You know i always wanted one of these traxxas haulers. They were only available, however, through snap on dealers. Maybe you saw that if youre a traxxas fan theyve been lurking in the background on the web, and now these are finally available to everybody which is so awesome. I think the scale community is really going to like it. I think those that have shelf queens that want to go show them off could strap it on the back of this drive it around show it off to people. I think people that just want to have a really unique adventure could go drive. This thing around on trails such a capable rig, lets head over the bench and take a closer look at it. Look at the size of this beast on the workbench. Usually i like to give you guys a three quarter shot on the workbench, but some of the wheels are hanging off the side thats. How big this thing is now its based on the trx 6, and there are a few changes because you can see. This is a much longer wheelbase than the tx6 were used to seeing ill show you what those changes are in a little bit, but were gon na start on the outside. With talking about some of the details and were gon na go right back here to the flatbed, because this is just so cool cant, you just picture your four tech or your rc car is back here.

Getting hauled around thats gon na look so good. Now this is really nicely constructed. Weve got some hard plastic side rails here, like the hard plastic utility loop up top weve got some red lights, led lights with red lenses and those actually light up lots of led lighting on this kit, which is whats really cool. Now check out the deck on here. I think this is an abs, plastic and weve got the traxxas logo a little bit of texture and whats really cool. Is they have these wheel chocks here? So you go put your car on top and they give you these o rings to wrap around the wheels and it secures your vehicle to the back of this thing. So you could go hauling around at full speed and not worry about the whatever you have strapped down back here, falling off really nice. Look i like the led lights in the side of the bed as well, and you know what, while im back here, let me just spin this thing around, so you guys can check out the rear bumper there it is. It has led lights as well. Uh red lenses, clear lenses, we got a box for a trailer hitch and some shackles as well all right now lets move over to these fuel tanks. On the side, weve got a black chrome fuel tanks on both sides – little storage boxes, unfortunately the doors dont open, but i do like the steps we got decals for some diamond plating, the traxxas logo and now lets finally check out the front of this.

What a cool looking cab on this! I really like the shape of it: black chrome, bumper, up front utility hooks, and then it has headlights, of course, uh theyre separate molded pieces and there are led lights in here. Uh, like a bluish white for the headlight, amber for the corner signals, and this is a decal. I wish i really wish they put one of their nice molded grilles on in front of this, but at least weve got some texture depth in that decal. So it does look nice up here, weve got molded side mirrors, we got marker lights up top and yes, there are led lights in here, looks so sick when its lit up the windows. Oh, i wish they gave us clear windows, but these are a decal as well, and i also wish they went with that. Clipless system like they have in the bronco for mounting the body, but we have body clips there. So you know it is what it is, but at least everything is nicely wired check out. The nice wiring on the inside looks really nice. You just have to plug in the leds to the power bank over here, which is already installed from the factory and now well just take a quick look at the front end, because this is something weve seen before pretty much on the trx 4 and the trx 6, its exactly the same. You know: weve got nice fender wells here, heres our transmission mounted in the center uh steering servo up front body mount.

I mean weve, seen all this before heres, where your battery goes slight change. Here we dont have the quick mount battery or quick, strap on the battery setup. Weve got these body clips that hold down basically a little strap thats out of a rustler, so its easy to access the battery but uh. You know you got the 21 turn 550 titan motor in there the xl5 hv speed controller, which is programmable. It does come in trail mode. Here is your shift servo for a two speed transmission. You know all metal gears inside the transmission and behind again theres that power bank. Let me spin this around for you guys, radio box, thats waterproof here are your servos for your axles. They are the lockable portal axles, so thats really nice on this large truck. You could open up the diffs if you want to or lock it out, love these. You know full ball. Bearings, metal, gears, universals, really really nice setup all right. Now i got to flip this over, so we can see some of the changes to the chassis on this look at those really long frame, rails, metal frame, rails, uh extended because we have a really long wheelbase. Now we also have a change here, so the trx 6. You would have seen links here for the uh. The center drive axle but uh. Now we have a new carrier bearing setup slash link mount here, so we have now have a longer telescoping drive shaft going over to the carrier bearing and then we have more drive shafts going down to the axles.

