Everyone Shawn here from real RC in the workshop today to bring you another real world RC review today in the shop I’ve got the latest ready to run vehicle from Traxxas the new Traxxas rally. The rally is a four wheel: drive ready to run brushless vehicle that’s based off the Traxxas, Corte 4×4, a very successful vehicle for Traxxas, except the new rally, those sporting, some of the new you know second generation features that Trax has made some changes to the slash. This is the first ready to run to hit the market with those features so let’s get it over here on the workbench let’s show you what’s inside so first thing you can see the Traxxas did here different with this vehicle it’s pretty much a stock fork front To back except it’s got the new generation low center of gravity. Chassis it’s got the with a laid down, steering servo still the same brushless system. They change the radio box just a little bit but other that’s pretty much the same as a 4×4, y ya sabes, except they change the bumpers. You know to design to go with the rally body here. They give it some impact protection, some of the things I’m. Just in love with on this vehicle, obviously I love the tires. I love the ville inian system for a non censored system. This system is nuts. The vehicle itself was just a hoot to get out there on the track, we’re out on the street I’m, going to show you guys some action, video and the one of the best things.

The most visceral reaction that happened with me was the sound that these tires made literally just squealing on the pavement. You’D come barreling in towards you, give it a little slap a break turn the wheel, let the car skid and they actually made like it’s a beautiful tire screeching on pavement, Sonido, nothing better than that, Como dije, I’m a sucker for anything scale and realistic on Rc cars, so this one of my favorite features. Bien, I know what you’re saying enough talk. Let’S see the car in action and I agree with you. I mean look at the car it’s ready to go and I’ve got to get it out of my shop because it’s eating all my sparks okay, so the car’s name is rally by definition of that name it’s supposed to perform well on different types of services. It did pretty good in the dirt track. It was a lot of fun on the street, but I felt the vehicle had untapped potential that I hadn’t yet discovered and then it hit me. I knew exactly where I needed to take this car. Bien, guys quick caveat here: don’t take your RC car to a concrete, skatepark and think you’re going to come out of there without breaking everything in there. I did take the rally there, but I’ve been driving for quite a while and just when I think about my driving isn’t that good anymore, I pull a move like this one.

I tried to replicate that move like 30 more times it never happened again. So just so everyone’s aware now in our test results here like you can see, I had the Traxxas rally. I had it at that dirt track. It did pretty good on the dirt track. I did find that that big olds body it did hang really low it’s to give it that you know aggressive street car look, but I did find that it did hang up in the dirt quite a bit and that foam bumper there was underneath the front actually Removed it because I found it was really hitting the dirt a lot and rocks were actually getting stuck in the foam bumper, so I took that off for all the dirt running. Lo hizo bastante bien. I mean the at the end of the day. The vehicle’s name is rally so a rally car supposed to be good at multiple surfaces, so it did pretty good on the dirt. It was really good on the streets. You know I did do some three cell runs that I didn’t film, para ustedes. You know with the optional gearing and three cell batteries the car at those speeds at 60, 65 milla por hora, it was much more planted than my old Traxxas. Corte 4×4 Fue, I think they had some to do with that big windshield in front the body and the spoiler at the back, plus a low center of gravity chassis also to just normal running the vehicle.

Sabes, with the low center of gravity. Chassis just seemed to initialize its turn in was a lot a lot. Smoother didn’t feel so skittish when you’re trying to turn the wheel and slam it into a corner. So I really really enjoyed that and then last you know I had that thing at the skate park, that’s where that vehicle really excelled. Como dije, I’ve done a lot of skate park. Patching in the past I’ve never had a vehicle. That was it so I had one I had one associated RC 18. Eso fue bastante bueno., but it was so tiny it just it just destroyed itself. Every time we went, but this vehicle was probably the best one I’ve ever taken to a skate part. Two reasons one it did really well, I didn’t break a single part. The only thing I had happened to that vehicle – y esto es, after all the running you guys saw at the dirt track and on the street and everything else before that I one shop cap unthreat itself from the shock body that’ll happen is plastic on plastic and Then I had the opposite: rear shock cap screw the upper one, it back itself off a little bit, but I caught it and threaded it back in that was it. I didn’t break a single set of parts on that car. With all that beatand I did to it so that’sreally good that’s number one number twothe vehicle was probably the best thing I’ve had on skatepark for actually like the handling the jumping, the driving everything he did.

You know I’ve been able to do a lot of cool things with skate parts, but this car did all everything I did too. You know did all of it really really. Bien, you know it was able to tabletop. It was able to control its attitude in the air. I can leap from one. You know different horizontal plane to a vertical plane and it seemed to really just take all of it, and I had had that foam bumper reinstalled and actually seemed to help quite a bit when it was running up. Some of those steep you know inclines in the concrete stuff like that the bumper seemed to really help with it. Así que en definitiva,, I have to give the Traxxas rally like a nine for entertainment value. It’S you’re not going to go racing with it without swapping out a whole bunch of parts to make it a short course drive, but as an all around entertainment, Vehículo, es, awesome and it’s good for everyone, it’s good for the beginners, because you can set it to A 50 speed training mode, so you know your kids can drive it and aren’t going to kill the neighbor’s dog with it. So that’s fantastic right to the intermediate guys to the expert guys the expert guys are going to get a kick out of it, taking it to the skate parks and doing 65 milla. An hour runs with it. So all in all have to give the vehicle a night.

It was great so a few things, though there’s a few wins that you need to know about the vehicle that’s better from the old Traxxas. Corte 4×4. Ahora, I’m on the old, the center drive shaft ran down the chassis and it was in this little channel it’s covered by this clear plastic window, which was cool and neat looking. But I did find a lot of rocks, get up into mine to the point where you know and run along the rocks run along the drive shaft. I got rid of the clear plastic window so that I could shake those out of there. The new low center of gravity chassis puts the center drive shaft a good half inch above the chassis plate and that’s fantastic, so no more rocks are getting caught in there, Como, He dicho, it’s handling way better. I really want to get this thing out on the track again and see you know what the short course bought you on it and see how it jumps, because I didn’t really like blow away my old one jump. There was a few issues there, this one I’m hoping is going to jump a lot better and a few things else that you should know about the vehicle. If you’re going to be doing, three cell runs get the Traxxas EFC fan, I’ve killed a ville Indians Phaedo from running three cells with paddle tires on the beach in Oregon, did not last long it’s too much load for it.

So if you’re going to be doing, three cell runs get that ESC fan locked on to your ESC, to keep the temps down other than that this vehicle is an almost a zero maintenance vehicle I’ve had my slash 4×4 guys have had it for almost two years. Hay, probably a hundred and some packs on it, nothing’s ever leaked I’ve. Never I mean I’ve broken a couple of outer parts. Now it’s put aluminum on them. I haven’t broken anything since, but really I’ve done zero maintenance to my slash so I’m expecting the rally to pretty much be the exact same thing. I also got to give a big THANK YOU out to feature shop CA. They provided me with the Traxxas rally ready to run for this video, so a big thanks going out to them and also I’m looking for your guys’s feedback and what you guys saw in this video.