Así que hoy, we’re gon na do an unboxing of a new rc of a new brand. By the way that was popeye, everybody always likes seeing public videos, hey buddy. This is a company that i’ve had my eye on for a very long time now, should we pull the trigger or not that’s, what i’ve been thinking over the last i don’t know. Maybe a year hi team, coralie team coraline, i don’t feel like we need to do the formal introduction um i mean you’re just going with it, so i think i’ll just step behind the camera. I found this. I did find the i’ve been watching team corley for some time now. Should we get invested in this company? Should people know about them and i think finally, we can confidently say yes, so this is the team, quarley radix or radix i’m, not exactly sure where people are with that great regret. Seis. This is the xp 6s 1 8 Escala. Brushless four wheel drive rc buggy. You guys leave us a comment: is it radix or radix yeah? So back when we did the creighton, we first called it the cratin or is it rodix could be erotics i’m going with i my guess is based on pronunciation ratings. I would say radix because i i would have formally thought radix, but now that i know the is the creighton but it’s rnd, so i feel like the radix. Bien, the should be. The creighton should be the crowd for formally it should be a but it’s creighton.

So i think who knows this could go either way. Whoever made this thing, Sin embargo, you say it that’s how we speak, so we mentioned arm and i’m going to say this boldly here, one strong time, maybe just maybe twice when you see this brand, this team coralie brand. In my personal opinionand i mean come on team coralie, you know this too, who you going after you’re going after arma right box, even looks like arma it’s arma it’s arm it’s, the arm of competition, so anything else in there instructions so that’s our radio. así que, Sí, all of you that were thinking arma that’s, what i’ve been thinking too i’d say you’re spot on and wow that looks better out of the box than it does in the box. Doesn’T it wow that’s a good size, Buggy, truly an eighth scale. Buggy it’s a wider stance too. Yes than some let’s see, there are two people: oh bye, Adiós, sorry buddy. That was so close, Oye, compañero, Buen chico. He loves unboxings there you have it guys, Mira esto: Sí, Bien! I love the red black and white scheme. I love buggies. We love buggies. The interesting thing about eighth scale buggies is that they’re very close to 10th scale, everything else, not just team coralie, but everybody. If you had a 10th scale buggy, it would be smaller than 10th scale everything else, so they have to go with eighth scale. So when you get into the buggy world, don’t think that you’re getting a giant.

This is a good size, Rc, but it’s very much relevant in the 10th scale world. Así que tenlo en cuenta. So what do we have here? Do we have something that is better bang for your buck than arma? Are we going for a budget option? Uh let’s take a closer look inside this thing and really dive in, but i have to say just based on first impressions. It feels hefty. It feels like a good hobby grade vehicle. The only issue i have are these tires they’re very hard. They should be much softer don’t, crees que sí, i like all the branding they have on the truck. I even have it. I like it indented into the bumper it’s a good amount, it’s a good amount. It leaves you enough space to put your own rc sailor stickers on there. Si quieres, and everything matches on the truck like you have the red, you got the red on the shocks red on the the wheels the wheel, nuts there’s. No denying that they’ve done a good job at making a nice looking vehicle, and i want to you know this is not like an eachine brand or wl toys, something that’s, that’s kind of why i like team corley, we needed competition’s, always good. We needed some more competition out there, it’s been traxxas and arm of traxxas army. You got low c, but they you know they’re under the horizon umbrella. These guys are not and so and you’ve got redcat redcat’s very hit and miss.

We love some of our red cat, but then you look at something like the windigo i never should have. This should be called the wind to stop. It is bad the wind to go. You know what i’m talking about. I thought it was the caju. The kaiju is amazing, oh ver, 50 50. i’m getting the mixture. The kaiju is amazing. The windigo is the one that looks like a crawler but it’s top heavy and it can’t do anything and the tires fly off in the first 20 minutes of driving. Oh bien, again not team, corley, that’s right sounds like city racing, disco compacto, racing they’re, Increíble, Muy, very um, divided household, with racing ready, so team corley. Where do you stand let’s, find out whoa, Muy bien? Bien? So this is a good looking setup um. The first thing that comes to mind that i see are the two plugs that’s, because you have it’s a 6s buggy, so you can either run two 3s batteries or one 6s battery. Realmente, this is 4s too, so you can run two 2s batteries or one for us or a 4s battery, and it does come with, Gracias a Dios, the little plug. This is if you want to run one single battery rather than two. I love that it comes with any vehicle out there. That gives you the option of running on two or one battery has to come with this, and when they don’t it’s, just a missed opportunity and something frustrating to deal with right out of the box.

