We were looking at 2016 Cadillac SRX, a luxury with all wheel drive in black raven it’s also got the fog lights and LED lighting on the front blocked out grille on badging he’s got black custom rims dub black back power, liftgate distance sensors as well on the Rear bumper, there got the weathertech floor, Revestimiento, the cargo separator and our lift eight again moving in the back. You’Ve got power. Windows, Poder, Cerraduras, the seats, evany black leather, seating cup, holder Center, as well as a storage compartment. The front you got power, Windows, locks and nerves on the door; let’s go your lift gate, controls there and light adjustment there, our seat with memory sunroof again, the ebony blade, leather steering, Rueda, controls, heated, Dirección, voz, activation, hands, free and cruise control climate control settings. In your info, tainment is austere. Navigation got oliver center of controls up there’s. No, sir interior lighting heated seats, dual zone climate. Gracias por ver este video, el 2016 cadillac SRX luxury in black raven with all drive 3.6 liter v6 engine, like this video subscribe to our youtube channel and like this video. Gracias.