So you know take a look at those portal. Axles they work so well, but metal links on here, aluminum shocks, theyre oil filled and let me just you know, point the camera in there, so you could see it now. One thing i forgot to mention about the flatbed: it is fixed to the chassis, so that means, unfortunately, you cant tilt it up, which is a little bit of a bummer, because they give you this really cool, mounting plate. That could go here. So you can put a winch on the back and actually hoist you know your car up onto it, but unfortunately you cant tilt the bed, so youre gon na have to back this thing up to lets, say a curb or something like that. If you want to do something, you know some cool video or something where youre youre loading up this rig, but uh take a look at the wheels and tires on this thing. These look absolutely awesome, love the commercial looking wheels with the center cap on them. The portal hub actually has a extension axle in here which allows you to screw these covers on, but love the black chrome love the tires as well. Just a multi terrain, tire, nice, soft, rubber compound on it. These are going to look really good spinning through dirt and on asphalt as well now were going to go back out and drive the hauler some more because i got to get some more wheel time in on it: Music, Music, uh, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music.

So, Music, Music, so Music, Music, all right! So, as you can see, ive got some run time in on this already and i rolled it over. I scratched up this beautiful black body, but thats. Okay. This thing just begs to be driven its actually a ton of fun now uh the radio system. I forgot to tell you about this before its the tqy and its got these buttons here that allow you to go and uh switch to two speed, so heres your high and low button here now it comes with this little tag that shows you to keep it In low gear, if youre hauling something theres my vet down, there were not going to haul it right now and then you can use high gear without anything on there and up top here. This is your diff locking switch, so you just got to flick this around to lock out your discs. Right here is open uh. This is the front locked, and this is everything locked. So if you got to do some crawling thats your best position, if youre gon na do some tight turns and stuff unlock those diffs all right watch this. This is gon na, be so cool theres. Your low now watch this im gon na flip it over to high while im driving boom. That thing just takes off its got some pretty good speed to it so much so that i got a little air off of this uh mound of dirt over here.

So watch this were just gon na launch it yep thats, how i got it all dirty, but you get a little air under the tires. This thing has just been so much fun, its pretty cool, haul and stuff, but um. It crawls really well too. Im surprised at how much you could kind of side hill. This thing ive been uh going on the side of this mound here its off to the side. I mean it slides over because its got some weight but its pretty stable, and you got some time to react if it does want to go over on you, but watch this itll go right up and over this no problem, burp up and over so much fun Ill drop it back down to low in a second when i get it back around and theres low now remember: uh! Actually those diffs are open right now. So let me go. Let me go find a spot where you can see it just diff out, and then we can lock it up and itll just go up and over so lets. Try this here. You can kind of see some of those wheels stopping and going. So let me back this back down flip. The switch should go right up and over now yep there we go. Nice slid a little bit but low gear diffs locked up and over there we go such a cool rig. All right lets head back to the workshop driving this monster around was absolutely fun, especially when i had a car on the back and the most fun i had was when i strapped down the corvette – and i started jumping it over that dirt – pile watching the car Kind of buck up, because i only had two o rings to hold it down, and even it even fell off a couple of times.

It was just so cool. I think thats, where a lot of people are gon na have fun. With this thing, just driving around with something on the back, but this is a trx 6 base, which means its actually a pretty capable rig. The only thing you got to worry about is its got a longer wheelbase, and so, if you go over something that has a peak like that dirt mound that i was going over uh, you might high side yourself in the center, but other than that you know It has the power it has the torque, it has a suspension, travel to be a really fun trail rig and i think thats, where you could go and enjoy it when youre, not, you know, hauling something around like a fortec or maybe even if you strap down One of the tier x4s to it really capable rig. You know the only downside is uh. The bed doesnt tilt down so either youre gon na have to find yourself a curb. You know kind of like what i did where you really go and drive the car on maybe like a sidewalk, curb or im sure were gon na see people fabricating their own ramps, whether it be out of a piece, a couple pieces of wood or maybe theyre, Going to use their 3d printer and print ramps that way, but really fun rig.