Are they legitimate company? Is it a scam? How big are they do they ship worldwide? Are they any good and a lot more besides, así que, if you’re a bit skeptical about using them and want to learn why you shouldn’t be skeptical at all about ordering from them then keep on watching, as when i throw some of the stats at you. I think you’re going to be quite surprised. Bien, my fellow drifterman x, i thought it’s time i did a review of and answered, maybe a few of the unanswered questions or things that people were uncertain about in dealing with banggood question that’s banded around quite a bit is banggood legitimate. Is it a real company? Is my information secure on there and why are the prices so cheap and the one thing i would say towards the start of this? Video is listen with an open mind. I’M gon na throw quite a few numbers at you along the way with regards to banggood, quite a few of which may surprise you and make you think. Didn’T know that maybe i’ll give them a try and you should, because there is nothing to be afraid of with regards to banggood well, En primer lugar, let me give you a little bit of history about banggood founded in 2006, as a software company developed into the Online sales, which we know now in 2009, and they don’t just sell rc cars they’ve now branched out into all sorts of consumer electronics.

Even clothing they’ve got up to, Creo, a million different items listed on the website, so that might give you some idea that they are a legitimate company and a quite a sizable one, with a turnover in excess of 400 million a year. You could go on. Google, that and compare it against horizon hobby to turnover. Likewise they employ around about 5 000 people worldwide compared with 700 horizon hobby as an example. Bien, in this video i’m going to talk about some of the issues that people might have with banggood, but also some of the areas where they are very, Muy bien. en efecto, as well and we’re going to look at a couple of review sites and see what the average score they get along the way. Bien, banggood is hong kong based but keeps its prices low by sourcing from four key towns in china, Y, unlike quite a few chinese companies that focus on selling wholesale products on the internet. Banggood are focused on some selling consumer driven products across borders and to give you some idea of the size of the company, Ellos tienen 37 warehouses worldwide. Although i do a pretty shape, things can take a little while to get here well. En primer lugar, shipping sometimes it’s an issue from banggood, but bear in mind the distance it comes together, you’re actually better off. If you order stuff in europe, because i see people on youtube, getting the same product, that i’ve, maybe ordered and they’re getting a couple of weeks earlier in youtube than they are here, but whether that situation will change with a changing government here in the us.

Having a different view on china remains to be seen, but that shipping time on a lot of these cars it is free or low cost down like three or four dollars. I can send a small parcel to somebody in the next town and it can cost me four dollars. I could not send one of these cars to anywhere else in america for less than around about 25 bucks yeah. They can send it halfway around the world. To me for free, they do come in for some criticism, as things taken a long time to arrive, but once again they are just super cheap and as well with regards to delivery times. If anyone hasn’t noticed, we do have a major worldwide pandemic on at the minute, which is affecting pretty much everywhere, including china, but from what i’m seeing from banggood, they appear to be recovering faster than a lot of other companies out there in terms of their supply Chain and when it comes to those low cost deliveries, i’ve got one in today there’s another car contained in this box, which i shall be reviewing in the next couple of days. This puzzle has traveled literally halfway around the world, to get it and, as you’ll see it’s in pretty good shape. Occasionally i do get the odd box from banggood that has taken a bit of a bruise in, but i’ve never had anything arrived with any major damage or broken inside the box.

So personally, i’m quite happy to wait a couple of weeks if it keeps the cost down on there and speaking of that cost wood cars like the one two, cuatro cero uno: nine and the one four four zero zero one before that have done so well. In the marketplace had they been at the pricing levels of traxxas or armor? Of course they wouldn’t, so banggood have helped bring some real gems to the market. Sure some of the cars they sell out theremaybe aren’t it’s what we would class fully as hobby grade and focus a little bit on the quality of the banggood products. You need to bear in mind. They don’t actually make anything. They only sell other people’s products. So if somebody says oh, i bought that car from banggood and the metal was terrible. The metal was soft. Bien, hang on isn’t that down to say, wl toys that make that card that the metal have chosen a fit to it is soft. You can’t go blaming the soft metal on banggood when they don’t make the rc car. I hope that makes sense. But if you look at the specs of what you’re buying online, you should be able to sort out the wheat from the chaff and pick out some real gems like this or this one here spare parts for rc cars. They can also come in for some criticism. Saying, Oh, the spare service is terrible. Estoy, not saying it doesn’t happen, but you have to bear in mind.

