Bien! Can we do that all again this time with the camera rolling? Bien, i wasn't sure how to make youtube gold extra unique today. So i thought a whole bunch of repair was what we needed to do: youtube gold, yeah i'm, expected to be giving these guys a unique uh adventure when they […]

Oro de YouTube – GREENHORNS & Dreams : Mini Wash Plant Assembly «THE SHAKER» (s1 e1) | AVENTURAS RC

I finally get to start YouTube. Gold here are four long. I beams two smaller I beams and then these two little stubbies right here got a picture up where I can see the base plate. I can almost see that the the I beams fit right over the holes on all four corners. They'Re […]

Oro de YouTube 2020 (S3 E3) LOS CHICOS ESTÁN DE VUELTA EN LA CIUDAD: La tripulación minera busca el oro de Alberta! | AVENTURAS RC

Se puede ver. I brought my friend with me, the shadow, because he's gon na be able to do some mining with me. At least he has arms, say hi shadow. There it is, I also have with me crazy Bob in the background, although he does not have any arms he does make for […]

Oro de YouTube – ROADS PAVED with GOLD! Un espectáculo minero en miniatura (s2 e9) | AVENTURAS RC

Boss What's up Well, I have little bit of an idea: Aquí. Boss, What's the idea But you're the boss man, so I just want to run it by you.. I think we need to stack a little bit of pay over here, Boss Yeah., so we can have a hoe feedin'. This conveyor. Boss, […]

Oro de YouTube – NOT Your Average Mining Show: 1/14 Escala (s1 e4) | AVENTURAS RC

Oro de YouTube – DUAL MiNi GOLD MiNES (s1 e15) | AVENTURAS RC


AVENTURAS RC – GOLD Dredge & Sluice Plant with an Earth Digger 4200XL Excavator

Oro de YouTube – DISASTER to GLORY, the MOTHER LOAD (s2 e23) | AVENTURAS RC

It has been a gruelling season of harsh climate and equipment break downs since April. Rookie, Krazy Joe, Kevin and Myself are prepared fro our remaining push to the tip.. From the very starting of this episode, there was an air of catastrophe throughout.. however one thing advised me that every one won’t be misplaced… […]

Oro de YouTube – El oro será un ESCLAVO o un AMO: Inclinación de la escala S2 E15 | AVENTURAS RC

We thought we’d have a really productive day.. however it seems a YouTube Viewer has submitted a grievance to the Occupational Well being and Security Administration (OHAS) – a sister firm of (OSHA) the Occupational Security and Well being Affiliation. They’re rather less strict on mine-site security, however nonetheless actual arduous *sses. This man Will […]

Oro de YouTube – El oro hace que lo feo sea hermoso (s2 e14) | AVENTURAS RC

Two Dozers are actually within the Decrease Lower. The Higher Lower is beginning to run out of pay filth.. Fortunately I’ve a full crew right this moment and fortunately most of those guys have already been foreman, so they’re getting some good expertise. We proceed to open new floor, and the wash vegetation proceed to […]

Oro de YouTube – Como «GOLD RUSH», but WAY BETTER! «THE FOREMAN» (s2 e10) | AVENTURAS RC

It is a #Canadian #Parody of #GoldRush, a present we now have all loved through the years. We’re a bunch of center aged guys which have an excessive amount of time on our arms and love GOLD MINING. Make no mistake, this operation is 99% legit.. it's simply a lot smaller than your "regular" measurement […]