This is the emacs interceptor radio, controlled toy car. Okay, you’ve probably seen this already comes in two versions. This is the version. I’Ve got this version with no goggles, because i didn’t want the goggles that came with it or you can buy it in the version that comes with the goggles, so you get the car, the transmitter and the goggles on the car and transmitter. The only thing you need to provide, if it does, that is a set of batteries for your controller. So in the box you get the car one battery, a usb charging cable and a controller like they get gloves in the pack. So this is the controller that it comes with. This is a quite generic type of rc controller for the toy grade stuff, when i say a toy grade. This is the toy grid and it’s toy grade, because the battery is healthy, which is a screw which makes it toy grid it’s, actually officially targeted as that’s why they have screws on so kitties can’t put the batteries in the mouth um. Why you’d want to? I don’t know so on here you have an enough switch, you have your trigger your steering and a steering trim. It is fully proportional believe it or not. So for a toy car this is fully proportional, so the steering can be moved as slow as you want. It’S, not click, click, click and examine your throttle. You can just put a small amount on a lot now when i say a lot, it’s still not locked, because this thing does not go quick.

It has two wheel drive only and look when it sat down. Look at the camber on the wheels now their cameras on the wheels being done on purpose. This thing’s been set up to drive, you’re, probably wondering why my title says my favorite rc cat ever so i’ve got lots of rc cars now i’ve got quite into them and i’d love them. But this thing is quite amazing, because it’s been set up just to drive enough not to be messed with it’s, incredible it’s, not quick, and if you’re flying this, if you’re flying it. If you’re driving this just looking at it, you’re not going to get it it’s. When you put goggles on this thing is truly amazing, the camera’s here so the camera’s mounted and you can adjust it up and down side to side it swivels on there. The top is held on with two little clips, just push it in there and you can tip that off to get inside it. If you want to charge it up that way, we can take the top off and you can plug the usb charger in to charge. The battery, i think, it’s a 300 milliamp hour battery that’s inside here, i think if it came in stock, i can’t remember this haven’t got stuck back to in by the way, let’s just turn it off so inside. Here i have one of these. This is the gnb 450, which gives me around 11 minutes from time and 11 minutes just didn’t long enough, you’re going to see from the videos coming up for me driving it around.

My house excuse the mess of the house. It was my little boy’s bursting. No longer for the balloons and stuff lying around, but it’s just amazing, this thing’s just incredible to drive if you’ve never had to go fpv and you thought about it. This is what you need to play with this thing’s admit if you could make a quad like this it’d be amazing. You know just something that easy to fly as this is to drive radio control cars, although they look easy to drive the people that drive these things, you watch videos on their youtube channels. They’Re far better than i’m ever gon na be it’s a bit of an art with this. No absolutely not put it down turn it all. Underneath turn the transmitter on there and off you go. You can drive this slow. It does go quicker than this. Obviously, you’ll see from the video but it’s perfect for indoors for a kid to play with or big kid. Like me, it’s, absolutely perfect. It comes this come out about 44 pounds. I think it’s, 72 or 73 pounds turns off 72 or 73 pound for the version that doesn’t have that has the goggles, sorry and the goggles that come with it the same goggles you get with a lot of the emac stuff and the white goggles that have An adjustable professional lens in they don’t actually look bad. I was tempted to buy the goggle version just so i could review it but i’m glad i didn’t now, because this isn’t something i’ll ever review and get rid of this is something i’ll review and keep because i love it so much there’s another version of this.

If you want to buy it from banggood, they come an ear sheet. He makes one. The difference, i believe only is it is blue. So if you wanted another one to do some racing, when you make around the house, you can buy it in blue, not that you’d be bothered because you can’t see out of anywhere all you’re seeing is from this camera. So you know what cars yours, if we should have reviewed this before christmas, because this would have made the ideal christmas gift for a kid. I don’t mean like a five year old, but if you’ve got a kid like a teen, this would be absolutely amazing to get you into it. But for a big kid like me, i absolutely love it. I love it that much that i’m, hoping they bring out. Another one or a different type of one something a little bit bigger and it has made me put a camera on a cat i’ve put camera on the car a few times, but just to do videos, but a little bit ago i reviewed a high boxing. I think it was about 50 quid car uh brushed one, and i put a camera on that and i have to play outside with and it’s great, but it’s. Nothing like this. This thing’s just far better and i think it’s, because this camera is great that’s in here. I don’t know what the range like. I couldn’t tell you but you’re driving it inside.

So i don’t know in the summer or when the weather gets a bit wet. I’Ll probably drive this outside and we can have a look what it looks like outside, but at the minute – and i believe, that’s a little buttered in here hello to anybody, how you adjust your channels. All in all, i think it’s amazing enjoy this little clip that’s. Coming up, i haven’t caught it. Let me google so it’s not like dji quality when you’ve got dji goggles, but i’ve recorded it on the goggles on and you’re gon na see what it’s like and you’ll have to excuse it i’ve always filmed inside and if you’ve been in the uk recently you’ll Know that uh it’s, just cloudless and grey all the time at the minute, it’s really weird weather, there’s, no virtual, sunlight, it’s, just cloudy and grey, but there’s, no clouds, it’s, just a grey sky. So it makes the house quite dark. So i’ve had the lights on, but you never look at guns actually enjoy if ever i’ve recommended something on my channel and you’ve thought about buying it. Take my word of this. This is amazing um. This have not got an affiliate link on this or anything i’m. Just telling you that, because i think you’d have fun with it, whoever you are, however old. You are, however, experienced you. Are it doesn’t really matter? This is just fun. Thank you.