Mirando volantex rc 114 escala de drift coche debajo de la carrocería, Hay, realmente nada que mirar toda la electrónica y todo lo demás están encerrados en el chasis. Debajo verás el adorno allí mismo. Eso significa que la dirección no es proporcional.. Ahora quiero enchufar una de las baterías a su vez esta encendida, because i thought i saw some leds down by the wheels. Oh, Sí, i did theres some leds. All four wheels have leds. They just flash blue and red turn the lights down a little bit see how it looks with the body on and oh yeah. Se ve bien. The only thing is you cant turn these leds off. así que, junto con el coche, comes the user manual, Un 2.4 gigahertz controller with the double a batteries, so it is a true ready to run rc. You get the usb charger for the two 7.4 Voltios 1200 miliamperios hora, lithium ion batteries. You get a spare set of body clips, another set of wheels with drift tires on, and if you want to set up a drift course, they give you a stack of cones to do that. We saw by the little trim dial underneath that it is non proportional steering and you can see that right here. It is all or nothing and same deal with the throttle. Pero como puedes ver, it is four wheel drive, so thats good im, not sure the motor size, but it is definitely a brushed motor im.

Gon na check out the speed and the handling on the rubber tires that come with it then ill swap out those rubber tires for the drift tires and see if this thing is any good at drifting Music. So i do have the rubber tires on and i want to test out just how fast it is and just see how good it handles on the cement floor here and then were going to switch over to the drift tires, because thats really, why you want to Buy it is you dont want these rubber tires on you want to drift the car you dont want to just drive it around Applause, so theres full speed. It looks pretty cool with the leds Applause Music. Aquí vamos. This is a workable height right here. así que, for a car that you have the option of changing the wheel on youd think theyd give you a screwdriver to take the wheels off. So you have to use your own phillips head screwdriver to switch the wheels out here. You can see the different thicknesses, the skinnier ones are for the front and the thicker ones are for the back Music. Música. All right were ready to drift Music. One thing i think is awesome is, with these drift tires on the way the leds glow through the wheel. This would look really cool in the dark im. Gon na shut, these lights off, maybe youll be able to see the leds a little bit better.

Bien. Sí, it did work, look at the way it glows those wheels are glowing. It looks pretty cool Music, hmm Música. I must say this car is pretty fun, even though its not proportional the non proportional does kind of affect the handling. Once you get used to it. Being non proportional, it does get a little bit easier to control. Bien, once you get used to it this, this little car is a pretty cool, drifter and im still on the same battery uh, i do notice it slowing down just a little bit. I filmed everything that youve seen so far on the same battery battery life is, is pretty good Applause, so this car is an absolute blast for a little more than 40 dollars is what this car runs. So not a bad deal. You get a pretty decent car lets check the wear on the tires theyre starting to get a little chewed up from the concrete, so that might start affecting the drifting uh. Once they get a little bit rough, then it doesnt want to slide as easily for not being proportional. I must say this is a pretty cool car and im not going to do any more. You saw how good it drifts and you saw how it handles with the rubber tires on so thatll, ya sea por este video. This will go in for the may giveaway. If you want to know how the may giveaway works then down in the description, there is the details and the rules to the giveaways so check those out get yourself entered, but i will tell you that a comment down below is an entry.

You just have to be a subscriber from the us and then on june, 1st well find out who wins the may giveaway, so thats it for this video. Thanks for watching and good luck to everybody who enters the may giveaway.