It always feels like it’s Christmas d anyway, let’s open this up and see what Santa has brought little Richie here right. What have we here? This is the drift racing King drift supercar and anybody who’s familiar with Toyota. This is the eee six model. One of the early rear wheel, drive cars of its time and anybody who’s familiar with rear wheel, drive cars there’s one thing that they can do well. That’S drift, so I found this cute little thing on Amazon. I said yeah. I have to get it and do a review on this thing because you know you have like you know our expensive hobby cars, but this is a simple toy car, but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty fast and it can drift pretty well as well. So let’s guess I should take this out of the box see what looks like a more detail so at the top here and as you can see, it’s a you know a crude little box, but it’s a cool toy. So it says here can change to high speed, tires for a cool experience of speeding and yeah some broken English. Bien, sorry enough for that particular box. Bien, that’s cool checks out at the back here. It actually shows you the type of drifting you can do. You can do used a, u shape drift or you can do a figure. Eight right so obviously I’m going to test it up for myself and I’m from the box so that it’s for ages three and up so anybody who is alive and kick’n and is more than three years old.

Esto es para ti, y este es uno 124 Escala. Obviamente, a ready to run RC car. So look at the back here. It shows you the back here. It needs one. Two three four double O four triple a batteries and you have mini, photo screwdriver to take the cover off, lo cual es bueno, again it’s worth three and up so you don’t want four year olds or five year olds, getting easy access to the batteries and and the Tires you can actually replace them, so you have the drive tires, which obviously are that soft, smooth plastic and then rubberized tires for just high speed driving and for what I’m, seeing here, the same mini Phillips screwdriver that you used to take the battery cover off. You can use that to change the wheels and the controller you have your basic forward and backwards and left to right so fully functional radio control unit. personalmente, Yo, like the trigger type back controllers. Let me show you an example of a trigger type control, so this is a trigger type controller. Bien, with the trigger you have controls of speed backwards and forwards, and then you can turn up the right, um, Es decir, okay and these um not variable speed. You just press it for in this goes forward same speed, reverses the same speed, isn’t all variable acceleration, o cualquier cosa por el momento. So I mean it’s a cheap toy, so what you expect, but it should be fun to drive that’s what that’s, why I got it? Bien, so is the controller it’s radio controlled and it takes two double a batteries, so the car takes four triple a which is a smaller panel batteries and it sticks to Tripoli, which is a little bit bigger.

Alright take this out of the books here, so you have our antenna neatly there in Tarot. These are actually all right. Unscrew, these little plastic things car comes out. This remote control unit comes out and tires these just feeding them the rubber tires. So here we have the e 86 vagón a la deriva. Este es un 124 scale model on pretty much a remote, controlled toy for ages, 3 and up so, if your three and over so you could be 56 O 96, it doesn’t matter it’s cars. For you a couple features now it has all Google Drive, como se puede ver allí, all the wheels turn right here that full steering has a nice little rocker switch for power. It takes three Triple A batteries and then you would need to have a Phillips screwdriver to open that battery base and put the batteries in now here’s a steering trimmer. Here you can control ein Lang’s align the wheels to make sure it goes in a straight line. That’S right here – y esto es un 27 megahertz frequency that it runs off of which is pretty standard for radio, controlled cars and radio controlled toys. And then you know, look at the the like the decals and the you know the design. Conoces el 86 drift it doesn’t have any it’s not like a cheap piece of um sticker is actually, Sabes, burnt into the plastic itself, so that’s painted into the plastic, así que eso es eso, going to last there for a long time, there’s some fire there Aug 6Th and then on the side, you see the drift logo again: e6, por lo que es que es, a cool nice looking piece of eye candy for your desk or work or something and it’s also very drivable, as we’re going to swim test open.

