Revisaremos los dólares de mmm Music en una tienda comercial, así que sí.. Así que lo que tenemos aquí es mi coche RC. así que, como se puede ver, Viene con dos baterías, lo cual es realmente agradable y luego aquí. It actually comes with this little pack and this packet is actually very helpful because it comes with some stuff. So if you just take some of this stuff out, you got all this stuff guys. So if your car ever breaks, you can just use one of these. It supports some more Nails, just in case something happens, more Clips, which is actually really nice, because Clips tend to break a lot, así que sí, eso es, Claro, and then we also have that so yeah. Those are things and yeah. You can just like use these to do um some stuff to like fix it. I thought it was gon na be a very cheap car, like I thought it was gon na be a cheap plastic, but I took the risk guys and, como se puede ver, guys thats one of the things as you can see, it comes with a pretty nice Applause, Música y, como se puede ver, this is the main thing guys um whats pretty nice about. It is when I turn it on well, I cant do it right now, but if you turn it on it, usually it actually has the lights in the front which are pretty nice, it has red rims.

Sorprendentemente, this is actually my favorite color and its actually pretty insane that um that color, so like the suspension, es bastante bueno, you can see all right and then now we have the inside guys. So we have a little motor and then we also have one of these things to make the battery connect, and then we also have some of these so yeah thats, probably the same as my big versus things but yeah. This is a pretty good car guys. So lets lets um. It did come with a message saying that uh put this in a dry like to put it in a place. Thats not closed. It has to be dry its guys. Do you care about that guys just in case because I dont want you guys getting hurt or anything so yeah there you have a battery right here lasts pretty long, blanco y negro, but obviously guys I have a problem. Bien, I have One Singular problem. You guys might not have this for you, pero mira esto. I can barely drive it its pretty sad because Im gon na have to wait all the way to the spring of the summer. Its gon na take a while to use this thing. So now lets get into the review. así que, como podemos ver, we have its a pretty small car to be honest, and you want to like wan na we wan na um just test it out for a bit.

So we all you guys want to do to get the battery in. Is you just want to go like this theres? No way I go like this, I feel its best uh. I have this thing in Youre Gon na Wan na just put it down like that, and then you want to have that in. I had trouble get getting this like in because you have to hold it down by putting it in there. So now we have those. Now all you guys want to do with the battery, is you want to connect it that so now, once you have that connected guys, and it should itll come with some clips, as you saw in that, but it comes with those were the spare one guys. So all you guys want to dois you just want to put these Music Music? Okay lets hope this car looks like that. It looks really it kind of looks big um from this angle buttons. This would be like it looks pretty good. No, No! Bien, so were gon na get the controllers. También, this package does not provide batteries, guys so just make sure to get some batteries in there. Como pueden ver, pretty nice controller you can see, has speed, control and strips trimming so lets turn this car on guys and see what we can do so Ill Ill start out. Um also guys, I watched a few videos. This thing actually goes 20 millas por hora.

Sí. I dont know if its actually right, pero como se puede ver, the lights are actually flashing, así que comencemos. So I have my car on. I got the lowest keyboard Music Im gon na get a pretty good angle, Muy bien, así que la música, Bien, um, Música, Música, shouldve done it well, como puedes ver chicos, Im gon na get the controller chair Music. Como pueden ver. This is what it looks like thats the low speed guys. This is what it looks like max speed. This thing is ready: Música sí, its pretty fast car Music, all right its really its even faster. It doesnt really looked at thats, fast and camera, but trust me guys it is a very fast car, really nice guys not too shabby. Realmente, I read this cardprobably uh, seven out of 10., its not that bad of a car, obviously its its a good car for its price, but I Ive expected it to be a bit more bigger one and its also guys. If you didnt know, this is Its a four wheel drive car, which makes it so fast, so its a pretty nice color bag um. This is what it looks like and everything this is a performing and stuff. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video leave a like And subscribe.