Today i will be reviewing the epic air. I thought it was pronounced, epoch air just because it was an o instead of an i in the word, epic, but it’s epic, with an o. This little guy is speedy, but i mean it’s pretty small and it runs around 30 bucks. It’S got it’s, got suspension, um, not the best and somehow my remote joystick broke. You see that yeah it didn’t come like that. I accidentally dropped it off the shelf. Well, someone did yeah um just watch and enjoy it’s kind of hard to film and drive. So oh there, it goes this little fellow is a decent off roader i mean it’ll it’ll go off roading um! I i suggest getting this if you’re new to rc cars, because i mean it’s pretty fast, decent off roading and it’s, affordable, it’s, two wheel, drive and also another cool thing. If you drive it in the dark, it has those cool disco lights in the back, not the front and yeah the remote comes with batteries and a screwdriver, so it’s nice it’s, pretty neat body kind of looks like a mustang a little bit. It comes with three clips to keep the body on Applause, sorry, for my bad filming, it’s hard to drive and film. At the same time, it can’t drive in grass it’s, not quite strong enough. You can see it budging, but it won’t go in the grass yeah. This video is just a little quicker view.

I think honestly just get it it’s, a really nice indoor rc car during the winter. You can drive it indoors, it’s, not like a crawler or racer, or anything like that. It’S, just a little fun free drive, cheap rc, car and i’ve beat the heck out of this thing and it still runs and it’s pretty dang good, so it’s definitely durable. It’S got a little like bumper in the back and the front. What is my cat doing? I don’t know if you can see him, but Applause yeah don’t forget to subscribe thumbs up and turn on notifications. Applause let’s go into the pothole of doom, actually it’s, not really the pothole doom it’s just a little hole. I found okay, i need to move this brush, it makes it so it gets zero traction, oh yeah. Also, if you drive this in your garage, it can do like donuts and it can drift it’s, pretty fun good birthday present. Okay, the battery’s dead, basically, all right. Let’S go back to the pothole and see if we can get out of it. I know this thing can, but there we go went right through it just had to get a tiny bit more speed, Applause, so yeah i’m, just saying i think you should buy it. It’S pretty fun to play with great birthday present for like little kids or big kids, i mean i don’t like an 18 year old would be like wow look at this rc car.

I love it, but you know 60 year old to well like a baby.