Ahora. It also has pop up lights, and these lights actually do work. Now the pop up feature doesn’t, you know it doesn’t, Obviamente, pop up and down these are fixed in the upright position, but the lights do work and from correct. Sí, Soy yo. There are four LEDs at the bottom, so that means you’re going to have nice ground defections things on, and I think these lights at the batteries are lights at the back as well, not work as well, so you have front and rear lights. You have ground lights and that’s gon na be pretty cool. So as far as the rear lights a concern, Creo, son. I think you do work, but we will confirm that once I do power it up and I forgot to do that like their LEDs in the back as well. Ahora, if you look at these wheels, these are the drift wheels, because there is a smooth smooth plastic, so this should be fun to drift on the Box. Actually showed you a little diagram. It said that you can do where is it? I saw some pictures here earlier yeah right here. It can do a you drift or I can do a figure, a figure of interest. Muy bien. You can do that. Can eight or you can do it. You so again, I’ll be tested on it. Ahora, if you’re get, if you get bored of driftingand I find it hard that you get bored of drifting, there are the standard rubber wheels you can actually put on.

It comes with a set of four and you put those on and you can just have high speed, boring driving working as goal forwards and backwards left and right, but hey some of us like that as well. Bien, because if this is pretty fast as I’ve seen in some reviews, it should be fun to drive with these wheels as well. Now the controller is your standard. You know a front back left right, controller personally I’m. I like trigger controllers myself or triggers right here. It controls a throttle and you have a nice little big fat steering wheel, pero usted sabe que es. Bien, I mean put a price. I said I got it for like 15 Dólares, Es decir 15, así que eso es un muy, very good deal anyway. So it comes with an antenna that screws in screws in and out so you can just when you’re not using it can unscrew it, but it screws into place yeah screws into place here like so then I recommend, if you’re not using it, take the antenna out. So you don’t just so it doesn’t snap off right when it, when it’s not being used and extends to about roughly a foot long so should get pretty good reception and there’s a little LED here. I guess it tells you when it’s on and I don’t see a power switch so I’m guessing what happens when you start to you know, move the throttle that automatically kicks in and turns on, because at the back here I see another error for you to screw.

We unscrew it to put in your two EE pen light batteries. Esta, Creo que, takes two smaller pen lights. The Triple E so take three Triple A batteries in here now. Esto es 124 scale here’s another one I have. This is the my still monster drift car. This is fun to drive. This is also all wheel drive as you can see, and it has that smooth surface on on the wheels designed for drifting. This one is actually forty, nine megahertz and that’s good, because this one is 27 megahercio, so I can actually run the two of these together and have fun. You know drifting, these I’m, just showing you what they look like side by side, roughly the same scale 124th and design for drifting, the only bad thing about this car I mean yes, the good thing is that this one works with comes with this nice trigger type Controller, Sin embargo, it doesn’t have spare wheels, so I cannot put rubber real rubber wheels on this thing and I wish I wish it did come with them, because this cars pretty fast and both cars are self exam price point around 20 Dólares. Realmente, this one was a little bit more expensive. It was like five bucks more a twenty bucks. This is fifteen, but hey in the same price range. Bien. So what would do next to me? Just take a look open this and see what the battery looks like. I don’t have batteries on me right now, so what I’m going to do is I’m, just going to create part two to this video, where I actually put the batteries in it and move around the furniture and then in the living room there and drive on the Hardwood floor so, como se puede ver, there’s a bay there for two 2w batteries, alright and and of course, it’s good that they have.

These you have to like find a screwdriver to unscrew the screws to get access to the batteries, and the screws are very hard to go without the tool, so that’s it’s means it’s safe for kids that are three and up which is important as open this one. Here so I open this for that back and correction, so it’s not three Triple A batteries it’s for Triple A batteries, Uno, dos, tres cuatro: I go in there and if you do have a lot of like remote control, toys that require batteries, it’s more cost effective. Just to get like rechargeables, which are joules are the way to go. So here is a braking control. I think a dimension area you can control the alignment of the car make sure the wheels the public way make sure the wheels are facing straight as possible. Another cool feature about this car is that it actually has shocks all right. The nut oil filled or anything is just a simple spring mechanism, but their shocks in the front they’re not in the back, Sin embargo, no not shops in the back, but they are in the front, así que eso es realmente genial. So let me show you how you change the wheels, so we have our four wheels here. They use your middle, you hold all the wheel and then you use your little Phillips screwdriver and you turn counterclockwise, Claro, to take the wheels off. así que, just for this video I’m just going to show you how to change my one in the back ones, one of the front ones so that’s, la parte posterior.

