The lighting out here is terrible. That can only mean one thing lets go rallying: Música, Música, Música. Bien, the e sheen is pretty cool and alland it does handle really well. But what if we want a little bit more power? What if it was brushless? You know where this is going. Music whos definitely got more jam: Música, Música, Música, así que la música, the udi rc 1604. Pro this thing is freaking brushless its got electronic stability control. I mean it ticks a lot of boxes, Sin embargo, im not sure that i like it as much as the brushed version, although it has way more power way more power, it is a little bit harder to control when we were out running it through the dirt. On the trail, it kept wanting to put its power down and it felt like the stability control was always trying to make up for it and the power delivery, although theres way more power, its not nearly as smooth, but the thing looks really really cool uh. I hope hpi doesnt sue them, because this is just an absolute blatant ripoff of the hpi font and logo. So good luck, udi, but yeah the thing you know im not a huge fan of the flames uh, but you know its got a lexan body, but it does have a lot of uh plastic. Molded. Details like you got the hood vents. The side mirrors the spoiler. Obviously the rear diffuser i mean the thing is really cool and if you just want to do like speed, runs and grip racing uh, this thing is: is sweet, the eachine e15 uh.

This thing is so sick. Obviously this is modeled after the lancia delta integrale. One of the most famous rally cars of all timeand it looks really wicked this is brushed. It still has a stability control and, honestly truthfully, i think i, like the brushed version just a little bit more, although it doesnt have the savage power that the brushless version has the power delivery is so smooth, especially when youre drifting, its just so smooth when youre Drifting, you know a lot of your steering. A lot of the car control is with the throttle and having that brushed system in there everything is very, very smooth and linear, whereas this is almost like a switch that throttle is either on or off. So i felt that i could be a little bit more precise with this same thing off road, although it didnt have enough power to really get out of its own way. It handled a lot better through the rough stuff. I just wish it was just a touch faster, but you know if youre getting this to run it inside youre not going for top speed runs, and you basically just want to slide around with it and have something that looks really cool. I mean this is this? Is it right here? These things are both super duper fun theyre, both four wheel drive. They both come with grip tires as well as drift tires. So if you want to do you know grippy boy stuff, you certainly can and if you want to do sideways, slideways scumbaggery hoonin, you can throw the plastic drift wheels on here and do that as well.

I remember back in the day when i wanted to upgrade the sg 1603 and i put a brushless system in that thing, and the whole thing went up in smoke here, its already done for me and i havent let the smoke out of it yet so, both Of these are actually built on the same platform as the sg1603 1604 Sí. Remember these bad boys. I still got them. I still got them. I dont get rid of anything its kind of a little bit of a problem. They just have different brand names assigned to them, Básicamente, but for all intensive purposes. These cars are the same as sg1603 1604. The only difference in these other than the body is this ones brushless. They both use the same transmitter. These transmitters are actually pretty legit. Nice foam grip on the wheel. You got your steering dual rate. You can control the gyro. The stability control right from the transmitter. Youve got three power levels right here, so youve got like slow, medium and fast, obviously put that in fast mode and never lift, but yeah super good value for money. I had a blast with the sg 1603 Y 1604 and i think i like these uh even better. But if i had to pick one, if i had to recommend one honestly probably go with the eachine its a little bit cheaper, its much more manageable. And i think it looks just a little bit better, so im definitely going to keep this thing around.

What should i do with this? Let me know down below its got a brushless system in it. Maybe we can do something with that anyway, si esta es tu primera vez revisando el canal, welcome im glad you found it.