So when you hit the buttons, nothing comes on doesn’t respond to anything. It’S got a good battery very checked. It’S still send out the frequency and doing what’s supposed to do so. We’Re gon na go and program this guy real, quick and it’s, pretty simple and easy to do. What you gon na do is come over here, grab for your light switches right here and you’re, going to go ahead and hold it on now, as you see that lights are on out there, so from there put the key in and turn it to, the first Click which is accessory, so let me go and do that real, quick, alright, now that we got it on one two, three four now, once you hear the little beep sounds a little horn, beep one, two, three, four five, alright all you’re doing is pushing the button On your remote each time you hear beep went here five times and now you should be working. Yep trunk just went right. There lock button unlock button. That is programming your remotes. Just that simple once you do it on the ignition right there. Once you hear that beeping like that, that tells you that it’s programming and responding and it’s just that simple, so turn your open your door hold your high beam towards you once you see that turn the ignition to the accessory position and immediately hit your switch four Times the same exact high beam switch four times real, quick and then you’ll hear beep.