So it looks like looks like a little hexagonal, extruding piece there. So exact, no piece of plastic and it means to do one at the front this and you should be able to get a good look at the shock. I was talking about all right. Take this off so, como se puede ver, look at that little shock mechanism. There that’s nice see that spring mechanism there and, Claro, there’s no no shot in the back all right and if two pieces of hexagonal plastics pieces of plastic so I’m just going to put some rubber one put the rubber ones on show you. So if you look here it’s the same hexagonal piece, so it just slots into place and that’s important, because I think on all the models, it would just be like a cylinder and if you tighten the screws tight enough, what would happen is the wheels or that The actual axle will spin within the wheel, and you would start losing that speed right. The wheels don’t really spin, properly um so having a hexagonal kind of lock piece to put the wheel in and just have the screw. Keep it in place is much better design. Muy bien, so the change all four wheels a can take you about in a particular time. You know a good, solid minute or a minute and a half, but it isn’t rocket science, and I recommend just pinch, hold the wheel with your other hand, so it doesn’t spin, you just screw them in now.

Of course it’s plastic right, so you don’t have to screw the screws in too tight. So I have rubber wheels on one side and I have drills on the other. But so obviously I would change the other two. You actually have rubber wheels throughout, but so that’s your RC drift cars is the EE six and I got this cute little thing off of Amazon and I had to get it and, como dije, es muy, very cheap and it comes, como dije, el frente. So that’s a quick recap, front shocks. All wheel drive you can change, you have two sets of wheels. One set is for drifting. The other set is for high speed driving. You also have LED lights that are working at the front. You also have ground lights for them that light up the ground, so you have great ground effects and I’m absolutely sure that these back lights also work and yeah it’s, really cute cool, diseño de aspecto. Me encanta. So in my next video, you know what I’m gon na do right I’m, going to put some batteries in this thing and I’m going to drive it all over my hardwood floors and show the drifting and then I’ll change the wheels and see your stereo faster drives On regular rubber wheels again, it needs for Triple E panic batteries for the car itself, and then the controller takes two of the larger double a batteries recommendation when it comes to batteries instead of wasting all your money buy, an alkaline just buy a set of rechargeables And you can, you know recharge them have as much fun as you want driving these little toy cars around now.

I do have a link at the bottom, this page, where you can get this and I have a strong feeling you’re going to watch. I go because when you see how fun this, how much fun this car is for the price, if you’re into this kind of stuff, you would definitely love it again: it’s for ages, 3 and up and I’m sure you can tell by now I’m nowhere near 3 And I got one for myself because I listen. I just love them anyway, so that’s Ritchie sine alpha Ritchie’s, gave me gadgets and gizmos. You guys have fun and I’m going to go. Put some batteries in this thing, así que ahí lo tienes. Damas y caballeros, the ae86 124 scale radio controlled drift car. It also comes with a second set of wheels, which are pure rubber, designed just for high speed, Conducción, fully functional greater control. This one works out: 49 megahertz and the car is a good looking piece of eye candy, a messy, very colourful, Encantador, decals and it’s all wheel drive by the way with front shocks, and that I mentioned or that I forget to mention as well, that it has Working headlights, taillights and ground effects lights as well, and the best part about this whole thing is. This thing sells for under 20, bucks yep check the link below if you’re interested in getting yourself one of these cool AE 86 radio controlled toys. Now it is for ages, 3 and up so if and if you’re, four years old or three or 33, this is definitely the toy for you.

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