Emco rc rampage truck let’s get into it alright guys. So here it is let’s unbox it right now, all right so um let’s take from here all right, let’s! Take it from here too oops. Wow. Look at this! This looks so cool right. Let’S leave the box from here all right, here’s, our truck oops, all right. Let’S leave that, aside with the controller, all right so let’s leave this aside right now and let’s talk about the truck all right, so um here’s the truck, really cool wow. This actually looks really nice uh. So you got speaking 32, something blah blah blah. You got storm, you got the storm sign some letters over there papa is super sweet fire and uh speed type 28. I got some good science design anyway. Let’S talk about the things now specifications. As you can see, you got some suspension over there on the back on the back and got a really good running gears. In this i got some really nice soft tires very supple um. I, like that uh and they’re only a rear, wheel drive one so yeah front, you don’t have any suspension, but really you do look at the motor in the back it’s, pretty big, so yeah but sad thing is it doesn’t run on rechargeable battery so that sucks Runs on three double a batteries, so yeah um got some nice designs got a small bumper plastic. Bumper um, i don’t know what these are.

I think looks pretty weird. I know these are on the bottom. I don’t know about that. 20. 27. Megahertz uh car. Now, to take off the body um, i think you have to open this wow. Well, that’s! Quite simple, so i think you just have to open this all right. Wow, it’s, just rubber, so it’s, pretty easy to take off let’s. Take that one all right! Let’S leave them inside, so it doesn’t really matter. You can just fix them wherever you want, because it’s the same thing all right, let’s open this up, oh okay, looks like it’s fixed to a piece of copper and it’s uh melted, the wire, so yeah looks pretty nice it’s very soft. The body is super soft, very lightweight it’s, like in a hobby grade rc cars, so yeah it’s, pretty nice uh, very soft, very uh, very lightweight it doesn’t that thing i can’t even feel it it’s so light alright. So here the electronics suspension can really get the sense of the car all right, so let’s leave the car side and let’s talk about the controls. So look at the control very nice, pretty heavy um. It needs two double a batteries. Like i told uh, you don’t know whether it’s on or off so yeah that’s gon na be pretty hard to predict um power back left and right. So pretty simple, uh yeah. So now let’s give it a test, run Music, Music, so Music.