They come with it, por lo que es, muy bueno. Bien, the motor is a really good sized motor. It says right on it. It’S an 825 46s 2050 kv brushless motor now that’s a very hefty motor for a vehicle this size. So you put a 6s battery on this and it is going to come alive i’m guessing it’s, going to be our fastest buggy. It very well could be i’m going to say it probably will be wow. Creo que tienes razón. The only thing is when you kick that throttle these tires they’re going to slide. This is going to be a fun on pavement vehicle because you’re going to power slide around, even though they’re rubber, it’s kind of a dense, rubber and i’m. Very surprised at this, like at the hobby grade price point. I would have liked to have seen a much softer tire on there other than that everything else looks really good. The servo setup with the receiver box up here, that’s in a unique place and the whole thing is set up crazy because the um drive shaft is like at an angle, it’s really making a triangle very good point, es, Muy, very weird. To see that you don’t see that very often most of the time, with a vehicle that’s going to be on a track like most buggies in a lot of short course, Camiones. You slap all the electronics on one side and you put the battery or batteries on the other side and they have this giant esc fan and heatsink combo, which is massive it’s really huge over here on the left side.

Behind the battery tray, which the battery tray is really nice, by the way it actually has a tray in there it’s, not just the velcro yeah, so that’s super cool. I think you’re gon na in the batteries you’re not gon na worry about them sliding forward or back or anything side to side so that’s, nice but, like i was pointing out over here the see the ceilings. If you stack them the top one might slide. I suppose it could yeah that’s right well. If you only have to run one battery, then it should be pretty good, so the xt xt90 plug for us, because we’re a lot of our batteries are transitioning into the smart batteries here’s. The thing i bought, we just recently bought converters to go from our ic 3 and i c 5 connector to x t 90.. We just bought a couple of those, Creo. Are they reversed, Aunque, for charging we’ll see we’ll, see i can’t remember, which ones? I think we got one male female mixed up on that. I think we got one of each. I think we probably needed to get two of each we’ll see so xt90 is probably their best bet for something this powerful. The only other option that comes to mind for battery plug for me, if i was this brand, would be deans and deans just can’t carry that current that an xt90 can. así que, if you want a high c rating battery in here, it should perform really well popeye’s.

Still in the show yeah he needs a haircut, but we let it grow long in adventure. I i still can’t get over this receiver box and how the steering servo’s connected to it. Hopefully i get a close shot of that to show you guys, but as we flip the car over here, this buggy on the bottom, we have an aluminum chassis with plastic skid plates on the side, so to make the buggy actually sit wider and have a lot More room inside for the electronics and to work on you’ve got those. I guess i’m just going to call them skip lights along the side. It just makes the whole chassis much wider, so it’s an interesting choice to go from aluminum mixed with plastic. Some people love aluminum, some people hate aluminum. I think it really just depends how you drive your rc if you take it to a skate park and you ramp, eso 50 feet in the air and it comes down on the hand rail, probably don’t, like aluminum, because it might bend. But i don’t drive like that: popeye wild. Así que para mí, aluminum goes a long way. To this day. I don’t believe i’ve ever bent well, we’ve wl toys we’ve had a couple of pieces of aluminum bend on a couple, little buggies, but nothing that’s on the true hobby grade scale, so i’m really liking. Esta cosa, the arms look good. We have giant shocks. Claro, they’re oil filled look at the transmitter, it’s all looking really good it’s.

All looking really really good. Um i’m excited to run. This we’ll have to do a speed test on it. quizás, when it’s not so cold out but that’ll happen soon on the channel and of course, guys we’re going to take a look at this right here, Veamos, why is it yellow yeah yeah? I don’t know that i like that, but that’s some people, some people, focus more on it’s like squishy. No, i like that air behind that. Bien, just that’s, just a rubber what’s it yellow yeah. Maybe maybe it would be cool to match it or just go with like all black uh that’s, Extraño, that yellow what’s going to happen over time, it’s going to get dirty. You take your car to the track mud or whatever your hands get dirty. Then you touch this. It gets dirty that’s, going to look bad fast, so that’s one downside for sure, but i like how it feels like you’re. Looking for your transmitter, if you don’t have like a universal transmitter and you’re like where’s, el transmisor, where is it you’re going to see this, ser como? Oh eso es, not the transmitter for this doesn’t match like no? No, but now that we know that it stands out. Like a sore thumb, so in all of our radios, if you forget you’ll be like that’s, not it no that’s, it that’s the one yeah. I wish it matched, but it does have a nice foam wheel that feels good.

