Últimamente, No sé por qué me estoy sumergiendo en demasiada cultura de los años 80. de todas formas, pistolas de dedos están de vuelta, and today we are going to take the endura morin jorah, Lo siento, not sorry. They make they’re making some good stuff uh going to take the endura magnetic body posts and we’re going to affix them to the tamiya mo6 lowride midnight pumpkin and the low ride midnight pumpkin body. Let’S get these body posts opened up, see what they’re all about we’ll talk about them for a minute, see how they work and uh, and then we’re gon na get them installed on this chassis be funny and jorah meant like stupid, canadian guy. That spends too much money on our stuff magnets, obviously work. Oh crikey, these guys are powerful, wow here’s, where you’re going to get in this kit. Four body clips we’ve got tough to see, but we have four of these wow. Those are strong look at this, like chris angel. My freak we’ve got four of these round potently strong magnets that are going to bolt from what i understand they’re going to bolt to these guys we’ll get to that in a minute and then we’re going to take this flat metal. Those are four of them all. Stuck together, they’re quite magnetized we’re, going to take these for and we’re going to shoe goo these to the body, so no instructions included with these magnetic body posts. But if you just look at the picture in the ad pretty self explanatory, these things uh, you know not exactly rocket science to figure out how these things work and uh.

They look pretty simple, así que um, so let’s get cracking. There is a beloved low ride. Pumpkin let’s check out this stance with the body on here. How not cool does that look so right away? I want to determine how far down i should cut these body posts just simply just going to mark these guys here, like that and like that, remove my body yeah there we go Music, not a bad stance, but i want it lower. So there are our lower mounts set to go next. Step is to take the this flat portion, it’s going to go right here and we’re going to take our two mil screw and it’s gon na go right through just like that. I am not happy with the stance check this out. That is the stance that i’m left with, which no way do i want this. I want these wheels tucked down. As far as i can go, so what we have to do is get creative Music much better. así que, como se puede ver aquí, Chicos, we’ve had to get a little bit creative to make this work on this chassis, i’ve taken the rear body posts and shaved them right down the front. I think i’ll be at a good ride height. Here i did some testing just off camera. I think we’ll be good, so i’m going to try this. If this doesn’t work, then i can always shave it down one more knot so better to have too much ride, height and shave it down versus, have not enough and then you’re, then you’re really um in trouble.

So we’re going to take this little magnet doodad right here, take the supplied, screw 2 ml doodad screw and bingo bango. That guy goes right in there. These magnets are strong, still amazing how strong they are let’s see what that stance gives us and that’s pretty much right where we need to be it’s a nice stance in the front. Looking at the chassis. Now i realize that i can’t tuck it i can’t tuck. I wanted to tuck it down like this. originalmente, i would love to do that, but if i do that, i can’t turn my front tires. I can only drive straight, so we need to be to be up like this to be able to turn the front tires. So is what it is. It is so now with those two holes started, i can take my screw there we go so now. Those guys are held down nice and securely, and the magnets won’t rip off so we’ve got all four of our body post magnets set up let’s check the stance. Una vez más. Stance is looking good. I look at it on my monitor. I don’t love it, but i look at it in person and i think it looks great so um you know i’ll play around with with the suspension a little bit i’ll see if i can droop it down a wee bit. At least i know with the setup that we’ve got here, that we’re safe we’ve got enough ride height in the front in the back that the suspension can work.

The body’s not going to rub on the front wheels as we turn left and right we’re, going to use shoe goo to goo the magnets onto the body and onto the body posts let’s, make it happen, Música. If you’re wondering what this weird looking pink, god awful. Looking stuff is that’s milliput you’re going to have to watch the first couple videos. I did to see why that’s there like that there, Bien, there i’m supposed to let it cure for 24 hours to get the max adhesion out of it so that’s what we’re going to do? Bien, guys i’d love to say, ha sido 24 Horas. It definitely hasn’t been 24 Horas. I got too excited um. I just couldn’t wait to get this thing done. I really wanted to get it done and get this video edited and get it out and ready for you guys to check out so check out this pumpkin. It looks awesome again. The stance is a little bit higher than i wanted it’s, not exactly as i envisioned it. Desafortunadamente, but i didn’t realize the limitations of the chassis and that you do have to have the body sitting above the wheels, especially in the front, to allow them to turn so that being said, Voy a ir na, let it slide all good. It still looks really really awesome and one thing to note when you are using these magnetic body posts, the little metal rings that you are gluing to the body.

They are directional, they do have a north and a south, make sure you’re aware of that when you’re gluing your body posts on make sure you have your polarity set correctly, because if you don’t it’s not going to want to stick as always thanks again for tuning In everybody, i really appreciate all the love and support. Thank you guys so much for taking time out of your days to watch messages and all the comments.