Fin del resumen de la revisión, así que aquí está lo que sé que ha pasado un tiempo desde que publiqué, pero la razón por la que no he publicado ningún video es, Te mostraré la mayoría de estas cosas. Todavía está roto y chicos es caro arreglarlo cuando todos ellos están rotos. I actually just went through this one needs a full rebuild motor esc, all the bearings locked up, thats the wl toys thats currently in pieces. The x maxx complete, rebuild motor locked up esc, no funciona. All the bearings are locked up, uh the rustleri i cant remember. I think it just needs bearings. The motor and esc is still good. The creighton honestly, i cant remember whats wrong with it. I know it works like runs and drives um. I think its got a broken axle that one needs some suspension work, the rustler its uh broken back here. These need batteries. These batteries went puffed on me. This one needs a motor that one needs still needs a whole motor combo, its pretty much done this one here needs axles. So these are the red cat axles, the portals and what i did is it broke one of the portal pieces on it and it needs to drive shaft. So i want to get this one here. Its probably gon na be a shelf clean, be honest with you put it back together and never play with it again. This one here needs a body when we crashed it, it uh put a couple of holes in the body and it needs the front splitter to be replaced.

Oh and the rear wing is broken, so i need to get a wing splitter body and then that one will be good to go surprisingly, not much damage for as hard as it hit, and i know what you guys are saying. I have a bunch of bodies. Just laying up there, but all those are crashed bodies that are junk uh, and this is the purchases from this year. This is all the cars i bought because i started this channel in 2021, así que, if its up there, i bought it in 2021 yeah and i spent a lot of money on this and then theres all the parts i have laying around pretty much out of parts Compared to what i used to have also tires guys, ive went through so many pairs of these x maxx tires. These are the only ones that i have left that are any good from x. Maxx, like traxxas branded tires uh the every. I think i went through four sets and they always blow off the wheel most of the time. It was my fault a couple of times it was not um were gon na go through some hoons clearly lets see. Ive got two sets of hoons and a set of grps back there. Red cat tires and wheels. These things weigh probably a solid two pounds: each theyre so full of water and mud uh. These are for a nitro i dont have anymore. These were honestly, my favorite tire that i ever ran on anything.

These are the uh. What copperhead the d boots, copperhead loved them uh. One of them did explode thats. Why theres not theyre not on there anymore, and it was due to operator failure, not car failure. Brand new toy uh brand new tires have never even run on the wl toys. I got some bandit wheels uh. ¿Qué tenemos aquí?? I think these are for the rustler and these things explode. That thing had way too much power for them tires anyway. Um tons of controllers tons of parts you know lets lets get back into the uh stuff. I promised you guys when i bought this, that i would do a one year review on how many parts and pieces are broken on it. I dont think its fair or complete now because its broken right now and the parts list is going to go through the roof im actually contemplating on whether or not just buying a new one. With how much i got to put into it, i mean motor esc. All the bearings shocks body um, maybe even the upgraded server that i already put in it its its going to be close to whether or not its worth it just to buy a new one. Así que de todos modos, lets get into the parts list on this one. Muy bien, Heres, all the parts that have broken in the past year, uh whats, this a front, bulkhead yeah, frente, Mamparo, um it completely shattered and cracked right there.

That was from a skatepark jump that turned very bad, muy rápido, oh center, brace that broke. When i hit that uh pole, the first drive shaft i went through, i pretty much used it really bad, multiple, multiple gears. These gears are junk. I would not recommend running these powdered gears. You can see what i mean by powder right, itll focus there. It is its not a heart, i mean it is hardened, but its not a forged gear. Its just essentially powdered metal thats been heated up to uh weld itself. A couple of skid plates, the uh main center chassis uh obliterated it. This is from when i broke it in half and when i mean broken in half know it half of the truck theres. Two pieces, nothing connected at all and all the little tiny pieces down in here, heres a rear carrier im, trying to think why this is broken. Uh. Para ser honesto, i dont remember its been so long since i broke all these now theres a crack in it right. There lets see what else we got. I think thats it maybe uh i dont know. Maybe i just replaced it because of that crack um shock towers, yeah ive broken a couple of these um. Para ser honesto contigo, i dont remember why they were broken, but i know they are cracked or broken somewhere and they wouldnt retain the shocks. Oh thats for the e revo uh arms lots of arms.

