So what we do were going to do a quick ground test first, although this vehicle or drone should, digo, does have a ground vehicle mode im not expecting too much at the end of the day. This is a drone, and the ground function is basically a gimmick, but were going to try it anyway. So lets turn the drone on get it on the ground and then well test the ground movement. Bien, drone is on just turn the transmitter on and bind it just like, so lets do gyro calibration and then we are ready to go. What were going to do were going to switch it to ground mode vehicle, so that should have done it there. So lets quickly see what happens yeah as you can see Music yeah. así que, como se puede ver, it works but lets be honest, Chicos, Es decir, a gimmick. Its rubbish as a ground vehicle, so lets put it back into drone form just like so one thing i do really like is the led lights on the actual drone itself, but lets quickly take it up into the air and see how well it flies as a Drone so theres two ways of starting it. You can either press the automatic takeoff button or i can arm the motors and take off manually and thats what im going to try now. So both sticks out that will arm the motors and then were ready to take it up: Aplausos musicales, Bien, así que eso es, Bien, that didnt go too bad.

So what were going to do now were going to try an automatic take off and landing. So what were going to do were going to press this button and that will automatically take the drone up into the air. Now i have locked my dog upstairs with wife, because she attacks the actual drones or any rc stuff. So shes upstairs my cats a little bit interested but im going to move her in a minute and shed just settle down but yeah. What we do. We will do an automatic take off. Take it up in the air, see how well it flies now. It is a little twitchy to be honest, like i say this is a fun little toy, but it is a toy and what i am noticing straight away: im not expecting it to fly a great outside. I wont particularly fly this outside. This is definitely an indoor drone. I think my front room is very, very small at around 10 foot squared so im flying it in a very confined area, but it seems to be doing well lets just quickly. Take it off and hope we dont attack the cat with it. So lets press the button its going to go up: Música, Música, so Music and, as you just saw it just crash, landed and literally these propellers are so brittle. One crash will snap them um straight off, so thats the end of this flight. What ill do i will um put a new propeller on and then we will continue flying.

Bien, new prop is added and its ready to fly again. What i will say quickly, youre only going to get one replacement prop for each type of propeller, so youre going to get an abc and d prop and youre only going to get one replacement. So i really dont think thats a good idea. They should have definitely give you a couple of replacements, rather than one replacement for each different style of prop so yeah thats the downside of my opinion, but were ready to fly again so lets put it on the ground and take it up for a little bit. Longer, Bien, lets bind it up and were beyond lets do an automatic take off, but before we do that as we crashed so quickly calibrate the gyro okay lets. Take it up in the air Music. Okay lets quickly turn this off now. Would i recommend this ear? Sheen e19, para ser honesto, Chicos, No, i probably wouldnt um the fact that you only get one replacement prop for each propeller is not great, because you have an abcd propeller and they give you basically one of each. If you break one prop more than once, you can no longer fly, which is a huge disappointment. En mi opinión, it flies okay, um its nothing special by any means um, i wouldnt say its a great flyer. It looks really cool dont. Me malinterpretes, but performance wise, Su, not great guys to be honest, and i would only really recommend flying this indoors.

So would i recommend someone buying this? No, i wouldnt ive got to be honest, um im glad i got it because it does look quite cool, but i probably wont use it much to be honest, its going to just sit on the shelf and be a nice display model. así que, if youre looking at buying one of these, i would definitely suggest stay away from it. Um buy something else, but if you want to buy something like this for a little bit of indoor, Divertido, um and youve just got expect the site quirks and stuff. Me gusta, this little drone has. I will leave a link in the description below just in case. You want to pick one up to try, but i dont recommend doing it guys. I recommend uh going for something else. If you want to uh get some other toy grade, but decent quality rc drones leave a uh leave a message in the description below and i will get back to you and ill recommend some better drones for your money, so thats it for me guys. Thank you for watching happy assin.