Rc Batmobile from the Justice League movie. Now the story behind this is Mattel contacted me. They said hey. We have this this product coming out. Would you like one not in those words exactly, but that was essentially the gist of it, and I said yes, please thank you very much. They didn’t tell me. I even had to review it. So, just so you know nothing I’m saying is sponsored by them in any way just the product was sent by them. You guys need to know that officially and just because I like to keep everything transparent, everything I’m saying is strictly from my perspective, not from them just so. You guys are aware that’s how it’s gon na be anyway. This thing is absolutely fantastic: it’s, an RC car it’s controlled by your phone actually and it’s, not technically radio, but still it’s, pretty cool and it’s it’s humongous. So this is gon na be kind of a kind of a weird review. I’M gon na be cutting to a lot of photos and things because it’s very heavy it’s, 22 inches long, a little bit more actually and it’s just massive. So the first important thing I want to talk about is the fact that it comes with a Batman figure. 112 scale DC Multiverse, Batman figure, so let’s go ahead and take that out and you guys can take a look at that. First, okay, so just so you guys know. This is basically the exact same figure that I looked at not that long ago.

It’S the the tech Batman it doesn’t have anywhere near as much paint as the regular release, but as far as I can tell it’s the same figure maybe made with softer plastic and that so that you can get him to fit in the Batmobile a little bit Better, he has a different cape so that he fits a little bit better, but it is your standard DC Multiverse, Batman, I’m, not gon na spend too much time talking about this, though, because you guys have already seen it and the Batmobile is really the important thing Here but do know he does fit in and he can actually hold the shifter and the steering wheel properly and it’s pretty fantastic. It is an RC car. So let’s talk about those things a little bit. Of course, it comes with its own battery and charger 29.9 volt battery it charges in about a half hour, here’s the cool thing it’s a lithium ion battery, which is the good kind of rechargeable battery, so it’ll work very nicely until it dies and when it dies. It’S pretty much dead right away, so you have to charge it, but it only charges in a half and it does last quite a while. Of course, it depends on how you’re using it as far as how long it’s gon na last but that’s, that’s, okay and then the other thing it comes with. Is this little bottle of liquid awesome, which is not an uncommon thing if you’re familiar with like certain RC cars or trains, or things like that, trans aren’t RC, where that was called, I don’t know what they’re called anyway it’s a solution where you put it in The back of the vehicle and then you can actually make exhaust come out of the vehicle it’s, not actually exhaust, but it looks just like it and that’s pretty awesome and I’ll get to that in a minute.

But those are the things that comes with. So we have the figure, the battery and charger, and the super awesome liquid that you put in the back all right guys so I’m gon na kind of run through what features this thing has before. I actually do them because it’s it’s, very noisy and there’s lots of stuff going on so I’m gon na show you everything a little bit now and then once the noise comes on and I have to talk over the sound of the car and everything, then you Guys will be able to figure out a little bit better, so the first thing is obviously the cockpit opens up and I’ve already removed Batman, but he fits in there. He can grab the steering wheel, which does actually rotate with the wheels. So when these turn, you can see the steering wheel rotates with it. So with a gun, these two guns up front the missiles up front the wheels and the steering wheel all actually rotate with the wheels so it’s, just that’s really really nice feature the entire cockpit. Does light up, I’ll show you photos of that and of course, Batman fits in here and then the camera is right. Above him, the camera is shooting out from right there. Let me focus the camera over there, so the camera shoots out right there and I’ll shoot over his shoulder, and if you have the cockpit down it still works, I mean it’s made to work that way so it’ll, I didn’t put it in right, so it’ll shoot Through the windshield and you can see the different bars and things and it’s a really cool feature and I’ll try to show that to you, but that obviously comes through on your phone and my phone’s, a potato.

So we’ll see how that works. So so these guys rotate these guys also spin. I can’t show you them spinning right now, you’ll see that once we do it, but everything rotates up front with the wheels. This cannon will go up and down we’re using the app and they all fire. So to speak, they make sound. They have effects on the app so like if you’re looking through the camera on the app you’ll, see these missiles firing, like kind of like an augmented reality type thing. You see these guns firing and you’ll see this gun firing. They don’t actually fire or do anything but that’s, still pretty cool. Okay, so we’ll go ahead and close the cockpit, and this does come off. If you want to recreate the scene where there’s no cockpit on there, you can do that or if you just want to have a better view of the camera. You can do that and then in the back, there’s kind of a feature right here which you can’t really see, but the whole car lifts up in the middle for offroad mode, so it kind of comes up to like an arch. So these wheels kind of drop down and it’s higher up and you can use that outside if you want to, if you want to clear the ground a little better, but I really wouldn’t recommend you take this thing outside to be completely honest: it’s it’s awesome. It can do it, but you probably don’t want to get it all beat up and dirty, and so then also back here we have our little fill spot for the for the smoke liquid and then you have the exhaust right here, which will light up and when You turn on the smoke.

