Welcome back to channel welcome back to rc vlog just met a subscriber, a watcher, a viewer man, that’s freaking awesome. We go here, but we are at the traxxas store again. I you know i’m trying to recall. I think this might be the first time in 2021, i’ve been to the traxxas store, but i got a hint. I got ta get a hint that there’s some new tracks, accessories so i’m, hoping to be able to check those out pick some up we’ll see what they’re all about so let’s head on in there all right, Chicos, we’re here, look there’s like there’s! No one in here this is kind of crazy. We got it all to ourselves, but they do have some new stuff in here. Um check this thing out. This is a class that i’ve been wanting to get into. This is a mud boss and they actually make this off of a two wheel, drive slash and you just have to get this body. I don’t know anything about these, but i think this is a great, a great entry class for dirt oval. Yo, if they erase them around my area, i would totally do it um, se ve. Pretty pretty cool looks like just a two wheel, drive slash that has, i don’t even know anything about oval but i’m, guessing like a a midwest mod type body. I guess is what it looks like um, pero sí. That thing is freaking cool.

This one does look like it was used. Oh this custom, slash featured in the slash dirt, oval racing youtube, video nice that thing’s pretty freaking cool. They got a drag car up there. These we’ve seen that’s pretty cool that paint job right here, that’s pretty sweet! Oh look at this one that’s pretty cool too, pero sí, Es decir, Es decir, sweet um. I think i might need to check that out and i love the orange. I think the orange is freaking sweet here’s, another new section. This is the drag racing section. So apparently rumor has it. They do some drag racing around here and this is like just the drag racing section, so i may or may not have a car ready to convert to a drag car that i haven’t done yet we’re not sure yet you’re gon na find out soon. But this is a pretty cool section. Um here it looks like it looks like it’s a bandit with an lcg chassis um, pero sí. I think the the different the cool drag bodies are sweet. Uh proline makes some really really cool, drag bodies, but it’s nice that they put all this stuff easy to find right here in the middle that’s, bastante dulce. Every time i come in here i check out this solar flare max this thing it just looks so sweet. They got the max accessories here. I think i need to build another max. I think it’s time also they upgraded or not upgraded, but they changed up their trx4 section.

Look at those accessories, Vaya, those are sick, He, never even seen those. I really like little updates like that, like the uh, the motor mount and things like that, i haven’t done those i have these on my car um. I don’t know just because it really looks the tracks kit, hombre, if it started snowing around here. I think i would get a tracks. Those do look pretty freaking sick, but lots of cool stuff here, Estoy. Looking for all the new stuff guys or shop dude look at the rustler 4×4 colores. I got the limited edition color because that’s the color that you got to get but man this that pink and that orange looks so good super sweet. Vaya, tenemos, tenemos. We had a lot of work to do guys. I want one of these too. Look at how cool that color is wrestler. Vxl’S are so much fun if you’ve never actually driven one they’re, so freaking fast that’s, bastante dulce. I wonder if i have one of those all right guys check this out check out what we got. So this is some. These are the new accessories. Estos son. This is long overdue. This is the fan and heatsink for the brushless motor for the vxl motor, like they never had. Uno de estos, lo cual es bastante loco. The max has one that max motor has one you can put one on there, um the haas motor they make one, but this is the one for the actual, just the regular um, the regular vxl motor, which is pretty freaking awesome.

So part number 3456 is the fan and then the heatsink is 34.58 super cool. I got another traxxas light kit since i’ve got trucks that’s for the haw, since i got a whole bunch of houses and then i found something else. I picked up some batteries. También. I found something else that they do over here: Es decir, pretty freaking cool check this out. Mira esto. The traxxas mckinney drag racing program. They have like traxxas look, they have trexus uh drag racing here at traxxas. Look different drag packs for the bandit for the slash, but they tell you exactly what you need: uh starting setup suggestions and they have like a spec drag racing class here, it’s pretty freaking awesome they got. It looks pretty well thought out. They do this every first saturday. I guarantee you unless something crazy happens. I will be here the next first saturday check this out, so we can see what it’s all about uh, maybe just maybe i can put a car together in time. My only thing is, i don’t have a drag body, so maybe i can find one of those here somewhere all right guys. One last stop. We are at lone star rc hobbies i’ve been to a lot of these places in a while, because of my whole situation that happened recently and the fact that i was at sick. Getting ready for racing i’ve been to a lot of these places so hoping to check out what’s new over here and then see what’s going on, hopefully bill’s here.

I haven’t seen bill in forever, so let’s check out what’s inside check this out guys they have a mini, a mini crawler course that is pretty freaking sick. This is like perfect for the betty, which i need to drive mine. More often look there’s a little trash. Can that’s pretty cool dang it? I wish i had mine. When is he track going? Oh, the camaro with the headlights, i like that that’s super clean. I haven’t even rented this truck yet let’s see what else we got over here. Look at this stand: that’s pretty sick. What is this that’s? Pretty cool swivel stand put the different angles that is sweet, Oye, look at all his cars, oh eso es, así que eso es genial. It goes that goes like in the little battery section. Sí, Señor, oh man that is awesome. Esta es tuya, nice man, those are freaking awesome. I like those. Oh, they got a. They got a son of a digger up there, the bigfoot, the amp, crush the summit we’re 3d printing over here. Oh, you know what that is: eso es genial, i kind of want a 3d printer. Oh, mira esto. Oh eso es, bastante dulce. The formula e gen, 2 car it’s me a cars. I love to meet a car they’re, so cool looks like they’re grinding away out of max over here. Yo, like the white arms, i think i’m gon na do my next max i’m, like whoa, the mini kyosho buggy, almost took me out.

Someone’S got the trenchers on it. Dang he’s got all the orange aluminum. That thing looks good. I got to build another max guys. It’S got to happen. Oh dang, nice little uh, dude there you go. You didn’t incredible. I like this little roller thing: that’s pretty sweet! Nice check this thing out guys. This is this little tundra truck that i almost got it’s these little itty bitty like scale crawlers, look at the linkages on this. This is freaking nuts. He said it took him about 10 hours at the table and it’s not even done yet. It looks super scale and super cool, but i just don’t know if i would have the patience for that tedious, to say the least jeez. That is nuts. If you’re doing a big run, you might want to that does look pretty. That does look pretty freaking cool, though all right, we figured out what this is, and i want one really bad. This is a kayak. I have to have a kayak for my trx4. Lo quiero, i want it bad all, Correcto, Es decir, a wrap guys man. It was good to be back out again. Ha pasado un tiempo, since i’ve been at traxxas store it’s been a while, since i’ve been the lone star, we got to check out some of the new stuff, but oh it’s nice to do some shopping. I did buy some stuff and you guys will see on the upcoming vlog what i bought and i’ll be installing it got some pretty cool stuff.

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