You are getting a super cheap service and it’s coming a heck of a distance to reach you here in the usa and that time scale on spare parts is beginning to change as well. This car has got new steering knuckles fitted to it. I ordered them on my amazon prime account. They got her in two days: wow whoopee, tío, rich. Everyone knows amazon. Prime takes two days. These ones ordered from banggood usa on the very same day actually got here before those ones did from amazon, Primer, and they were about three dollars cheaper and another thing to think about when it comes to those spare parts, is what i would call the banggood ripple Effect, the more cars like this and this are being sold in the western hemisphere. The more other people are starting to take notice. You can now get bears for this and the one four four zero zero one easily on amazon and ebay, and that is why i refer to it as the banggood ripple effect, porque, if banggood weren’t selling these in big numbers in the first place, other people wouldn’t Also be setting up taking notice and supplying the spares for these cars as well. Now they don’t just sell rc cars, as i say they sell around a million different items online, all sorts of different things, but besides rc cars, one thing they do do some great deals on is accessories. This is a dumbbell rc radio, six channels, including the receiver, but under 30 Dólares, and it has a 500 meter range with a built in gyro that is virtually impossible to beat.

You can pay like 65 bucks for a six channel spectrum receiver alone, so like it or not, with that kind of pricing, banggood is going to start making big inroads into the market and besides accessories like that transmitter, they also do some fairly neat battering charging accessories. Like this single 400 watt charger, can you imagine how fast that charges one of your batteries? They have some nice things like a seven day, deal way or dead on arrival guaranteed. The item arrives, broken damaged, not working not as described you can return it without any questions asked warranties, Bien, they’re manufacturer specific, just like they are with traxxas and armor, and if you place an order and decide to cancel it before it’s shipped, they don’t have any Problem with that either and a returns policy well they’ve not got a 30 Día, one like amazon have, but they do have a 14 day one provided. The item is shipped back in this new condition, which is not too bad to my mind. So maybe now you’re thinking about ordering from banggood and you’re thinking richie is that website safe i’m still, no estoy muy seguro. Bien, it is both trustwave and mcafee certified mcafee. I found no malware, no viruses, no phishing from the vanguard site whatsoever, which ticks all the boxes for internet safety. To my mind and like any company out there, you will often hear the bad news about the company. En primer lugar, from people saying oh well, there’s something from vanguard.

It arrived broken, it never arrived et, cetera, et cetera. Bien, trust pilot i’ve got 19 000 banggood. Reviews on the site gets four out of five stars and out of those people, 75 percent of the people gave banggood five stars so i’m, not saying there isn’t the occasional hiccup on there, but there is also an awful lot good that they are doing. Think of them as like, a mini amazon of the far east, and they are growing very fast. en efecto. Now i would say based upon the reviews that they get, it does come down to whether you’re patient or not. If you’re wanting your rc product delivered within three to four days, maybe it’s not for you, and maybe you want to considermaybe paying a premium for the product elsewhere. Sin embargo, if you want an absolutely cracking deal on cars like this or this, then there are definitely something to consider now, one area where banggood maybe do come in for some criticism, which may or may not be justified depending on the response you get from them is From the customer service, if you’re chasing up a delivery, etcetera, etcetera, but bear in mind, particularly from here in usa, to hong kong, there is the time difference to factor into account. Don’T send an email expecting to get a reply back instantly when they are 10 Horas. Different from us as an example, but you also need to factor in the price that you are paying for the product that you’re getting you’re, not paying a traxxas price you’re, not paying an armor price.

You are paying a very, very reasonable price for the products that you’re purchasing from them, and you do need to factor into account that, as i say, they don’t actually make anything. They sell other people’s products. So if something breaks on the car that you buy instantly that’s, not necessarily banggood’s fault, although people do tend to blame them for that and all that product vanguard ship me was terrible, no the product they shipped, you was the one you ordered, and maybe that fault Was down to the manufacturer in there, Sin embargo, i am sure that banggood will do their best to get you sorted out. Bien. That kind of concludes my review of banggood, as the company hope that explanation of the company background the size of the company, how big they are worldwide. May supplies may surprise a lot of people out there me i’m off to unbox this and have a good play around the garage with it tonight. So do look out for that video coming very soon but hand on her. I would say do not be afraid of buying anything from banggood legit company, quite a big one, on the rise going to become the amazon of the far east and that, as for any customer service issues, what you think amazon gave great customer service from date.