I don’t know why i’ve been waiting on this, so long i’ve been so excited to get this truck. I don’t own a team associated product and the last one i saw out on the rocks just really impressed me. I guess that’s, why i’m so happy to get this, and the one i saw out on the rocks was just straight out of the box box stock and it outperformed anything. We had out there that day, it’s just amazing, so we’re going to get right into this. Video we’re going to unbox it. Hopefully there is a cinderella hd in here we’ll just have to see. I hope you enjoy this video all right. Well, let’s, go ahead and dig into this thing, see what we got here. I bought it straight from associated uh in california and they staggered shipped them, so everybody would hopefully get theirs at the same time, which i think that was pretty cool, even though that you know there’s no way for it to work out perfect. I know a lot of people’s already got theirs, but that’s just the way it goes so let’s get the box out of the way right there. You have it. The enduro 110 scale ready to run off roads, enduro hd trail truck includes leds. Two piece light set. Your journey begins here. Let’S see no trail truck will be completely without detailed, realistic. Looking body i got to give them i’ve seen some of their other bodies.

This one here looks smoke the most realistic, and i really like this white line going through here. That’S, a decal i like this open bed back here, it’s actually got some uh rings like for some 55 gallon drums has been said. It comes equipped with high strength, polycarbonate body that has been pre, painted to look off the sugaring floor. Blah blah blah it’s got general grabber tires. It’S got the high strength, carbon body cab only designed with molded utility bed, clear windows, molded grill, replaceable, headlight lenses, that’s. Pretty cool pivoting side mirrors, that’s cool. They can turn in um, led lights, adjustable front injected moto mo molded, bumpers, okay, removable injected molded flare leads. I don’t know what that is. Maybe this i don’t know what that is, but uh realistic, styling injected molded utility bed. They like the injected molded stuff and the 1.9 4.65 general grabber x3 tires so uh we’ll bust. This thing open. Well, i should say: go crack it open let’s check out the back, see what it says. Let’S see battery and aluminum steering plates integrated, servo winch mount, which is pretty cool. Threaded aluminum shock bodies, it’s got uh stock, 5.7 percent, overdrive plus, i believe it comes with the optional gearing where you can actually put it: 11.8 optional, overdrive that comes in the box. So you don’t have to buy it extra and it’s got a ready, powered motor uh tells a little bit about esc, it’s, sc 480x and the servo let’s see it’s a 1320 milligram metal, servo water resistance, pushing out 173 ounces um of torque at six volts.

So this sounds pretty good, so let’s break open these factory seals and see what we got in here, all right, oh yeah, starting to look good, and this is pretty cool. I like this about associated the uh. The box is actually, if you take it apart, it’s a garage for the truck. I don’t think y’all can see that uh it’s actually a garage for the truck, so you can actually do pictures and stuff like that. If you really wanted to like a workshop, i know y’all can’t see that down in there, but i don’t provide that. I think almost all their rc’s they’ve been selling here lately is like that. Let’S see how this thing is attached. If it is attached at all yeah it’s attached with the uh with a little, i want to use them scissors here. You got a couple all right now we get that done, let’s get it out of here, let’s see what it comes with here. Okay, sweet here is some parts. This must be the optional overdrive gear that will drive your front end and uh. This looks like a what kind of gear it is got. A 25 to servo horn it’s, like it’s, got a roll cage, a different kind of roll cage. You could put back here, i’m, not sure a bunch of little plastic parcels like shock, spacers, uh, different kind of battery tray looks like just instructions and a uh a sticker sheet for me, that’s what it looks like yeah instruction manual and a sticker sheet.

So it looks like it’s a it’s, a pretty good deal for the money and here’s the remote it’s kind of got that offset oh cool it’s kind of got that offset. I guess steering wheel design like the fly sky, it’s, just a different feeling and you’ve got uh steering trim, throttle trim. Of course, you can uh reverse normal, both of your connectors i’m in the shore, and you got uh it’s a three channel and it looks pretty good and uh it’s pretty cool. I never saw this before i’m sure it’s been out a while, but it’s got a a brake rotor inside the steering knob there with a little blue caliber on it, get away net so let’s. Take this trunk apart. Take the cover off and see what we got here: Applause! Okay, take these little body pins out, that’s, not too bad. Usually you have a problem with little body pins, but it’s, not too bad as quickly as i say that the next one comes off pretty hard. You see my ball head in the camera. I apologize trying to get better at these um boxes. I want you to see the real deal. Oh it’s got a little bit of plastic on top there, so you cannot scratch the body and uh here’s the body. This seems like it’s i’ve got a uh trail walker body. I bought off a guy. It seems like the same thickness as it, which i kind of like that thickness because it makes a when you get scrubbing.

It makes a loud noise and people crawl. Me know. That’S my favorite noise is to hear lexan scraping, rocks so uh. The body looks real good. The windshield wipers go up and down the mirrors turn in and out it’s it’s, pretty pretty realistic and there’s m255 gallon drum uh like rust. Stains, like you’d, see any kind of utility bed truck. He probably had hydraulic fluid sitting in one of them and the other one he probably had pig guts here’s. The truck and it’s got the metal inner dry shafts, which is pretty cool. Oh yeah, i like the upfront battery design. I think it really is what helps them perform tires feel really soft and oh man. I like i, like the detail. I don’t know if y’all can see that the detail in here servo sounds pretty good here’s the transmission. I guess you would replace that uh overdrive gear somewhere in here there’s your uh ready powered esc. A couple leads for the lights. It comes with a dean’s connector or a t style, connector, so that’s, something i got to solder up. I do not have one of those i believe it’s 2s and 3s adjustable body post, uh there’s, a servo here’s, where your winch came out. Here’S the receiver box looks good and sealed the adjustable bumper on the back. It doesn’t have a bumper on the back and i don’t know if uh i’m, not sure. If one come in the body.

I see some different size body posts in here, but i don’t necessarily see a bumper or something, but it looks like it’s the standard standard width of a bumper. So if you already got some, you know aftermarket bumpers, you could probably put on it. The drive shafts. Do have an angle kind of like the tn2, and i like i like that. I, like the realistic looking of these tires. They don’t have that aftermarket. It looks, looks like scale. Okay, here is the bottom side. These are straight axles. One thing i really like about this truck that i’m gon na. I hope it works out good it’s, the first time i’ve seen it. Of course, i’m new to rc’s, like y’all, know been in a little bit over a year. Is this behind the axle steering and what that does is when you come up on a rock a lot of times, you’d catch this right here, this uh, i forget what it’s called it’s not cause. I don’t think it’s called the tie rod, but you would catch this on rocks, so they stuck it behind the axle and that will really help this truck out a lot seeing that it does not have portal axles. Like i said, this is a straight axle truck, but it all looks good to me, looks nice and tidy. If you will the links. Look real good, strong looks like uh, not a whole lot of slop in there.

You need a little bit to keep you from breaking stuff uh. I don’t know i think it’s a i think: it’s a plastic servo horn, but it’s a 15 kilogram metal gear servo, so that’s it for the unboxing well. Unbox today put it on the trail tomorrow. Well, i hope you all enjoyed this video of the sendero hd by element rc so far, it’s, looking like a good value for the money we’re going to take it out there this weekend and beat it up a little bit and see how it can handle the Rocks and everything i hope you all enjoyed this video and remember until we meet again.