If you guys are wondering what batteries i use. I use these um peak racing power, plant 5000 milliamp, 2s, 7.4 volt battery um for my um trucks, um. For my and my dad’s traxxas wrestler um, everything else is pretty much stuck. This is the radio i use the stock radio, the spectrum, radio Music, i will be putting for the battery the car and the um and the motor and the description i used this um horizon hobby adapter for my um batteries, because it came with this connector and All of our batteries have gain connectors, so we had to buy an adapter for that. If today, in this video, i i pull our c car in off camera every few minutes, because this wheel keeps launching off once in a while. I was racing my dad with his gas powered horizon hobby rc car it’s really fast. I was racing my dad up up under a hill and when i turned the wheels just flew off, it took us a few minutes to find all the parts that were on it. We also had to buy new parts because our parts snapped he tried to put on type tighter, and then he broke the same part that we had to replace so good thing. We had a few extras: okay and now let’s i’ll see you guys out in the street. Hello guys, welcome back or not welcome back. Is we try not to show their cars, Music Applause, wow, Music, huh, hello? I am okay Applause.

So what so? I can get it right there, so it won’t show you what birdie birdie birdie in the street birding the street swimming through the water.