Today, we’re going to be taking a look at my rc collection and my kind of room tour. But uh on the rc side, i’m sure most of you by now have seen my 2021 game room tour. If you haven’t there’ll, be a link right here to check that out. Uh. Most of you know me, through gaming, but i’ve fallen in love with rc over the past two to three years and you’re probably noticing a little bit more rc content on this channel, absolutely love it. I hope you guys are enjoying the content for people who are new. If you are a seasoned, rc professional, just know that i’m not uh i’m, not an expert on rc. Quite yet i still mess things up. So let me know in the comments below, if i screw anything up but uh without further ado. Let’S, take a look so over the past two to three years: i’ve, probably owned 60 rc cars now i’ve been um paring down my collection and updating a lot of my collection, so i’ve gotten rid of a lot of models that i wasn’t using. I actually have a bunch up at the cottage still i’ll show those in a future video, some of the cars that the kids like to drive. I i’ve moved up there, but i think right now, i’m, at like 20 ish vehicles that i’ll be showing today. Some of them haven’t, even the videos, haven’t even come out for them yet so stay tuned for those and um yeah.

Like i said, i absolutely love rc and i love the idea that you know in the past month or two that i’ve been posting more rc content that um you guys have been messaging me all. The time asking me asking me for car recommendations telling me that i’ve gotten you into rc and that’s kind of why i want to do this – is to uh get more people into the hobby and highlight the hobby and just show how much fun me and the Boys are having with the hobby so, as most of you know, i’ve got two kids, two boys andrew teddy, eight and nine years old. I initially bought them a car for christmas and then drove it myself and was like damn. This is fun brought me back to my childhood um kind of the same nostalgia that i get for gaming. I i was hooked by rc, so i’m obsessed, i can’t, stop buying them i’m slowly, learning uh how to fix them i’m, not a car guy at all. I come from, as you know, the video game and toy end of thing so it’s been a new experience for me. I’Ve learned more about cars through rc than i ever knew before. So anyways let’s turn around and take a look at some of the cars. I have and some of the tools, my setup, i don’t know a couple tips tricks, uh let’s, do it okay, so every proper tour starts with an overview.

Video i’ve got all my rc stuff set up on this one wall. I just kind of haphazardly threw up some shelving here: uh a while back. Those boxes should not be stacked like that um yeah. So that needs to be fixed. I need to find a place to hang my planes. Um i’ve got a boat up there. That’S, probably gon na go up to the cottage but uh yeah, my workbench, in the middle of these two shelves that i got from home depot. I believe, and they work great for holding rc’s. They can hold 210 scales comfortably and the bigger guys are on the bottom, of course, so let’s take a look on the left side here. We’Ll start up here with uh that’s, where i keep most of my boxes. As i said, i’ve got a bunch more downstairs for the ones that i have at the cottage. I always keep my boxes. I keep my rc’s in good condition. I do jump them. I do bash them. I, by no means bash them as hard as somebody like kevin talbot, like i’m good with a 20 foot, jump uh, not a 60.. So i guess my point is: i keep them in good shape because i end up um selling them when i’m done with them and i’m, not driving them anymore or if a new model comes out. I just upgraded to the latest version of the typhon. Recently it had some upgrades that i was interested in and i sold the one that i had for probably only 100 less than i paid, and i was able to upgrade to that one so i’ve been doing that with a lot of cars.

I’Ve cleared out a lot of cars that i was no longer driving, so i guess let’s start here, uh huge huge fan of arma, i would say yeah by far i have uh the most amount of arma vehicles. That’S a typhon, 3s v3. I think is the latest edition that there’s a video coming my channel for that one very soon, probably the next rc video you’ll see um. Arguably my favorite of the 3s model behind that is a sonic wake boat, video coming soon on that as well. I have not opened it. I have not run it yet so excited to drive that one around this year. Um self. Writing. I think it runs on 6s, so it should be pretty wild 50 miles an hour. Another new addition here, the losi laser nut, just posted a video of that on my channel you’ll, find a link i think up in this corner. For that one, or at the end of the video you’ll see the rc playlist feel free to check out some of those videos, i’m really enjoying the laser net. Uh runs on 4s. I didn’t have anything that was like kind of open wheel, yeah i’m, really enjoying that one that’s, a good one. My son teddy’s absolute favorite. This is the uh axial can am axial yeti, can’t, no cannon fun. Little car pick this up from big boys with cool toys in mississauga ontario shout out to them. I buy most of my cars there uh yeah, he loves it.

