If you guys are familiar with case Co, it’s an mm 366 es 14 fit body, plus this little section across the front that that little extra box across the top there allows for a little more fuel capacity and the DEF tank, so that body’s 14 plus the Front box overall, roughly sixteen and a half crane is a stellar 6 O 12 630, and that has a 12000 pound capacity with the 30 foot reach. The air compressor is also a stellar it’s, an SRS 40 es, a hydraulic screw compressor 40 CFM at 100 Psi. The cranes remote I’ll show you all that stuff here in a minute body has to charge or units with 500 pound capacities, bolt bins, shelvings oxygen, acetylene, compartment, I’ll show you all that outriggers on roller bearings in and out really really nice inside the trucks loaded up. I’Ll show you that too, here in a minute let’s take a quick little walk around polished, aluminum wheels. All Bridgestone, rubber chrome, bumper chrome, surround dual horns: stainless Sun Visor, light power, heated polished, mirrors power windows, locks tilt cruise tilt telescope nice gauge package, Bluetooth, XM, satellite concert, class stereo push button Allison automatic. This truck is a 33000 gbbw. A CEO is required to main passenger seat armrests on the high back driver seat, rechargeable spotlight, Hay, all the controls. There I said spotlight. I apologize that’s that’s, a remote for the crane and all that good stuff work like adjustable all around here’s the front box.

You can tell about my echo tons of room case. Go has a seal that’s better than most anything. You’Ll find these don’t leak that very minimal dust. If any, No, no water, all the locks are key to like there’s the Brewers. Obviamente, on roller bearings shelves horses, all galvanized has the gas shocks for opening and closing tough tough to find a box with as much quality or as nice. Those shelves are adjustable. They do our Big Shell house, real documentation, compartment. If you have any has matter OSHA stuff that needs to go in there again, these shelves are adjustable. Those are outriggers. One of my favorite features, bumper box perfect for your shovels. Any of your long toolsjust great of course, there’s a hose reel: more work, Luces, Oye, Bien, todo es, run online coated non slip, Green hydraulic tank, compressor team will work lights on the back of the cab, gives a good look at the horns and marker lights up. There places to mount staff book straps, Claro, use our receiver for the remote all your do’s and dont’s another one shelf compartment oxygen, settling very nice setup, but this one is a little better than most that stellar crane that won’t handle it man, I don’t know Like I said, polished aluminum wheels all the way around. This thing is just just as nice as it gets a lot of little things that I should probably be touching on, but trying to try to keep this under about eight or nine minutes plenty of horsepower.

Long long time, it’s the best of the best it’s it’s, the heavy rated transmission, my name’s Steve Carboni. If you’ve got any questions, nine one, Ocho, Ocho, Cero, Ocho, Cinco, Seis, three eight! I do that financing. I do take trades I’ve been doing this a long time. If you got any questions, call me or text me.