He sido un firme defensor de que las líneas profesionales o j conceptos son los mejores neumáticos para 110 Carreras. But lately people on akas have been kicking. My butt and i had to find out why so i got a set for my four wheel: let’s see how it goes today. So this is what the foams look like. A team driver did this for me, so pretty even holes foams feel really good, actually much better than the pro line yeah this two. This is the front so just uh one down the middle and yeah that’s it for the foam. Prep let’s mount up the tires and see how they do okay, so i mounted them up. I messed one up. I put the vent holes on the wrong side. I didn’t know these were directional, but surely they are the longer tread here goes on the outside, not on the inside. I did not know that. I thought they were just mounting whatever way and go apparently not so they are brand new. They haven’t been broken in. In any way or anything, i just cut the edges like the side walls inside and out i’m gon na sauce them once with this tdk that’s. What i was told to useand then after i’m done with that i’m just gon na, let it dry and then before my run, sauce them again all right, aquí está, a quick look at themselves. Así es, you know kind of what i’m doing so they’re pretty wet gon na wait, probably it’s gon na be at least half hour 45 Minutos.

Before i run so, i’ll saw some again before that run and hopefully they’ll hook up. Es una locura. I can’t believe i’m doing this running tires that i’ve never ran in before that is not possible with j concepts or pro lines. So hopefully this works out well. So my original plan was to do one run on my pro lines and then one run on my akas, but i know what the pro lines do: i’ve been running them for probably two, maybe a little more than two years now. So i know what my lap times are on this layout. I know what my five minute runs are. I know what my eight minute runs are so today, i’m gon na run all of my runs with the akas and see how it goes if my times get better, if my lap times are at all quicker or what happens okay, so i saw the tires again. Did it heavy so we’ll see, i mean i feel kind of crazy going out without prepping my tires at all: really just minimal saucing them we’ll see i’m up and let’s see uh, not the next key. But after that, so i’ll pick up the camera and let you go how my very first run is all right. So i just finished my first qualifier and uh. It wasn’t actually quite like expected it to be the grip wasn’t, all there, the first several laps and then once it did come in the car started being very edgy, so i’m hoping that’s just being new tires.

My fast lap, Sin embargo, was pretty good on him. So i think it might be just the difference in driving style between tire and tire. I’Ll have to adapt a little bit, but you know in that aspect: it wasn’t all that impressive, but just it’s so impressive, how much grip it had. You know straight out of the bag, you know not burning it in just saucing the tire a couple times throwing it out and i had a top five qualifier i qualified in fifth. So in that aspect really really impressive, but uh as like the race was going. I feel like the grip was getting better and better with them, so i have high hopes for my second run and then even higher hopes for uh domain guys check out the damage by one of the locals. He got hit by some lap traffic. Try to get a good angle on that. Look at that drive, shaft i’ve, never seen a carnage like this chassis bent screws coming out, hombre, that is some gnarly damage all right guys. Aquí tienes. We haven’t seen anything like this on this channel before man. I can’t believe that driveshaft bent like that amazing wow guys i just finished the second run and holy smokes like that was awesome. I lost about six seconds due to mistake mistakes, but you know that was my fault not tires, not the car. I can’t believe it. Quiero decir que creo, i’m sitting.

Fourth overall, i got second for the round. It’S i’ve hot flat myself by like four tenths now or three tenths it’s it’s amazing. These tires are unbelievable. I mean i was always told you know stay away from akas for one tenth indoor, you know just do proline or j concepts that’s the best tire i’m skeptical. Now i mean i’ve brains. Like my top 15 laps was 13 7.. I don’t think i’ve had top 15, you know belowor even 14 0 ever on this layout. So there is something to these tires guys um. I have the main left, Creo, i’m starting fourth overall i’m gon na record the main or i’ll get somebody to do it. So you guys can see how the car behaves. How the tires look? We will be following my car, so yeah i’m gon na put the camera down now pick it up for the main and we’ll see how it looks, but yeah as of right now, really really impressed with these scribbles. You all want to go at the same time on the side of the tone in less than five next we’re going to lead them off with blue combo. In so 13, five four wheel drive bucky on the way that’s going to lead them off that plr 20 slip. Four on the back side of the track hands down the center. Now across the line is your leader at 13, 5. bonnie and the floor brand new.