Perfect amount of speed likes to drive it on dirt on the road tips over pretty easily at high speed. You got to slow down on those terms and turns i’m, always telling teddy that but fun vehicle. The latest addition to the collection is the arma vortex, which you probably may have seen the video on my channel i’ll link to that as well or you’ll find it at the end of the video. This is a wild wild, rc car uh, extremely fast, extremely controllable. In the air, not the easiest, i want to say, it’s a it’s, a very advanced rc car, my second most advanced rc car. In my opinion, this is not a good beginner rc car, the best beginner rc car – is this guy right here, one of them uh. The granite 4×4: this is the mega version. My buddy matt recently picked it up, but i ended up buying it from him because he upgraded to his own vortex. Eventually, i might throw in this uh motor make it 3s i’ve owned. The arma voltage i’ve owned a 3s um armor granite voltage, i’ve owned, which is fantastic. You can get those for like 100 bucks in the states, i’ve owned a previous mega, i’ve owned a 3s. So i know my way around the granite and that’s. Usually one of the ones i recommend that or the typhon mega or typhon 3s, but the typhon. Actually i actually like the typhoon quite a bit better than the granite myself.

Another new addition, video coming soon on this guy as well arma mojave, i upgraded from my 6s sentine, got a great amount of uh credit for that one. So i only had to pay about 150 bucks to get up to the mojave love the success. Sentine uh. It was sad to see it go, but i wanted uh. I wanted the new, the new hotness and absolutely loving that never thought i’d be into short course. Trucks, but uh enjoy them far more than i than i ever thought it would 8s creighton. This is the g1 i’ve thought about upgrading to the latest version, but i just think it would cost too much. I don’t know if it’s quite worth it. I enjoy this not as much um the crate. Nades is a lot of fun. I had a creighton success. I got rid of just because i wasn’t using it as much as i would have liked yeah the cratenatus is great. However, it is not as good as my x maxx now i’ll get to that in a sec. Another brand new addition notorious 6s upgraded from the. I don’t know v2, maybe to the latest version. Uh again. Some good upgrades that i want to take advantage of, and my previous one was in pretty good condition, got a good amount for it, so upgraded that as well. I love the notorious. I would say this is the most advanced vehicle it’s extremely fast uh i’ve turned the punch setting up on this it’ll.

Do double back flips, almost like standing back flips depending on the surface um yeah, so not a beginner rc for sure, using the venom pro quad charger 100 watts by four – probably overkill for what i need um. I definitely did not need a charger. This crazy. I don’t think i’ve ever charged four batteries at once. Two is the max two would be more than enough for me. Selection of oils tools, uh my tool chest battery adapters leads clips. This is the tool that i recently picked up. The dewalt cordless driver it’s like got a gyro in it, so when you turn it speeds up really cool. Seen other guys, use that this is where i keep all my manuals, keep them all nice and there and yeah i use these hrb batteries. Predominantly i find they’re the best bang for the buck that i’ve experienced so far. Grab them from amazon 3s is like 55 canadians. So probably around 40 bucks, u.s and uh they’ve served me real, well hoping to get some batteries and some cars from some of these rc companies at some point just got ta. Maybe if i get enough views on this video uh, the xmaxx. So where do? I start i have had probably 10 traxxas vehicles. I still have a couple at the cottage um. I am not a huge traxxas fan. That being said, the traxxas x maxx is probably my favorite rc that i’ve ever owned absolutely love this thing.

