I think that was my best one, because im a little bit buzzed all right, bodys off magnet mount and it looks like quite a piece of work. What what did you do? Yeah? What did i do? I took off all the stock electronics and replaced them with their electronics, so we got a homes. 800 servo. We got a mamba x esc. We got a homes, polar pro. Stubby 2700 kv motor uh huh stock, gearing yeah. I think it has like six percent overdrive stock puller pro stubby okay, so the short is a short, its a brushless, a little shorter because its plenty strong for something like this oh yeah, and then we got a reefs rc, 800 winch in the front. What else we got? Incision drive shafts front and rear, and i think thats about it. Oh and im running the uh, the fly sky, gt5, radio, the underside through you – did some work. Huh. Oh yeah, the underside, as i put the uh knight customs lowering body kit body, lower armor, so the rear and front have been changed. The ifs system has been raised, 13 millimeters, so the actual differential from stock is raised. 13 millimeters 13 mil 13 mm thats huge. So i got a lot of ground clearance in the front um and its got all the skid plates. So you dont, oh yeah, you dont, hang up on a square edge, uh ifs and then i got the uh.

The bauhaus system for the string, rack, randy ellis. Actually manufactured a aluminum plate for the servo to sit on so that theres, no bending in the plastic and then for the rear. I changed out all the links, so i have the gatekeeper, trailing arms for the rear and then the upper links for the rear. I think they were off of a traxxas, because all the the rear geometry changes im not sure he caught that it has a trailing arm, suspension yeah. So what what you see in the baja ray and the super baja ray its in here now? He has the shocks mounted in the original spot, so this is the the rear. Travel is not changed significantly, but now he has the option. The shocks are. I changed them out to the traxxas gtr shocks with the titanium nitride yeah yeah, the nice shafts yeah shafts low, drag shafts any words of advice for anyone. Theres going to be many people whos going to follow in your footsteps – maybe not to this extreme by any any words of advice. Words of advice, honestly scale it out. I mean its not to be its made to be scaled out and not have like. 4.75 inch tires right and cut out all the wheel wells, because this body is beautiful, yeah, the body is beautiful. By itself you dont, you dont, need big tires. You dont need to lift, you know, stick with it to stop yeah and they achieve the beautiful body.

Without going hard body yeah its a miracle, stick with the 3.85 inch tires. You know you can probably stick 1.9 inch tires and make it look more more realistic, yeah, you know, but this body and with this chassis just stay scale, stay scaled stay. Scaled stay scale. Do it right small steps at a time and and and and go farther as you as your time and and budget permits that way, youre happy uh from the get go, i dont think neil yeah worked for like two weeks. I mean this. This is made for to be a trailer on it, not not much of a rock crawler, but you can. It can scale some rocks, but not like you know, like true cheater rig style, but its a good, its a good rig to go on hiking trails. Its a dream rig that you wan na own in real life, which i think hes gon na buy a tacoma. When he, when he gets when he gets famous or gets a raise, but its its something you would you would just adore – would love to own in real life anyway and go on adventures right. So thats kind of what you pursued all right well hit the trail.