So, first up you have their prime series, which is there a sort of entry level. Those remotes themselves have one year warranty the module. Has the lifetime warranty, but the remote, obviously a little bit shorter range um in terms of the warranty because they’re a consumer item, then you have the factory fit range, so this is their remotes that have no compost our logo on it. So just to make it look like a factory remote control for those guys that don’t want branding on them. They have free use warranties, you know, so you can fit them at the dealerships or anywhere and it’ll be a long warranty on those remotes. And then you have their pro series, so the pro series have two years warranty on it now. Oh, you also have the drone and drove mobile as long as you subscribe to that, which is you, you pay a yearly fee. You get lifetime warranty or it’s covered as long as you’re subscribing to their use of their system, which is relatively cheap, it’s only 119 US dollars per year or you pay eight dollars a month. It’S really cool they’ll want that for life, but that’s a really cool system, but what we’ll do is we’ll show you the differences in the remote controls here for you today. So this is a single button remote. So this is a two hundred meter range. Mainly few remote starts not security, because it does the lock and unlock in a single button.

It makes it a little bit hard. You can’t turn features such as turbo timer on and off so that’s a really cool remote. We also have one after this, the g6, which is actually not here, pass doing it get me a g6 and I’ll show that one we have a model here: g6 we’ll get that in a sec. This is a nine hundred meter range remote it’s, a four button. Remote it’s, a g9 is a one way confirmation, so the remote does not respond to tell you it’s started, but it still has good range for those guys that are in you know highly by electronic interference areas. This will get you a longer range on it. It goes up to 900 meters now. The the next model here is the 705. So this is an LCD type remote. It will actually tell you what’s happening to the vehicle, whether it’s, locked unlocked doors are open, so that’s really good for the security systems, not just from most up when it has security as well. So it’ll tell you when it’s a remote started and tell you how long it runs for temperatures, all sorts of things. Only 400 meter range remote. Okay, oh this is the g6. So I just got that out. This is a waterproof, remote, 300 meters. One way: confirmation it’s a really cool entry level, remote, really affordable. I think the kit themselves is around 89. You know so they’re much affordable and it comes with two remotes.

Okay, up from there, you have the slice, so this is a sliced junior. This is a really compact remote. It looks big there, but it is actually really small and is a single button, remote with 2 way confirmation. So when you lock and unlock it, it would confirm, with the LEDs, with different colors, like red and blue, to say the car’s locked now the benefit of that is, if you cannot see the car and cannot hear the car, you know your cars on started or Running this will always confirm, and it is a six hundred meter range remote at water resistant as well, very, very cool. Next, you have the g9 two way, so this is the same as the other one we just spoke about. It so same style, but this has two way LED confirmation. One hundred meters, when the car started it’ll go from red to green, to tell you it started and it’ll blink to let you know it’s still running next up, you have the Compu star 901. So this is an awesome remote. You can actually get silicon cupboards for this doing it. You seem to get some covers when you show that as well LCD remote it’s, a 1.6 1.6 kilometers or 1 mile range up to okay, depending on radio interference. Lcd screen 5 button remote, so it’s got a lock on the side. Release function, function, options for doing exhilarating x’, like if you want to turn lights on in the car, or you want to wine the windows up and down.

If you have windows module so very, very versatile, very cool kit, there you go it has silicon covers as well to protect it different options. You get a packet of three it’s kind of cool rechargeable as well. Okay, recharge will do micro, USB very, very cool. Now, in the factory fit options: okay, you have virtually the same styles or remotes in the prime, but they have no logos. This is the the 200 meter range single button you go up. This is the 1400 foot, so this one here is about 400 meters, okay, and then you go up to another one 2400 foot so what’s that just under 900 meters, so that’s that’s kind of cool remote as well. This is 2 way confirmation on this model. This is FTX 2400 cool now pro series, so this is all exclusive to the pro dealers in Australia, which is anyone with this store in Australia, not mobile installer. So you only get this at stores with showrooms. This is the g7. So this is a waterproof remote and it is quite a long range on it. It’S 900 meters it’s a nice full button, remote very, very stylish, and you get the 2 years warranty on it. You get the g8, so this is up to 1.6 kilometers 1 mile range. It is single way confirmation only. It does not two way confirm, so it is just a nice sleek, remote that’s. You know you can get get through a lot of radio interference like for those guys in an area that has a lot of towers.

It works, really good uses a spread spectrum bar radio wave, so it’s, quite cool technology, next up 982. Okay, this is the same about 900 meter range from mode, but it is a two way: security confirmation remote. So it will tell you if your alarm is going off so, whereas the other ones at a two way and remote start only, they won’t tell you that the alarms going off unless it’s an LCD screen one. But this one here is an LED one. That is, will tell you the security systems going off to a fast start, et cetera through different flashes of the LED that’s. The only one that’s LED that will do that, and here is the king of their systems, the confused rt 11. This one will work up to three models again: it’s all pending on radio interference and the frequencies around, but up to we’ve, seen videos where it does go over three miles, but in a highly built up areas, not always that far this one is waterproof, casing shockproof, As well, it has a nice black back biting it’s, a really nice from my control. It is fully rechargeable as well shockproof, two way absolutely King in very remote. You can actually show you this one it’s, not very big, either it’s actually kind of cool that’s, the remote there, so it’s it’s a very stylish looking remote when you actually turn it on completely rechargeable as well, so very, very cool.