Esta es la empresa hermana de arlarlo y uh arlarlo, tomó los comentarios de sus clientes y escuchó y creó un mejor buggy, y este realmente se ejecutará en 2 o 3s e im saltando directamente sobre las baterías de fábrica de 2s e iban a montar nuestros 3s allí y ejecutarlo con eso, pero sin más preámbulos, grayson open it up. So first thing: youll notice is right. On top weve got our accessory kit. Ahora, in that accessory kit, you get all kinds of good stuff. Um there is parts breakdowns theres, the like user manual uh. It comes with the wing that you have to put on there. I really love their packaging, how its in a box, its modular, el coche, cannot move when its packed in the box. Por ahí – and that is really nice uhkeeps things from getting broken and keeps tires from getting flat, spotted etcetera. This thing is heavy lets check out the car here, so weve got pretty much the same design. I think the tires are wider. It does have wider tires in the back than in the front. I dont know if that shows up on 60 fotogramas por segundo, we do have oil filled shocks and one of the biggest improvements they made is the metal tie, rods and metal uh tie bars. I guess they call them uh and then they put the little uh tabs on the body clips, which is always nice because its a pain in the butt to grab body clips.

So what were going to do is put the wing on it and uh. Maybe the front spoiler and take it out and do a 3s rip all right. So here we got the buggy with the uh body off i already peeled the protective layer off the outside of the body. We got uh oil filled shocks, Claro, so get one little drop and bounces right back up like its supposed to uh, got the do not touch hot surface to prevent burn injuries on the heatsink uh well rip that off before we take it out and uh The only thing im gon na do, besides put the wingand i dont even knowif im gon na put the front bumper on it yet, but the only thing im going to do besides put the stuff on there is check all the wheel, nuts make sure Theyre tight, they do give you extra wheel, nuts and the little colored uh things for the ends of the wheels and whatever in the accessory bag, so well open that up and check it out here, muy rápido, Muy bien. So in your accessory kit, you get extra a arms with the uh studs uh shafts, whatever you want to call them to go through you get extra wheel, nuts extra wheel, spacers and extra of the blue washer deals. Uh you get two extra dog bones and drive cups. You get uh your typical wrench uh, un poco pequeñito, screwdriver and body clips.

We could ill probably do without the screwdriver. It comes with one single uh: 1800 lipo miliamperios. It comes with this uh spoiler, which i put one on on the r larlo, and it looks exactly like the zd racing, uh spoiler. That goes on the front and then uh. Claro, your wing, so were gon na go ahead and get the wing on it. Get uh the 3s mounted in there and were going to take it out for a rip all right, so uh one thing: thats cool about these uh controls here is the one for the red, arlarlo buggy, and it has a red foam on it. Uh this one has an orange foam to go with the orange and the cyan on the body. The little green arlarlo truck that we have has a green uh foam on the steering wheel. I wish they would change these uh controls. I dont like their layout here of the having this thing kind of like this, pero uh .uh. It is what it is uh you can get over it, because the rest of the car is good all right. So my 3s battery, No puedo, use the strap so its just basically got the body holding it in there. So hopefully we dont uh crash it too. Bad but check this out its definitely faster. It blew paper away, yeah its definitely uh quicker than the its sister arlarlo. All right were here with the amarillo buggy and graysons, going to give it a rip on 3s weve got a little ramp set up out here.

In the street plus, we got our driveway curbs where we always jump so jason. Take it out in the street and lets give a give a speed run on 3s holy cow. This thing is fast run it. This thing screams on first flip, oh its doing wheelies on pavement guys. Esto es impresionante: if youre running it on 3s yeah a little bit crash and burn all right now, its dads turn wow im actually going to turn the steering rate down a little bit because id turn the throttle rate down. en lugar de, how fast do you think its going? I dont know because we dont have a gps faster than the speeds are on the street. All right lets straighten out this ramp im gon na jump. It do a little donut all right, so this was the 3s that im running it on uh, 2200, miliamperios, 50 c ovonnik its way too big for the battery housing im. Sure i could modify this. I think this piece will actually move up and we could probably make it work, but uh grayson went to go, get one of the 2s batteries and were going to throw that in there and just give it a comparison on 2s. I think itll still be pretty darn quick, Bien, grayson just noticed something uh dont know when it happened, but we lost one of the front dog bones already and looks like the diff cup is okay, so im gon na have to contact arlarlo and oh yeah.

Its snapped clean off on 3s, so yeah that whole uh that whole piece is gon na have to be replaced. Um i mean they come with them, but uh thats, one of the. I guess thats one of the reasons why but yeah it definitely snapped the dog bone so uh. Who knows where that went. So we got the 2s battery back in it and graysons going to take it out and rip it around a little bit. All right so were back on 2s grayson go ahead and hit give us your throttle. Yeah thats uh yeah uh, so they said that they updated the dog bones but uh. You know it looks like the same crap dog bones that were in the arlo. I dont know grayson, take it out for a rip and lets see still almost as fast, but on its gon na pull, because its only three wheel drive, i mean we dont even have a scratch on the body yet, and the dog bone already broke so sounds Like the rear, diffs are making some noise too grab it back up gray. Give us some throttle. Hazlo otra vez, it does sound like its making some sort of noise. The backs the rears look. Bien, i mean they look balanced, maybe its just because its only spinning one front tire right now, Uh, so its actually working the differential i dont know but uh either way i mean we got, they give you the part to fix it, but still i wouldnt expect.

First run to have to uh fix it, so uh amarillo, you might have some uh some improvements to do on your dog bones and such i will say it handles really good and its really fast, Bien. Bien, we do have a problem child here because turn the wheel, grayson thats, the servo making noise. So whenever you turn it right, the servo is making a clicking noise. So im gon na have to contact amarillo and uh. Tell them whats going on show them this uh same side that it broke the dog bone on isnt it no its the opposite side, both sides, so somethings, going on with this thing, Uh, so a few bugs to work out man. I really love this thing. Me encanta su aspecto. I love uh theres, a lot of things i love about it, but so far ive got a love, hate relationship with our larlo and the amarill uh stuff. The only ones that we havent had problems with is the little uh little green truck so anyway, guys thats where well end. The video im thad im grayson for iowa budget rc have a great day hit that subscribe.