ca for more information and a full description of this vehicle. Hoy, we’re looking at a 2011 dodge journey in champaign with beige cloth, interior, seating for seven four doors and a hatch, this has a 2.4 liter four cylinder engine and it’s a front wheel drive. It also has a cd player, dual climate control, as well as remote start it’s, really easy to get into this vehicle. Just talk to our sales team they’d be happy to take you out on test drive and you can book that online at, storage and speaker in the door as well as power, Cerraduras, windows and mirrors. The driver’s seat is manually adjusted. Your lighting controls are located here and the steering wheel can tilt on the face of the steering wheel. You have your hands free, dialing, dash controls and cruise control. This is a push start, so my foot’s on the brake keys in the pocket and we’re going to push the engine start stop button on your dash. Any important messages will appear as well as your odometer reading, and you can also toggle through your memory. Man menu in the center, a couple of air vents up above radio options which are am fm. You also have a cd player and you have a little cubby there’s, your hazard lights, corriente alterna, your front and rear defrost and traction control, Hay, a dual climate control for driver and passenger, your volume and tuner and there’s a cd player. You’Ve got plenty of storage in the bin with a couple of cup holders automatic shifter, your armrest opens up and you’ve got a little bin in here.

You can take that out: lots of room and a 12 volt down below let’s pop that back in off to the side is your glove compartment up above you have an auto dimming rear view, mirror lighting controls and a nice view outside your passenger window. With heated side view mirrors 17 inch wheels body color door handle with easy entry, meaning when the fob’s in close proximity, you can lock and unlock the door. Driver’S side fuel cap in the back there’s a little bit of a spoiler and a windshield wiper. Y entonces, when you’re ready to open up that hatch, just between the g and the e is a little handle, pull that and you now have access to the back cargo area. Usted es, seeing the seats. The third row in a 50 50 split there’s, Un 12 volt off to the side, you’ve also got tabs, feel to tether things and then up above when you’re ready to close it all up, you can grab the handle to the right or the left put your Hand in pull down and it’s now securely closed and then lock everything up and walk away or jump in and head out on your latest adventure and on your fob. You have remote stuff and speaker in the door as well as power windows, they’re seating for three. In the second row, con el 60 40 split and you very easily pull the lever at the base and that’ll bring the seat forwards and backwards.

If you bring this lever up, it’ll actually bring the seat down for you and then in the back row. You’Ve got a 50 50 split. I’Ve got one of them down, there’s a cup holder there and then easily bring the seat back up just with a push in the center.