Well today, as you can see, we have the enos 202e triggy out again and today, we’re going to do some speed runs on both the stock 2s lipo that comes with it it’s a 4 000 milliamp hour pack. So we’re going to test it out on that and then we’re going to test it out on the 3s lipo as well. Now on the box, this one says it can do 60 k’s. An hour now today is going to be a bit different i’m, not going to test this one on road, because i know on 3s, these tires are going to balloon like crazy and that’s, going on the experience of my 204 e build that i did uh late Last year – and i brought it out here earlier this year when i converted that to brushless on 3s, the tires balloon like crazy. So i’ve got the gps speed meter on the back here: it’s all zeroed out and we’re, going to give it a go and see how fast it can go, not only on this 2s that comes with it, but also on the 3s. Okay, so i’ll just show you that is the 2s pack in there. Okay, the stock one that comes with it rather large, 4, 000 milliamp hour and i’m, going to press record got sufficient satellites let’s see how it does. Oh, oh, no, okay! So, as you can see, she wants to pop a wheelie on a fully charged battery, so i got ta.

I got ta ease onto this one big time. Okay, let’s bring it back this way. Okay, here we go he’s on it, that’s full throttle onto it. Oh and she kept going all right. I went out of the range so okay let’s try that again i’ll go and get it all right guys. So that was quite funny. It went out of range and just kept going there for a bit, so let’s see what it got on 2s. It got 51.5 that’s, not bad guys, that’s, pretty good, not bad at all. As you can see, i had to walk a fair distance from the middle of that field. There. Let me just put my backpack on okay, so 51.5 and that’s on grass too guys. So i can only do some short runs with this one there’s a bit of a delay in the uh remote signal out here. Okay, so just do some short runs guys, so i went through a bunch of mushrooms there. There’S definitely not much not much range in this one. They do claim 80 meters i’m. Not getting that out here got heaps of power, though even on this 2s. So 51.5 was pretty darn good one more pass. Okay, let’s bring it back before i put that 3s. In it – and we got the same 51.5 guys just show you a close up of that so it’s pretty decent don’t forget i’m, not on tarmac on tarmac. It would probably get much closer to the 55 around that sort of speed.

I reckon maybe 55 closer to the 60 that they claim anyway, so that’s a pretty decent uh speed there on 2s well i’m, going to put my 3s pack in it it’s a 1 500 milliamp hour, hrb 45c discharge, lipo and we’ll see how that performs. On 3s, okay, guys i’ve reset the gps speed reader. There we got 51.5 on 2s. I now have the 3s in it just in there. Okay, let me just show you. It is a 3s 4 wire, the 1500 milliamp hour, lipos that i usually use. Okay, and like i mentioned before this, one is going to balloon pretty hard, like the 9204e, see see that so that’s. One reason i wanted to do it on the uh on this uh off road field here, so i better start recording. Okay, that is flashing. It is recording now with my uh 9204e eno’s truck. It did get 74 k’s an hour, so let’s see if this 200 e will get around the same. Just want to ease on the throttle here, i’m, actually going to turn it down a bit. Okay, let’s go yeah, it’s ballooning, see that so you know that was half throttle, guys that was half throttle and let’s see what it got. Didn’T register anything i don’t think it already got 58.6 just like that. Okay, i’ll just leave that, like that let’s see how it goes i put on the cable ties pretty tight. Ah, no, all right i’m gon na have to pick it up.

As we can see. We’Ve got 58.6, okay and that’s when uh it done a wheelie. So i’ve just readjusted this so let’s give it another, go pretty hard to control with the 3s. So much delay now guys, because just this transmitter has its limitations. There are new batteries in it too, so it doesn’t have a really good range. I mean my 9204e i’m running on a dumbo rc controller and there’s that much of a die see i’m. Just touching the throttle i’ll try to bring it in reverse, probably be better, otherwise, i’ll flip it come on. Okay, let’s bring it with the limitations of its uh range. You definitely probably want to upgrade the transmitter here. It’S, a wild one, yeah there’s too much of a delay in the controls. Here. Guys see that so i have lost my gps unit now so now, i’m gon na have to look for that that’s great okay. Well, i have to go search for it, okay, guys! Well, i did find my gps unit. It was just near all these mushrooms that i uh ran over before, and it did get uh 58.6 guys so um. I think i’m gon na leave it at that. This thing is uncontrollable, um i’m. Having range issues here, this transmitter obviously is no good for trying out speed runs because it just it gets out of range and then, when it’s out, you know the distance that it is there’s heaps of delay on this remote um, whether it’s this area, i don’t, Know i didn’t really have any delays at all actually during my review down at the pond, but uh out here today doing these speed runs, it seems like i was just having countless uh issues with it straight from the start of this video.

So i mean 58.6 it’s very close to 60.. What i’m going to do next time, i’d speed run this i’m going to set this up i’m going to put the dumbo receiver inside this uh in this triggy and i’m going to use my dumbo rc controller. That way, i can do a full length run end to end with no range issues on this on this particular rc, all right guys, so so uh yeah thanks very much for watching guys, that’s the speed i could get today with those range issues and uh yeah. Not a bad triggy it’s pretty fast, as you can see, and it does balloon up hard uh on on 3s, and i knew that would happen that’s why i didn’t bother testing this one on road guys, because on road i could imagine they’ll be worse to control. On these tyres, all right so i’ll definitely revisit this one with the dumbo rc setup with the receiver and the transmitter i’ll be able to get some decent runs out of it next time, all right guys. So thanks for watching and uh, if you’re interested in this one, all the links and coupons will be in the description below and get this in a yellow color as well with matching yellow rims. If you don’t, like the green but uh yeah so far, pretty decent uh budget priced rc for what you’re getting for the money is very powerful guys so uh great rtr kit, in my opinion, at the moment, that’s online.

So thanks very much for watching guys make sure you tune in to the next rc videos that i put out if you’re new to the channel be sure to hit that subscribe button and the notification bell that way. You’Re informed every time i do drop a new video, if you like this video, give it a good old thumbs up. Alright guys catch us on the next one bye.