It actually comes out. Just like exhaust. It looks freakin, awesome, so cool, so very cool, and then, while you’re here, you can see a little bit more there’s dry, brushing throughout a little bit of coloration in detail. Lots of detail just kind of scattered around it’s, a very big thing and there’s lots of kind of just flat spots without detail, but a lot of it does have it like. You can see these things here. This whole area is painted there’s lots of little decals. All throughout you can see up here on the vents there’s another one. There there’s actually another one back here and then the guns themselves have a fair amount of detail on them. Let’S see if we can move it around a little bit things just so massive and heavy to move around, so you can see there’s a couple different shades of paint on there, some more vinyl orch, not final, some more decals we’re, not we’re, not making a tuner. We don’t have vinyl on this car and then the front has a lot of detail as well. You can see both in the missile pods up here then there’s, lots of dry, brushing and it’s, just just a pretty awesome. Looking thing all around there’s different colored panels, like this panel up here, is a different color it’s, just very, very cool, looking very pleased with it and I’ll go ahead and show you the cockpit now and I will be doing photos so you guys can see this Stuff a little bit better as we go, but let me go ahead and open this up, so you guys can see inside move the camera a little bit so yeah.

I know it’s it’s kind of dark right now, but I’ll show you how it looks when it’s lit up and just so you can see it a little bit better, but he can grab the shifter. Hopefully, you guys, you can kind of see there’s a shifter in there he can grab the shifter and the steering wheel. He can actually hold them properly. So that’s a really really nice feature so yeah. This thing is just it’s, absolutely fantastic. So let me go ahead and and get it started and then you guys will be able to see it and hear it, and hopefully I can actually record it for you guys in an appropriate way. Okay, so I’ve already got the battery installed. The battery goes right into this compartment and I’m gon na turn. The car on there’s a switch on the bottom and then I’m gon na turn the app on so that we can do it, and I want you to listen, because the car makes all kinds of noises as soon as you turn it on. It sounds like you’re starting the engine, then you can hear the exhaust and before you actually have it synced up or anything these front lights over here will flash so let’s go ahead and turn it on okay. So now that the car is on and it’s waiting for us, we’re gon na go ahead and make sure we’re connected to the Batmobile via the Wi Fi hotspot.

It creates its own Wi Fi hotspot chip to connect to that with your phone and now I’m gon na connect to it and I’ll focus on the camera, so you guys can see or on the phone. So you guys can see what’s happening I’m gon na show you all the features as best I can. I wish I could just screen grab the phone, but unfortunately I can’t do it on this thing: it’s kind of an old phone okay. So, like I mentioned, it has a camera in the cockpit and that’s what you’re seeing on the screen right now. Those are the window panes right here. So what I’m gon na do is I’m gon na open it up. So you can see a little bit better. Just because it’s not gon na be easy, and you can see my studio light in my microphone right now and there’s, a Batman figure. So you can see the camera in the in the car is actually really effective. It works really nicely it’s it’s, a surprisingly good camera. It has really wide angle and it’s just very clear, and it comes right through on your on your phone, so it looks like you’re, actually piloting, piloting the Batmobile, and so now we have some different features. Obviously we have the the forward and back and then the side to side you can adjust that to be a joystick instead, if you want to do that, okay, now one of the one of the other cool things is, you can press the button over here on The app and it makes the main cannon lift up and down, and you can fire it with this button.

It doesn’t actually do anything on the real thing, but on the device it looks like it’s firing. Okay, so we’ll put that back down these front missiles over. Here they just turn with the wheels as you’re, steering it or whatever, but on the phone when you fire them so it’s kind of like an augmented reality thing. So when you fire these on the phone you’ll see it kind of firing in the front there. So, even though nothing’s actually firing it does have the sound effects and the visual cue on the screen and then the last gun feature is or are these many guns right up front and they do turn with the wheels. But when you fire them using this, so I’ll show you what it looks like on the phone first, it shows you the guns firing, and that makes a screen vibrate, but in in real life, what happens is the many guns actually rotate and that’s just fantastic? I think that’s so cool, so cool, okay and then the next feature we have is. We have a button on here that turns this button right here turns the lights on and off so let’s turn the car. You should be able to see him yeah, so you can see the white lights turning on and then the yellow lights will turn them on and off. So you can see they’re pretty bright. I know I have a lot of studio lights on right now, but they look pretty cool and then the other lights are inside.

