Arriba ver lo que viene en una caja y luego bien uh, bueno tráelo a la calle y bien mira cómo funciona al revés. Así que esta es la caja en todo el camino.. Solo para que te hagas una idea, los lados y luego estoy de vuelta. So this is what the box looks like. So you get your control instructions and in here it has a charger. So it doesnt come with a charging block, but you can use one that comes with your cell phone or your laptop USB port or your desktop so thats that lets open that up and Im going to grab the batteries and get them charging. So we can bring this out in the field and have some fun, so it comes with two batteries which is cool, so you get like twice the fun and then it has. Básicamente, you can only plug this in one way, so its pretty kind of self explanatory youll see a little clip part on top and then thats, like your clip holder and then basically youll kind of hear it do a little click. Then you take your power block. You plug it in and then the light goes on, uh each ones a little bit different, so my delusion is itll. The light will probably go out when its completely charged. So that is your controller, and that is your car. That thing is like freaking awesome. Looking so give any idea of how that works, así que eso es, the only underside of that, so that looks super fast all the way around.

Then this is your controller and it takes two double a batteries and the battery compartment is here on the side, so that opens up and let me grab two double a batteries I like using the Amazon ones. Then the other one goes in like that. So pretty easy, then we just slide that back on and you can kind of see how everything goes and its got kind of like grooves to follow along and it clicks in place. And now your remote is ready to go. So that is your uh. Your drift car ready to go and then the batteries you have a battery compartment on the bottom. So what we do is we get a little screwdriver okay, so you need a little screwdriver to get to the the back battery compartment here, see unscrew that and that has access to where the the battery will connect to and well let that charge out for a Little bit while longer uh well come back well put that in and uh well bring it out on the street all right so to connect the battery youre, basically lining the clip up and again thats like you have to unclip it grab on the sides and then That little clip right there so well put that in close, that little battery compartment and put the little screw in okay and then thats going to be your power button. And then your remote lets go up on the street and check it out.

Itll, tener razón! Muy bien, so you push that power. Button in and youll see the little blink and light. So that means its on and well turn on the remote and thats paired. Así que aquí vamos Aplausos, Aplausos, Bien, Aplausos geniales, so only thing Im doing is so if youre drifting, Eres, hitting that button and now well drift Ill make the car drift Applause. This is a lot of fun trips. Aplausos, Muy bien.