This is a new shock that i bought. This shock i put on after i bent or broke the rods out of the original ones, and then this one bent a rod and ive actually got shock rods up here. Some, i think theyre right over there with the x max parts and um. So i can fix that. I just know how to perch for it and then heres another gear. This is just what they do, its ridiculous theres, another one thats just what they do. If i had a dollar for every gear that broke off of these id be a pretty rich person, because i had broken probably 10 de estos, and at some point i quit saving them. I just started throwing them away because it just got ridiculous, so i quit buying those and i bought the hardened gears um same with these. These are the uh same gears that fit the e revo. The m 1.0 ive got, Creo, for these still brand new because it was breaking them. So often, so i went about the hr ones. Uh yeah theres, some more broken pieces. Me refiero a esto. Is this isnt too bad for one years abuse and you guys have seen how hard ive been on it? Um there youll see bearings in here. These bearings arent bad, but the difference is these: are the original rear carrier bearings and then i believe i went to this style with the upgraded arms or sea hubs, because these are known for blowing out like crazy and actually i think one of them did theres A reason why i did itand i mean theres some other parts in here, but not not too manyare not from the x maxx.

I mean this piece, i believe yeah it broke right here. So if you look uh, my most common failure is geared and yeah probably gears, because the rest of it could have been avoided. Maybe some bearings, but these hard plastic pieces to be honest with youdid take a massive beating, Sí. They shattered theyre theyre done theres no coming back from it, but that truck took a an intense beating, not to mention all the tires. All the tires that thing went through until i pulled the trigger on these specific tires um. These are not belted, which i didnt want belted. No, i take it back. I did want belted because i didnt want them to explode or expand. These are not belted and i im glad i accidentally ordered the non belted ones, its so much lighter nimble and it seems to work better, at least from what ive read. Ahora de nuevo, there are still some broken parts and pieces on here i mean everything on. It is broken, but let me see if i can show you these uh gears real, quick and those are hr racing gears. You can see the amount of rust thats down in there ugh its nasty and the motor is completely locked up. It doesnt even move that doesnt want to move everythings locked up on this thing, así que desafortunadamente, like i said this thing here is probably done. I know this esc wont even power on um these wires.

Bien, they dont really have that much corrosion right there. That does you can see the rust coming from the motor. So again i dont know whether or not i should just call this a was fun plan project, whatever you want to call a very expensive one at that, but and start fresh or try to rebuild it. I might try to rebuild it just to see what i can make happen, pull the motor apart, soak it all down, and some penetrating oil see if i can loosen everything up, replace the bearings clean it up see if i can revive it but yeah. I dont know like i said: the creighton is fun, but its broken so guys, um, im gon na see if i can find some old videos and throw them in there to show you guys the year in review and like i said there is everything that has Been purchased in the last year, theres more boxes behind all those, and i mean you can see all the controllersand this is on last year, Pero, para ser honesto, my favorite car out of everything ive had was the limitless build. Para ser honesto, that was the most fun ive had with any rc cars trying to make it go fast. The crashes wasnt fun, but the tinkering the trying to get it to go faster. The data everything just little tiny tweaks to make it go faster. That was a lot of fun and the building and cutting the bodies out painting the bodies – Aplausos, Música, Uh.

I had a lot of fun with this thing too, but it was a red cat, so it kind of sucks to be honest with you, the red cat chassis suck compared to the uh yeah trx4. That thing was a beast amazing: this bone stock minus the uh, the brushless system i put into it that failed shortly afterwards, como se puede ver, theres no power plant in it and ive been messing with it a little bit. Seeing what i want to put in there, i tried to fit a hobby wing brushless system in it didnt exactly fit, so were probably going to put the factory system back in it, and at least itll be usable, Music Laughter also other than that thats not broken. Um, so it just needs that power plant back in it, and i forgot all about my first micro crawler, lo cual es muy divertido. It is a ton of fun. The tires are what hold it back if it had better tires on it. This thing would be a beast, but so thats whats holding that back, and this is the uh hobby wing system. I was going to put in that trx4 completely overkill for what it is, but this is probably whats going to go into the vortex. If i ever decide to fix it so guys that was a quick review year every year we destroyed an expensive car by crashing, it destroyed three expensive cars by putting them in salt, Agua, Aplausos, Música.

Más, Oh, we didnt destroy that, but we tried uh. The kids destroyed this by trying to go as fast as possible. Esta. I call it the jump king. Creo que sí, because i got destroyed, taking massive jumps that one just got destroyed because its a red cat, so you know i guess cats dont have nine lives, but this thing speed queen, i guess youd call it its not very fast uh, 121 miles an hour Music Thats personal best, Desafortunadamente, its at the time of this recording less than 11 degrees outside snow on the ground, so its its not coming out anytime soon, this hasnt been played with in almost a year and thats just because every time it goes out something breaks on It so yeah at least i had some fun with it, but guys until uh. I get some of these fixed and going, which will probably be that one the trx4 ill, probably take that out sooner than later and get it fixed. I guess ill see you guys on the flip side and maybe well do some snow crawling and see how it does. Oh one more thing: the trailer got that off of banggood wonderful little trailer massively dirty that i was using with the trx4. You can see the little hitch i put on it to pull the trailer, and that was to put the red cat on just for essentially video purposes to make it look cool, because that red cat cant really do anything else other than be towed on a trailer.