Bien, so we've got the probe own impulse. It is an older version, we're going to be running it on a 4s lipo setup, which is due for a swipe, oh shut up tool to ends check it out, pretty choppy pretty windy, but at least the canal is canal is full and we'll be running. The V Hall, because we did bring a blackjack yeah, lock back yeah, but the black Jackie brought, is it's too windy for that, so he says: yeah are we going to find out? Possibly possibly possibly the canal is blowing the weird way: hey backwards. Well enough chitchat. Let'S get the boat in the water. The prop shaft has been removed in Greece already, which is essential. We found out over the last couple of years, or else you end up losing shafts or overheating them checking the rudder and last year, the the boat. I had this one here was kind of suffering from porpoising. It was really slapping the water hard in the front. So I have adjusted the tabs we'll see how it goes, everything's good to go. I prayed to the boating god. I love the sound of a boat, so rough yeah. It is pretty Russia to switch to my non polarized lenses hard to see. Oye. Sí, Oh turn faster, Oh ver. If you chicken out on you're turning in small canal, you don't turn as quickly as you need to. I am in the rocks good thing.

I let off the throttle when I knew we're gon na crash, it had a rock right beside it. Hmm check out the hole I put in the front. Ah, that needs to be sealed. Before I can do anything, I think it's, just the no. I think it's, Bien, Venga, sí, what it is just a chip. Bien, bonus let's, go over to the left. You really see it here: les Ripley Lake how's, la parte posterior. Look fine 100 good to go. Yeah shoot the calmness of the pond. I guess be sure to cover your birth. Oh let's get blackjack water, water itself, Venga, sí! It happens every time. Remember when we filled the note here we go, then it should clean itself out. Here we go for a stipple following the tale of water that's a nice healthy tale. It looks good yeah it's, looking really good here's full out on 4s right there we're on splashes of it. What a beauty need a tripod it's on camera, much right, I'll keep trying for second trying to hold this giant giant zoom in very hard. Those 4s is drawing a lot right now, full load very nice. I remember with this particular spectrum transmitter. I cannot make it all the way across the pond. We do have connectivity issues gorgeous looking boat, not too close to that Shore. I'Ll, come straight at it's right from the middle good turn left towards us coming straight at us. Aquí vamos, let's go get our other boats.

This looks like the v2 version. V2. Sí, Lo es, I bought it a year ago, but I have yet to use it. There'S no wood on the inside where'd, all the balsa wood go all fiberglass in the plastic runners in their holders for the battery, the ESC is different, easy anything. I don't awful straps should move up. Oh there's, three straps another one up there that's different is it yes, it is the black. The black back is totally different. How about the whole cult? The cutting openings, yeah you're right it's all square now, yeah it doesn't have that ceiling canopy before oh, it doesn't have that plastic can come with one. No está bien, and yours also has two dots in the front where the prongs stick in meant. Mine had a one one of them here's. My version one had this for a long time here, my battery charging mm silver in the back here's. The splash guard we're talking about I've, got tons of videos on this one from last season and the ESC is a monster side by side. This is a 6s ATM and yours is a success. 80 amp as well. Ah, you know I have to laugh honey. Your girls, don't remember, Dice 120 Amp, 120, amp yeah. I know they totally wow like talking to mother supposed to do the incest it's, a four pole mm key, a six pole yeah. Este es un 6 Poste, 18 hundred thousand. This is a two thousand yeah slick man, but we should have pitted these against each other, but you want to go spartan.

We can probably do both. I brought four batteries. You brought all set all three essence: todo 3 s's yeah. If your Xperia, I got two sets, I think yeah I got two sets my pockets. This is what it's like to be addicted. Rc bunk! Bien, the water is still pretty calm, but we definitely are getting gusts of wind. Both of our Blackjacks are now on 6s lipo power, yep we're, going to tape up the top canopies, because so we don't want any water kind of getting on the inside a pretty powerful jet or not jet bows, but props check out the water, Bien. Let'S see if we can get some good good shots I'm, also going to pull out my DJI phantom at the time of this filming. This is the newer phantom phantom 4 and I figured some aerial. Shots would be good because I only have one camera today: 2 people that are running boats me and him, and if we want to get some aerial shots, this will be the best way you guys can see both boats at once, they're nice, they don't, have to Spin on anymore, Yo, like my inspire, a similar Grayson. Okay way up there he's way down here a little bit higher, get these boats in the water. Shall we let's? Do it all right? You ready to go yeah whoa, going to the right myself get my sea legs first day super choppy: oh wow, mmm it's, a nice hydroplane! You can get okay, I'm.

Turning to the left, what a monster? Bien, let's go to the left, let's not keep crossing each other like in a counterclockwise circle. Oh I'm, out of range here we go. I got a comeback. Oh I almost tipped. Bien. Turning to the left now beautiful, good yeah, I got to be careful. Turning in that chop, a mine becomes a little more unstable people ask well what do you do if your boat gets stuck out there and the answer is whoa almost flip nice speed on success. Oh I'm gon na have to go, get the boat of shame and row out there gon na happen. Muy bien! Oh, Venga, sí, oh look! His boat crash ever upside right on the edge. Oh, that could have gone a little worse. It just got choppy that's all was to it buddy he's gon na be a bro and flip it over. Para mí. Gracias, my friend back at it, and it was right when I turned right where you are success, hombre, it just sail on full throttle. Yeah close it's hard to go full throttle man that weighs nice. Sí, it is and then, as soon as you turn, it gets a little weird nice, Bien, turning left, haha whee, I'm gon na come read the camera really super fast. I almost went full there. Bien, so he's gon na flip his boat right at us, I'm outta range again. Oh I enjoyed eating. So oh man, I wonder what the camera caught on that.

Oh, what a range again! Oh, I enjoyed eating so uh man. I wonder what the camera caught on that we, I was too funny. Yeah I'm, probably taking on water from my my antenna as well, did come out again. Yeah it's not in there very good at all, well I'd like to try my Spartan, but I got a dead stuff. Huh full throttle only go super slow. So after we got the game, but it is getting late ever it is still running his boat out there. The Blackjacks going strong souls mine, but leave this such a massive speedboat. So I buddy I tried to give you your Spartan verses, but we'll have to do a rematch another day so fast hard to keep up to it. Man so gnarly success hype, Vaya! I wish I had some glass lake for you guys today, but any amount of Lake is awesome or pawned rather haha, Bien, guys well thanks for tuning in to today's RC adventure all to do about boats I'm, so happy boat season is finally here that drifting is Catamaran hahaha guys, if you guys, have an RC boat post up what you have in the video comment: section down below we'd love to look at the boats that are available out there and if you got a video post, a link to it. Why not woah? That was incredible man he's dying to take the boat of shame out there row row row your boat gently across the pond, Venga, sí, and then he has to wait for an hour.

Hahahahaha, hey good job man. High five and I'll, see you in a few hours.