going to add this 170 millimeter long 10 led aluminum light bar from team associated to the roof, and we can plug it right into the extra Aux port on the esc. Now installing this light bar is pretty easy. We put the mounts on the bar first to see where the holes needed to be mark those holes with a sharpie and then popped them with a body reader.

On the mounts, we added a two millimeter spacer to push the mounts more in board with crush washers on each side of that spacer. The last thing is: adding another body hole for the wiring to go through the cab and we try to put that hole. Half underneath the mount and half exposed and then once we ran the wire through it, we try to cover it up with the decal underneath the body. We also tape the wire in the corner, so it’s hidden.