This is andrew at third coast rc in houston, beautiful day today, low 80s blue skies, no cloud in the sky, its awesome in houston for the weather at this time of year, um so today were going to bring you a quick look at um, another car that We sell in our store here uh in in cyprus, texas, and that is going to be the the redcat ridge rock uh, its actually branded as danshi. But this is: this is sold through redcat here in the uh in the us, and this is really its a great little car, its an absolute little bargain. You know you can buy these theyre 125.. We sell them for 125 in our store out the door here and it is a full articulation rock crawler. So its got um the massive suspension movement, almost 90 degrees of suspension movement there on the front and rear its got the four wheel, steering its got. This cool body, with a built in roll cage with the two drivers in there um its got these nice looking wheels with the uh with the chrome um. I think they are bead locks. You know they are true. Bead locks on this car, its 125 dollars its its incredible. This thing can crawl yeah weve got a customer who going these went to a competition crawling event, and this thing outcrawled the competition crawlers, but its illegal in those type of competitions, because you know in most cases they dont allow motor on axle.

So this truck has uh motor on axle front and rear um, and that is generally not allowed um. But if you just want a crawler to bash around with in your backyard or you know in the street or over the rocks in your garden or just for kids looking to get into it, then this is a great great choice. So lets take a look underneath here in the box. I aint got a box out here, but in the box you get some spaces for these shocks because the shocks are not threaded. You know this price point is just not going to happen. Um, its uh fitted with two six kg servos, one in the front, one in the rear. It comes with a little lithium ion battery that performs really well, you get a good 20 to 30 minutes, run time out of this little battery its a 1500 milliamp hour battery here that is held in place by this little velcro strapping. Here it comes with a mini tamiya connectors on this battery, so that is uh. If youre looking to um, you know figure out what charge you might need for this car, but it does come with a charger in the uh in the box and a little charger for that battery um i mean its a its a gray little crawler heres, the Remote, the remote is um, you know it feels okay, it doesnt feel solid. It doesnt feel like cheap tacky, plastic or anything like that and uh, and its very simple.

Its got very simple controls here, but it does show on here the four steering modes. So youve got front, steering youve got where the the front and the rear wheels turn the opposite direction. To increase your turning radius, they turn so you can crab walk or you can just do rear wheel steering. So it is a great great little car for the uh, for the price point so were gon na do is im gon na throw the body back on here and uh im gon na just take it for a little spin around the parking lot here and uh Run it up against a few uh few obstacles and uh see see how the articulation works. The bodys just held on with these four clips Music two on this side, so its really easy to get to its got plenty space in here. If you want to run a bigger 2s lipo battery, something like that, so theres plenty of uh plenty of space to put um get even longer than the runtime. You already get theres an on off switch underneath here that you just press and hold there. It goes it just came on because the wheel straightened up so well pop it on the ground here and uh. So right now weve got front wheel, steering and then, if you press this button here, this little mode button press that one time now weve got the opposite steer for a real tight turning radius.

One more time got it for the crab walk one more time on the remote for just rear wheel. Steering so lets just uh lets just do a little speed run here, see how much speed its got. I mean its not super fast because its a crawler it doesnt need to be um, but it you know its perfectly fine. So then you can switch to the uh super tight turn radius, where it can turn on almost and then my favorite, the kind of crabbing mode, its a new home is supposed to be able to do. If it ever comes out, then weve got rear steering. So, if youre getting a bind when youre crawling on your front, wheels are bound up and you need to make an adjustment with your ears. You can do that from the remote, so its its a great little car so well bring it around here and well. Um! Well, run it up the side of this truck here, just give it so you can pull itself off no problem and then we really see the amount of um suspension articulation so much articulation there, its almost touching the body, so a massive amount of suspension articulation. So if youre going over rocks and obstacles, then this is going to be a great great great vehicle. Now weve got the rear, so im going to switch to rear wheels. Clearing now that one rear wheel steering so now pull the rear end up onto the obstacle and again look at that massive amount of suspension movement.

You have there its almost vertical the rear axle that is just awesome and then well uh. Well back it off here ill go back to front wheel steering, so this is a great little truck. If youre looking for a car that um, you know just an entry level, crawler 125 dollars after door, you know its all. The parts are available for it um its uh, its a hobby grade vehicle um. I mean its just amazing value really for what it does. You know we have the everest 10 as well, which can be made into four wheel. Steering has more hop ups, there isnt really any significant hop ups for this vehicle if youre looking for a vehicle to customize and things like thatand this might not be your choice um, but for a vehicle that just performs great out of the box and can Do a lot of different uh different things in a very unusual way. You turn up at an event with this, its gon na be uh its going to be well looked after just one thing: the diffs are locked yeah, the diffs, its its all. The diffs are locked theres, no differential action on this front and rear diffs locked so its a great little truck. So if youre looking for one like this, then stop by our store and check it out. Um or you know, pick one up online and uh theyre.