What do you think um? First of all, we’re gon na go to the park with this thing. We’Re gon na unbox it and see what it can do all right, let’s unbox it well let’s play it’s blue cool. What to come with screwdriver Applause Applause. It comes with its own remote control and it flies out of the box like that. So this is our amphibious car and it has a charger for this thing, probably that’s the batteries yeah. These are the batteries and you can charge it and we’ll see you in a minute we’re gon na put the batteries in or we’ll charge it put the batteries in and then we’ll see you at the park. Take it for a test, spin, huh, yeah and then we’ll put it in the pool, maybe cool all right be back in a minute uh! Oh, what do you think so far go plan hating ryden day, two, the water trial let’s, see if it’ll sink or float. Oh, what do you think? I think it works good in water? We don’t have snow here, so maybe so we don’t know if it works on snow because it said it works on snowy platforms, but we can’t really test that out because we don’t have snow here. We have a slide and a diving board. Maybe we should try it on that. Yeah, maybe start your engines. Three two one go Applause. Three, two one go get it. I would rate this swimming vehicle, land, car, chasing dogs, probably about a 9 out of 10.