The cockpit which you probably can’t, see I’ll, take photos of this, so you guys can see specifically, but it actually does light up the cockpit, which is very cool. You can see little speed, gauges and computer screens and stuff like that. The next feature is I’ll. Show you on the phone first we’re gon na hit this button right here and that’s gon na put it into off road mode, and so what that does? Is it lifts the whole vehicle up and down? I think this I mean I can’t get over how cool this thing is it’s just way too cool all right and now I’ve saved the best for last. The best feature is the smoke feature, so we’re gon na try it with the harsh lights on right now and we’re gon na see if it works. So this is the this is the fill spot right here you pour the liquid in and then the smoke comes out of the back we’re gon na zoom in so you can see it and so on the phone. What you’re gon na do is you’re gon na hit this one that looks like a cloud and it’s gon na make the smoke or the exhaust come out of the back of the car, and then you hit it again to turn it off, and that is just Way too cool way too cool. I know it’s not anything particularly new for people who are familiar with these things, but it is just it’s such a cool thing overall, so I’m going to show you how that looks, with the lights off and we’ll pull it back.

Just a little bit, that’ll probably be good enough, so I don’t know if you guys could tell it lights up and the smoke comes out. So let me do it this way, so we’ll. Do it this way too. Just so you guys can see. I told you this is going to be an awkward review. This thing is just massive and I have to use my phone and the camera I can’t get over how cool that is it’s just way too cool. The next thing we have to talk about is the fact that it makes all the engine sounds accurate to how you’re, how you’re, using it so I’m, going to lift it up so that the wheels spin on their own but listen to the engine, sounds Music Applause. There’S no breaking sounded will so there does have the proper exhaust rasp like. So if you go fast and then stop you get that kind of sound and then if you go and reverse the reverse, doesn’t sound, quite as good I’ll be honest, but that does have. It does have different, sounds for reverse, and then just so you can hear the forward sound again. You can make the engine you can kind of rev the engine, Applause, Applause and then one of the cool things. Is it actually ships as you’re driving? So hopefully you can hear the engine sound over the sound of the gearbox for the wheels, but I think it’s pretty cool the way it sounds like an actual engine.

So here we go Applause, Applause, okay, guys. So the next feature I want to show you is just how the guns up front and the missiles actually rotate with the wheels or how they actually turn with the wheels so I’m, just gon na be turning it with the app and you guys will see how They move and then, of course they do fire the front ones and they move so that’ll pretty much do it for all of the features guys. Hopefully that worked out. I know it’s kind of kind of awkward to try to follow, along with all the different sounds and things, but hopefully that worked out. One thing I want to point out is: it is made fairly sturdy, but it is definitely a collectible. It doesn’t have it like. Independent suspension or any suspension at all other than the off road mode, so you definitely aren’t buying this to let your kid race it around outside, go down steps and things. No, definitely not it’s adult an adult collectible that happens to also have a really cool functional. Rc mode with the camera and the controls and everything like that, so that’s cool, definitely don’t drive this around on rough surfaces or anything like that. You don’t want to mess it up. I mean the tires are okay, for it. It’S definitely doable, but I mean I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t want to pay this kind of money and then like have a kid drive it off a ramp or something because it’s the Batmobile, which is awesome.

I mean that would be cool if you could, but I wouldn’t do that so we’re gon na leave it there. You can fit six inch scale. Figures. 112 scale figures in the cockpit I’ll show you that in the photos at the end, but that should do it guys so yeah I mean this thing is absolutely fantastic: it’s easily worth easily worth the price point I mean if you look at look at the DC. Collectibles animated series Batmobile, which is nothing compared to thisand it was basically half the price. This has easily doubled the vehicle. I mean it’s, just fantastic it’s, absolutely cool, so III think this is so awesome. Even if I had to buy it myself and they didn’t send it to me, it would be very, very cool, so I mean I’mdefinitely recommending it 100, with the caveat that it is expensive and it’s an adult collectible. So you’re going want to be careful with those features, so thanks a lot for watching guys. I do appreciate it thanks again to Mattel for sending it very pleased to look at it and show you guys. So let me know what you guys think I think it’s just just splendid so make sure you guys subscribe to the channel. We have new videos up every single day. We talk about action, figures and movies and TV shows, and video games and RC cars and all kinds of fun stuff, so make sure you come back for that.