Rcfunkid Remote Control Car, 4WD RC Cars with Double Sided 360 Degrees Tumbling and Rotating, 2.4Ghz

You turn it on see if i can get it to do some stunts pretty cool. Básicamente, you cant really get this thing stuck if it runs into a wall or something it will flip over. So i hope yall enjoy this video, and i just want to thank rc fun kid for reaching out […]


Bien, so im gon na be reviewing this right here: Bien, which is the awesome 9125 Bien, and what it is, is its an electric rc truck that has a bunch of great features and a bunch of great options. Bien, so what im gon na be doing is a review, en otras palabras, en […]

Unboxing Wpl C24test run – Revisión

Let me show you guys around the box and we can get into it there. You are now thats getting this guy Music, así que la música. Oh, it comes out upside down. Bien, Chicos, we get a pack of stickers, bastante genial, say some funny things. Instructions now lets get into this. Bien. Everything seems to […]

Review of Remote control sports car .Lamborghini car 🚗

So today we are going to review this toy car remote control car. So now lets start this video and this puppet. Sí, so this is all easily available on flipkart and the name of this car is im going to show you mini top grade. 1 24 racing reality car and this is a […]

Best RC Airplane For 4 Year Old Review | Best RC Airplane For 4 Year Old 2022

Actualmente, a remote control airplane is a remote control device that can be operated for various types of purposes. Among them the entertainment purposes for the kids are a kind man. Niños, love to play with a remote control airplane generally, a remote control airplane that is easy to operate and designed with a limited […]

GT POWER C6D Mini AC Battery Charger Review | Lipo/Lion/Life/PB/Nicad/Nimh

Now in front of me. Ive got another gt power, uh balance charger uh, my good friends at gt power just sent me off another large uh package, with quite a few of their products ill put a screenshot up actually of some of the upcoming reviews that youre going to see on the Channel […]


I want to do this entire video during my lunch break. So today we have the fly hall: Fc, 650, cuatro ruedas, Conducir, super power, racing model series, 14 scale buggy for ages, 14 and up a little funny thing is its actually categorized as games, not sure why, but it is a lot of […]

GEPRC CineLog 35 Revisión

So if youre new to this channel, i hope youll hit subscribe and you will get the notification bell so that you will get notified when we release new videos, because we do a lot of fpv, cinewoop and all kinds of drone stuff on this channel. So the cinelog 35 hd gives you a […]

2022 New KTM RC 200 Detailed – Revisión tamil | Manikandan |

Eleven is so 200 cc segment level. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHUsDtOBqiQ

Best RC Truck | KIDOMO Remote Control Truck Unboxing and Review (Worth It?)

Es un 1 18 Escala, meaning from a real monster, truck or yeah or race monster truck. If you divide it by 18. Its about itself, it is a four wheel, drive and it goes 60 kilómetros por hora, meaning that it goes about 30 Para 40 millas por hora, just really fast down […]

losi 8ight Nitro Buggy Review !!!! Impresionante ?

Just going to tell you right now, this thing is pretty awesome, but there is a few things that from the factory that i didnt like too much im just going to show you guys. So you know what youre getting if you get one of these so im going to put this down for […]

Super Divertido Coche RC Anfibio – Revisión

Bienvenido, Lo sé. Normalmente, Tengo coches rc de grado hobby en mi canal. Este es un grado de toy. Solo voy a sacarlo a la salida, así que todo el mundo sabe esto como un grado de toy, pero mi esposa recogió esto de amazon para mi hijo y ya hemos jugado con él y […]