AVENTURAS RC – AquaCraft Revolt 30 Barco FE Mono sin escobillas – Radio Controlado

Neither on to two cells in series. With my ghetto connector, we can run a single force, help nice, Oye, CTG, sticker yeah. I got the Carla's on the front. Ct jeez, they're, awesome way to support, looks like a beast great straight away: Sí, Oye, Oye! Oye! I like your place here, that's a […]

AVENTURAS RC – iCE BREAKERFire & Rescue Boat Maiden VoyageAquacraft RESCUE 17

AVENTURAS RC – NUEVO capitán. Moe & the AquaCraft Rescue 17 Fireboat RTR «SCALE BOAT»! #ProudParenting

AVENTURAS RC – visits PM Hobbycraft! (North Store LocationCalgary Alberta, Canadá)

AVENTURAS RC – My First RC Fishing BoatBristol Trawler, Viaje inaugural

AVENTURAS RC – NUEVO capitán. Moe & su 1a Experiencia ENORME SPEED BOAT – TRAXXAS SPARTAN #ProudParenting

My coronary heart glows each time my Son smiles! This makes me seek for new methods to show him enjoyable classes. Right here we’re 1 12 meses después – and now NEW Capt. Maurice, (Morris), is now four years previous! He has been eye balling the velocity boat ever since we unboxed it final month […]