It looks like there’s reverse functions and trim functions on here like we should see on all hobby grade radios. I like the rubber grip, maybe just go with a different color right. Me gusta eso. Yep makes it feel a lot better when you’re holding it sure, Sí. Bien, interesting choice, equipo, corley, Estoy, guessing because this is our first team, coralie i’m guessing there. This is their universal radio. Universal i mean. Maybe it matches some others. Maybe i think that’s what they’re? Probably using on all their trucks and cars, so this is our first team corally. This is a true first impressions for a new brand for us and that’s very exciting to get a new brand ten years from now. Are we going to be saying, whoa team corley came out of nowhere and they knocked arma out of the park, or are they going to just be tough competition which is kind of what we all need right for everybody, eso es que es? Why we love seeing arma in the industry versus traxxas, hey traxxas is sleeping what when’s the last thing they’ve come out with this new arm orleans and that’s, not even a new truck. The haas is just another monster truck another x maxx, another max, sin decir que es, Mal. I did the max yeah it’s, just not very innovative, es, another monster truck yeah and so to see team corley. You know what maybe they’re the new traxxas. You never know back in the day, traxxas didn’t they were nothing.

There were nobodies people used to say you go to a hobby shop, sell them anything, but traxxas traxxas used to be at the bottom of the pit, y ellos, Sabes, got a good good company. They got a good um factory to build good vehicles and branded it and the licensingand you know they did really good and now they’re kind of falling behind a little bit, and so maybe team coralie. Would it be hilarious if a few years from now traxxas was no more and something like team coralie took over? He just started poking bad it could it could happen, you never know it truly could happen, it could happen. The track is going to be around for a while, probably but i’m glad i’m. Not there i’ll just say that by the way my back’s hurting that’s. Why i’m hanging out back here, i’ve just had pretty rough days, probably looks like i don’t care. I care you’ve had a rough day. I’Ve ended the day, pick up a millions, toys and stuff. I try to do that for it for you today and i feel bad for you thanks yeah. Just take it easy, but this is it guys the new team coralie at least new to us? Let us know in the comments below would you like to see more team coralie if you’re new to the brand of team coralie? I think all these assumptions that i’m spouting off and probably that you’re thinking are very fair, so leave them in the comments below if you’ve got things you want to know about this hit us up before we take it out to do a speed run and a Bashing, because we might be able to address those in the video before we actually release it and i’m excited i’m excited to possibly see more team corley on the channel we’ll see where this goes.

Sabes, like the last time you had a buggy that i let you drive, i destroyed the bumper right. He destroyed the spoiler and the bumper it shattered. So we’ll see how this holds up. Nate’S the durability. I used to be the durability. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Sorry i was just i was looking at this and i was just like how long oh boy, how much longer i see some plastic in there don’t worry we’ll, see we’ll see i look at this hey. While i was just ducking my head there, so you put the body on and there’s this little front clip on the chassis that holds the body down, para que no lo hagas, just have the pins up top you’ve got that extra little clip. I really like that yeah because sometimes like when you’re doing speed runs if it’s going to be fast. Something like that will help hold the body on and it will parachute make your truck. Sabes, do a wheelie, muy agradable. It makes a nice seal. That looks good so and that’s tucked in right behind the arms body, looks really good on it. It does yeah it’s different yeah it’s, going back more to a more salt and there’s. Still a lot of detail there, but it’s more solid, como traxxas, is like a rainbow, threw up on all their trucks right now. You know it looks okay, Estoy. Okay with that that’s fine, but i kind of like like that new.

Yo, like the unrealistic look. I think more companies need to do that. You’Re felony. That needs to be realistic. I mean i like that. Sí, it needed to be realistic. Variety is good. I think we can agree. Variety is good, así que uh, Bien, we will have not just this team coralie in the description box. Maybe you’ve never heard of team corley before, and this is your first time hearing about themwe’ll go through and pick out a couple more that we like. Bien, maybe some of our favorites and we’ll link a couple more team corley’s, but at the top of those links will be this one. So if you want to learn more about the stats, el esc, how powerful that is the motor details, that type of thing the dimensions it’ll be linked down there for you to learn more and possibly go and pick one up for yourself, because who knows this might Think this, this might end up being just one of the best rc’s we’ve ever had it feels like it, has the potential to be it’s very, very hefty let’s, all the good stuff’s linked in the description box below and i’m i’m pretty grateful today for this opportunity To just be inside the the garage space here, the rc garage space and not have to go outside, although i have to to walk popeye that’s okay, i do that anyway uh. así que, for that i’m grateful to the big guy upstairs and i’m super grateful to our patreon supporters, porque, if not for you guys, we wouldn’t make the efforts to to reach out and try to branch out to to hit new brands on the channel and stuff you’re.

Always motivating us to bring some new stuff to the channel, and so here you go to all of our patrons abby popeye emilia and i say thank you, but all the viewers should say thanks too, because we’re going to really really see what this thing’s made of. In the in the coming week, or so so, Gracias, uh popeye he’s getting pampered he’s spoiled. He really is all day very spoiled dog guys thanks so much for watching. We will have another cool, Rc, buggy video popping up right about now.