So this is the remote control racing car um by epoch pair. I looked on youtube and there’s, really not much content about it. Not a single video even shows the actual item, it’s just a bunch of pictures so uh. I figured we’d check it out, see what’s inside see how it runs, and hopefully it’s good because uh the reviews on it are very good. I believe 30 minutes of battery time like non stop that’s, really good um between 15 to 20 kilometer miles per hour. That’S! Really fast for an obviously car this little so pretty excited to see this guy he’s more excited. Are you ready to open the box Music here? It comes so we’re going to open it and we already know exactly what’s inside. I think it should be your car and her remote controller, all right. What it’s got suspensions that’s sick here goes all right included in the box. Oh batteries are included three aaa batteries, just for the remote and uh the rechargeable batteries. Okay, it charges via usb so that’s good that’s what it looks like Music, all right so i’m, trying very hard to understand what the included screwdriver is for it definitely doesn’t unscrew, the the you know the battery, the back of this to open the battery for the Car, nor does it unscrew the one for the remote so uh. I think that’s a fail unless i’m missing something here, because i i don’t know what i’m supposed to unscrew with it.

It doesn’t even unscrew anything on the actual car Music. It happens. You know somebody in the factory was like hey it’s, the last one let’s just throw one of these in there. I don’t know what they did, but this absolutely doesn’t open anything in there, but who doesn’t have a screwdriver at home and we’re not going to nitpick. What we want to know is: is this a good racing, remote control, Music? I said 30 minutes run time, but since it comes with two batteries, when one runs out, you get another 30 minutes with the other battery, so it’s an entire hour and a tiny car like this. That can supposedly run 15 to 20 kilometer miles per hour. That’S crazy, so i don’t think this is really an indoor, an indoor, remote control car, like the other small little ones i have around here this. I might actually have to take them to like a parking lot or something empty parking lot. Uh we’ll find out soon, but uh we’ll just charge the batteries real quick. Actually, these normally come with a little bit of battery okay about to set it up real real, quick bam, it’s set up that’s how easy it’s so easy, and so, while this we’re using this one, we’re gon na charge the other battery Music, Music, Music, the remote Control itself takes three triple a batteries and it’s nice that they included batteries where’s the last one. The last one is right: there did you hide it all right, Music, all right so i’m, not going to start it up, because it’s going to excite him and he’s going to want to use it i’m excited first he’s going to have to change and we’re going To do this outside, i made with it yeah, but you have to change.

First, see you in a little bit, we’ll show you how it looks when you’re actually using it. I don’t want to use it here, indoor, because i know he’s about to like run into something and he could possibly break it. If we’re out in the open space, where we’re going to be in a little bit here in like 20 seconds, then it doesn’t matter because supposedly this reaches like 160 180. Are you ready? So this can actually go really far away from the remote and you know it’s it’s legit. For me, when an antenna is not present, you know that means they’re using some other kind of technology that i don’t know about. Um see him a little bit we’re just gon na. Let it charge a little bit more and then we’re gon na take it outside for a spin, which i remember when he said we’re gon na go to the parking lot it’s way too cold for that. So we’re going to the backyard there’s, really not that much um. I guess cement here, but we’ll see what it runs like on on the sidewalk and on the grass um let’s check it out. I love this in action. I messed with it a little bit inside the house, uh it’s, pretty fast. I think it’s fast enough to where you shouldn’t play with it inside the house, especially if this is your driver, he does. He definitely doesn’t have a license to drive it.

So let’s go outside. Okay come on look out for the water. Are you ready? Are you excited i’ll? Give you a kiss? Firstly, oh i forgot to mention the led: lights are actually off the chain that looks really cool, led lights, ready right here, i’m going to teach you how to use the remote. This is to go forward. So this is the remote very simple go forward. I want to play with this. This is to go forward. Okay, he’s ready, Music Music. So maybe you can drive it around the house if your kid is a good driver and if you have a lot of living space, Music, Music, we’re going to change the battery Music. So i think this is perfect for kids, this age, you know not too much power too heavy won’t hurt anyone, so i definitely recommend it Applause.