I had to play around with the programming instructions to finally get it to program, but finally, did the programming instructions had to many steps, but this product is a good value for the money had to get the first one programmed by a locksmith, because we did not Have the original took only a few seconds programmed the second one myself, as per the owner’s manual, took only a few seconds. Both work great worked perfectly on a 99 dodge dakota. My other remote was only working if you really played with it, took all around two minutes to install and i couldn’t be happier. The distance is twice as far from the original one, so that was an added bonus. The fobs worked on my 2000 durango. Sin embargo, the fobs did not come with step by step instructions as described. en lugar de, it came with a card to a couple of websites the instructions on these websites and ones i googled were all wrong. I already started to process the return when, in desperation, i checked the owner’s manual, it worked exactly as described in the owner’s manual. These work great here, is the procedure for most dodge vehicles that these work with worked flawlessly on 2000 durango and my 2002 Dodge 3500 procedure number one step by step: how to programming instructions insert a key into the ignition and turn the ignition to the on position. Just before cranking press and hold the unlock button on a working remote for 4, 4 Para 10 10 Segundos, while holding the unlock button press the panic button for one one second and release both buttons.

Al mismo tiempo, a chime will sound within three three seconds to indicate entry into programming mode press any button on the same remote.