This is one of the military trucks with uh the tracks on it. This one has leds on the front of it. I don’t recall the last ones i’ve tested do and underneath we have a lot of metal components, um, which is pretty awesome again. I’Ve tested these before my wife actually got this one for my birthday, estamos, going to take it out on the beach and give it a real test uh and see how good these tracks are. Muy bien. First test is going to be on this. This really loose stuff in foot traffic. It is a slight incline, we’ll see if we’ll be able to get up with no issues, Música, Música, Música. So the thing clearly has no issues going on this um. If it gets stuck a little bit, the fronts kind of stop and the backs keep going even in some of these pivots like low points like this one, this really low point right. There had no issues going through it, so i found a spot with a little bit of an incline let’s see if it can go now up digging Music. Try that again too much of the incline, i guess that’s too much pitch for it. It really is trying, though Music see it’s digging. In i mean it might be able to go and cook it for a minute that’s about and see what happens. It’S almost at the top guys. You can see how heavy it’s digging in though these tracks are working.

Lipo battery in this might be the way to go. Eso es increíble., Aunque, like it almost got to the top. Try to put this down, give you a little perspective it just about got to the top. So this thing isn’t perfect, but uh a little bit of power. A little grass footage here, nada loco, Obviamente, if it could go through sand, Es decir, zero issues going through grass and this grass is not super manicured. Take it over to some stone back into some grass, see how high it is on the tracks and we’ll do a complete range run until it stops here. I didn’t want to do it out there so try to get the steering straight. It’S gon na be a little hiccup over that lip there. I think it’ll be fine getting over it. Venga, sí, no issues Music still have control. Mi 2.4 gigahertz signal is not delayed. I definitely wish you had proportional steering. Music that’s good range, this great range, so i’m running out of area here, i’m gon na go ahead and turn it back around or okay. I got stuck on a wall here hold on back it up. I think it may have lost range there for a second, because the lights, blinked and that’s kind of how the binding procedure is once you turn the rc on it’ll blink until you turn the remote controller on and then the lights go steady. So maybe that distance that we just ran is probably close to max range, which is pretty good for this.

Obviamente, we could uh pop thing open. Take all the screws out find out where the antenna is make it an external antenna and we get increased range same thing with the controller. The controller does not have a antenna sticking out of it.