You want to go and check it out, and originally we bought it for my grandson, but he’s not old enough he’s. Only four, so it says a six plus so i’m gon na have to play a bit. You know oh well, nevermind air gear. Finalmente, the thing i liked about this onenot just for the fact it got 2.4 gigahertz most of these have anyway, but they claim it can last up to 50 minutes with two batteries 25 minutes on each battery. Tiene un 600 milliamp rechargeable battery, which i thought was quite good. It takes double a batteries for the remote, no incluido. It uses the usb charger for your milliamp, which is included and it’s even got screwdriver included, Uso. The manual like i said earlier, 2.4 gigawatts technology and you can use it indoors and outdoors and the other thing i liked about it. If they’ve done some tests on it, dice, on amazon website 100 tested toy built out of high quality, abs and pa material. The car has been undergone impact and drop tests, ensuring toughness and maximum durability that’s, what it says on amazon website and i’ve no reason to disbelieve them, but we will be uh sort of chucking it about not literally chuckling about, but driving off some steps and things Like that, just to see how tough she really is so uh with that i’ll do the unboxing, so user manual read that layer and look at the way.

So there it is nice, se ve bastante bien, actually turn it upside down. So that is everything you get in the box. Don’T forget you get two batteries which is nice and i’m guessing they will go in now, so that is what screwdrivers, Para, as you would expect going there. Así que lo que voy a hacer ahora mismo es que estoy, going to put the battery on charge to make sure it’s fully charged and then we’re going to give it a test. Música, Música, Música, Música! Do Music! Do Music well i’ve been running it for about 15 Minutos, and the battery’s still going strong it’s still got the first battery in i haven’t put the other battery in yet i’ve only gave it to one charge, so it probably lasts about 20 Para 25 Minutos, like They claim so yeah pretty good and i did chuck it about, and i know i said i wouldn’t chuck it about, but i did and it didn’t break. Gracias a Dios. So yeah they’ve done a drop test and i thought well. I don’t really need to do one, but i’ll do it just in case so yeah. I threw it about a few times and yeah nothing’s broken on it. It still feels pretty solid. It does bounce a bit as well, que es realmente bueno. Es. Only two wheel drive, but is it worth 30, pound or 29.99? I think i paid yeah if you’re looking for something like this, Para tí, your child or even for an adult, yeah it’s well worth the most don’t forget it’s, built for six plus and my grandson’s.

Only four, but i am going to let him play about a bit. Obviously i’ll keep an eye on him, be with him when he uses it to make sure he doesn’t, Sabes, damage anything or crash into anything but yeah. It should be uh fine. He should have a lot of fun with this, or we should have a lot of fun with this.