AVENTURAS RC – Siberia Super Duty Bucket for Earth Digger 4200XL Hydraulic RC Excavator

AVENTURAS RC – 12s Lipo 44.4v LOSi e-5T – 1/5 scale 4×4 Race Truck

AVENTURAS RC – Compare! Capo ACE-1, BLACK WiDOW Wraith, Axial BOMBER RC Trucks

AVENTURAS RC – Unboxing a Double Flame Traxxas X-MAXXPitdawg Hydro Dip!

I'Ve moved my old table to the front of the shop and I put a very large box on it. Now you guys have already read the video description. You have seen the thumbnail. You know what is in here, but I have my friend John here to help me he's, going to be opening […]


I say it's about time. Yeah all right got my stuff. Ten, ten, ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten game doll bags. Were you a skater? I was you were. This is what we all want to see, though don't hello, Mira esto. Everybody in the world is looking. What does […]

AVENTURAS RC – Exceed RC MaxStone 1/5th Scale Crawler – Un Monster RC TRUCK

You know online video. That kind of thing I flew to Anaheim met with the Nitro RCX guys had some fun with them and that's. Actually why I still do some of the exceed products. A lot of people ask me to do. Cost effective or budget are C's because we don't all have like […]

AVENTURAS RC – Dual Motor Swap on the BEAST 4×4 Mega Mud Pickup Truck

For you guys to see in yesterday's video, where I had this truck, which is basically a mega monster, camión de barro. You know I had it pulling the Cormier trailer, which is the red trailer, pulling my traxxas Spartan speedboat through mud slush and a whole bunch of water, because we're having a warm spell […]

AVENTURAS RC – ART ATTACK Snow Mobile Layout & Visión general (Pt 2) (Llegan piezas mejoradas)

Realmente estaba hecho para ser calidad de juguete y sí. Podríamos haber puesto mucho en él para que sea digno, but I also wanted to give the Art Attack snowmobile snowmobile a chance as well. Now what I did have running was a brand new Tekin Pro for 4000 kV censored, motor sin escobillas. éste […]

AVENTURAS RC – Proyecto: «GRANDE» / LOSi 5T (Parte 1) Axis RC Stand

AVENTURAS RC – (Camo-Básico) Cómo rociar pintura un RC – Buscador de senderos RC4WD 2 4×4 Mejora de camiones PT 4

Mucha gente me ha pedido que haga mi pintura de camello en un tutorial, así. Lo hice hace años cuando hice un gigante 8 rastreador de escala, pero puedo decirles que esto es simple: todo el mundo hace una técnica de camuflaje diferente. Sometimes all you need to liven up your RC is […]

AVENTURAS RC – Impermeabilización RC, Barato! Modelo de ejemplo: Camión axial SCX10 RC – Tutorial

I am going to show you something I should have done a long time ago in one single video, ok in every season. I always get the question. How do I waterproof my RC seems pretty simple but a very complicated task nonetheless, so today we're going to take an axial scx10 right here, we're […]

AVENTURAS RC – iNTO the CORE 2 – Urban Assault – Pt 2 – Group Trail Run into Downtown Calgary

I might rock something retro here later on and the gun Oh yeah, I don't know man. Here we go what's that so try not to do like tough Scott. What is from, I roll it, but go have fun play. Are you having a good time, but every time you catch me on film […]