Your host angry dave. Anyone under 13 needs to get lost. Today we got a nice new rc on the bench. Gon na do an unboxing. We have the rc four wheel, drive trail, finder 2 rtr midnight edition um, not a giant toyota fan, but i do like the old hilux pickups they’re, pretty cool looking and my favorite color is black. So when they put this thing outand it comes with some cool uh tsl super swamper tires on ithad to get my hands on it, so uh let’s quit around and get it out of the box, Muy bien, así que aquí está, the uh packaging that it comes In just in case, anybody gives a um. I know i don’t, particularly so uh let’s keep moving on all right. So real quick before i actually rip this completely out of the packaging let’s go through uh this it comes with so here’s your standard, um, Rc, cuatro ruedas, drive rtr radio um have a couple of them: son, Bien. You got uh all your trims and get the antenna out of the way there. You can freeze that and look at all the little knobs it’s got later i’m, not going to go through them, one by one it’s, a reasonably comfortable radio, a little on the big side, but no big deal foam grip, que es agradable. The only thing i really don’t like about these is this because they’re a snap off hazardluckily i haven’t broken one yet, but now i’m gon na, just because i said that, and we also have our bag bags of this has got the uh nickel metal hydride Battery that comes with it and the charger um i don’t know if there’s anything else, it looks like there’s some double a’s in there for the uh radio, que es agradable, and then this one we have some uh the manual.

Obviously oh, we got some stickers. If you want to do it up with a uh classic toyota, stripe kit, Hay, all kinds of rc, four wheel drive stickers and in there that’s cool and then there’s some other uh, some other bits and pieces off the parch trees. Um looks like the bumpers, or at least the front bumpers in here, No, look like that’s on the truck yet um, all right enough of this horse. Let’S get the truck out Music all right, so we got a pretty damn good. Looking truck figured i’d, let everybody do this with me, because it’s such a great part of a new rc peel the plastic, this shit’s extra sticky it’s kind of hard to do one handed come on. Oh, ahí vamos. Is it good for you too anyways? So first pleasant, Sorpresa, um the front bumper um, which not this bumper, the trail finder bumper, which is a ginormous goofy. Looking thing doesn’t come installed on it, so that saves me the trouble of having to take the thing off cool. Primero, disappointment it’s not painted black it’s, just molded in black plastic, so it doesn’t have that super deep shine that it would have if it was actually painted. I don’t know i feel like i might want to go ahead and clear, coat it and try to get that nice deep black um, but that also sounds like a lot of work and i’m kind of lazy, so we’ll see if that happens or not um.

Oh there’s, something cool um, it looks like they’ve changed. I don’t know if it’s just this edition or all the trail finders, but it looks like it’s rear steer. Ahora, no linkage in the front, fantastic love, the super swampers and they look like the classic super swampers too, with no tread on the side. Hey rc, four wheel drive make these in 1.5, but make them like four or four and a half inch diameter. Por ahí, we can get the tires everybody used to rock back in the late 80s and early 90s on their street trucks, yeah it’s a pretty good, looking truck and stop screwing the bodies on your trucks, it’s a pain in the ass; nobody likes it um. It looks like we got a little bit different skid plate going on here. I like it aluminum now got some angles and facets to it so that it’ll glance over rocks so it’s not going to catch on everything were those plastic drive. Shafts were regressing in the drive shaft neighborhood. They used to be metal. Plastic driveshafts are not necessarily a bad thing, though we’ll see how they hold up Music. I can tell you the stock plastic drive shafts on my trx 4 are going on like four years old. Now and i’ve kicked the living out of them and they’re still doing just fine other than that. It looks like a pretty standard trail finder too um. Sabes, leaf, springs, yoda, Ejes, yoda, 2, Ejes, uh vamos a, get the body off.

Take a quick look at the electronics all right, así que sí, pretty standard, tf2 45 turn brushed single speed transmission. You got the uh rc four wheel, drive quote unquote: Esc, which looks like a hobby wing got a xt60 that’ll, get snipped off and change to a dean’s. Um i got ta check since they changed the drive shafts i’m, wondering if they’re using pins that go all the way through now. Can we see yeah, it looks like they are. That looks like the back side of a pin and the hex part of it’s on the other side. Bien, Ya era hora, agradable sí, all of them all right, Hay, another improvement, um sí. So it looks like uh. You know pretty standard rc, four wheel drive trail finder, two with uh some pretty cool improvements, actually uh there’s a few spots on there that have uh gone up, so let’s uh snip off that battery um connector, whatever the you call it and uh take it for A little putt there it is trail finder 2 midnight edition. I like it looks good performs like you, would expect a trail finder too so uh. Now we just got to start thinking about scaling it out and doing some personalizing to it and all that good stuff.