If you are getting heavy into rc, definitely um pick one of these up. They are a ton of fun. Super durable, just go watch kevin tell, but he beats the crap out of his i’ve. Had mine now for two and a half almost three years, never had an issue, absolutely love the x maxx. Unfortunately, that’s. The only thing in the traxxas line that i really even care about, uh crawler i’ve had several crawlers i’ve had a traxxas trx4. I just can’t seem to get into crawling um i’m still holding on to the redcat gen 8 right here, it’s, a beautiful truck. My boys like to drive it, but it may eventually go. I just have not been able to get into crawling. We do more crawling with the stx24s, the axials we have those up at the cottage too, i’ll show those in a future video as well. We have a nice little collection, those i find more fun, uh, much easier to find some place to crawl, just because of the size a couple. This is a wl toys. Um, oh geez, one, four, zero, zero, four one, something you know: they’re crazy numbers. Actually, i should have it on the bottom um. No, this is a z06. I can’t remember no it’s a 144 or something i think anyways. I i put all these labels in the bottom of my radios, so i know which goes to which um yeah bang good special uh wltoys some great stuff out of banggood.

This is like a hundred dollar buggy that’s super quick, a lot of metal parts, we’ve triggified. It with these tires, my boys love that one um. This is a low c mini 8 buggy, and, to be honest, this one is as good or better than than the losi. I probably still like the lossy better, but it’s, pretty darn close, and this one’s, like 250 minimum, got that a couple years back. Okay on to let me see, i also got this guy recently there’s, a video coming on that i started a new series called backpack bashers. So essentially, you know rc’s that you can throw in your bag. This is the 16889 super popular brushless truck. It is, however, in that box because i keep losing dog bones, so i ordered some upgrade parts i’ll probably feature that guy in it eventually too onto my plane. I don’t fly nearly as much as i would like uh. This is the apprentice sts. In my opinion, one of or the best um starter plane, uh yeah there’s the box and then i recently picked up the habu e flight habu, which came with uh rio flight 9 and the dongle, so i’ve been getting a lot of flying in on real flight. So that’s been a great substitute and it’s taught me a whole lot about uh flying our rc planes, so um stay tuned i’ll do more videos on this i’m super beginner at flying. That’S for sure – and here are pro boat jet jams.

I’Ve had them for a few years, you’ve probably seen them featured on instagram quite a bit. We drive them in pools. We drive them at the lake. Great little starter boats perfect for whipping around in pools um. What else am i missing here? Boxes yeah. I got this new stool for out here. This is my battery box. I use an ammo crate. I picked this up at an army. Surplus store, it’s been absolutely fantastic. I store all my batteries in there. I used to store them in here in a crock pot. This is where i store batteries that i’m not actively using just to keep it fireproof the lipos, keep it a little safe. Let me know in the comments below how you store your lipos. Let me know if this even makes sense did to me, because i ceramic should be able to handle that uh. This bag is for batteries that are puffing and are on their way out. I’Ve got a big uh cheap 6s in there that i need to find a way to dispose of real quick here some of my cleaning products. I use a couple brushes here, simple green and then i that’s a great sound. I have a little station here that i put the cars on hosing down with the hose and then of course, right after i clean them off and holds them down. I uh blow them out with this guy blows out all the water all the dust.

This is absolutely fantastic. I will link to this in the description below it’s, a blower that’s meant for either dog grooming or cleaning cars, but it’s been awesome for blowing stuff out and drying my cars so yeah. That is really the uh. The just of the collection here here’s my son, andrew all, right guys. I hope you enjoyed this tour of my rc collection. Let me know in the comments below, if you’re into rc or if you plan, to get in what your favorite rc uh car company is whether it’s traxxas arma low c axial, i’m sure i’m missing some more big ones if you’re into boats. Let me know i just want to talk about rc in the comments below basically and feel free to follow for more rc content, all sorts of rc videos coming soon to the channel pretty much alternating between gaming content and rc content.