Three round all over matt castle. Afortunadamente, if you want Music, all the way back to that last place looks like we’re gon na roll over that’s gon na wet it’s gon na let bonnie under the two spots: Aplausos, Aplausos musicales. Something like that over that second Music looks like matt wells was all over tonya Music that people trying to pull away a little bit more Applause, Aplausos, Uh, Aplausos musicales. I should be also not too far back from there matt bonnie and matt wells, either jack. Who did david and brandon was six minutes ago plenty of racing left on the clock. I don’t think i saw what happened. Looks like matt well kind of got around you: Música, Aplausos musicales, Aplausos, Música, Aplausos, Música, Aplausos, Música, brandon Applause, Música, Aplausos, Aplausos, Música, Eh, Música, Música. I should have plenty of marshals in this next one plenty of them. Music Applause let’s find the river back castle 9.6 seconds ahead of matt Applause, Aplausos musicales, Aplausos musicales, Aplausos musicales, a little bit isaac looked outside nothing there. That battle shoots over that. Segundo, double now pretty much clear in front of Music them Applause body down the street, either down the street we’re. Looking inside on isaac, he takes it over isaac goes back inside, takes it back from blue Music at the four and five star. Battle of mania speaks away even Applause Music, going to pull away even more bonya cropped on out 13 8 it’s matt temple mata party will do isaac and nick jack and brad Applause, Aplausos musicales, así que aplausos, Música, Aplausos, fast lap with the race for matt kettle.

Everybody moved to 13, though one free to go Applause, Música, Aplausos, Música, Aplausos, Música, separated by 15 Segundos. Look four point: six pack, melania two point: nine back to who i get some damn not too far apart let’s find that battle on the track. They are Music. Man down the straightaway eyes over that first level, that that was 1.4 seconds over the second level they go. I look up the front shoot and on the front two one minute: eight tenths of a second is the gap between volume now that’s about that three spots. Over the table top they go we’re getting a little wrong side up bonnie’s going to see the way a little more. They might get four more Applause, the bony over that second double lower over the first double we’re now over. The second, Aunque, take the top component off the roll over still by our side up 35 seconds ago in the race, the one in two spots, pretty much fueled up on that battle for three between bonnie and the moon were very much attainable for either one of Them 25 seconds left we’ll get one more after this. A roll over right behind, but bonnie is one of the more consistent drivers at the track. Let’S see if blue can catch up, pero es lo que es. Bien, so that wasn’t the cleanest run, uh the tires felt really good. I mean they are all the way broken in right now, Uh, better opinions, the pro lines well out of the bag.

Sí, but i don’t know if i’m still sold i’m still gon na try and soften up my pro lines more, but if that doesn’t work i’ll be switching to this. For sure i mean it’ll be silly for me not to try. Since i have like four sets of brand new pro lines ready to go, but as things stand right now out of the bag, man like you, No, beat the performance of these. Así que si eres, Sabes, if you’re in a rush ever or whatever you just need to glue up tires and throw them on the track. These things work it’s incredible now. What worries me still at the national level, you don’t really see aka all that much intense scale. You see them way more in eighth scale and we all know their eight scale tires are pretty freaking dialed, but you don’t see you know the top drivers. Besides stevo running aka, and then he hasn’t really been racing all that much then scale either you just wait for the three. I really wish for uh him to go to like a big race soon, so we see uh really how it shakes down like yeah. He won the reedy race whenever that was, but that was on spec tire. So as of right now would i recommend the akas yeah. I mean it’s just so easy to get him right, especially if you’re getting into the hobby it’s a no brainer will. I still try and uh work on my pro lines.

Lo haré, pero ya sabes, will i be successful or not? That is the question. We’Ll see all right guys. So hopefully you’ve enjoyed this video. Lo siento, the race wasn’t better. Para mí, i just kept making mistakes and it wasn’t the car or the tires. It was just me. I guess they do feel a little bit different than pro lines like they drive a little different, so i’m sure it’ll take me a few weeks to get used to them properly, but that’s it for me today. Si te gusta, the video hit the like button subscribe.