Welcome back the channel, welcome back to the rc vlog guys. Today is mail day i haven’t opened up packages on on video for a while. I got a few in. I opened them up already but i’m going to show you what i got. Some of them have some storage, nothing really super cool, but some of them that are pretty cool, but i also got a package that i think has a car in it so i’m, not sure, and just in case there is a car in there. I want to make sure i capture in video, so let’s see what’s in there all right before we get to the car package, because i’m pretty excited about the car package. Let’S go through this stuff. So first thing i have the aluminum rear up. This is actually aluminum front shocks for the mini b. I have a bent shock on one of my cars and i noticed that these aluminum shocks these are for the mini b and mini t they’re, actually the same they’re, actually a dollar or two dollars more than the plastic one. So i went to go order. A replacement chalk and it made no sense to get the non aluminum ones. I think they’re two dollars more than the plastic ones. So this is, i got two sets front and rear, and this is gon na go on one of my mini beads, one of my mini t’s yeah super cool. Those are cool, let’s, see what else we got.

I should put this down and then i’ll just put them all out here, so we got shocks all right. So this part, this kind of depresses me. Actually these are ic5 connectors. I know what you’re thinking, why do you have ic5 connectors if you uh run them and they come on the battery? Already i’ve done this twice already and it’s, actually pretty frustrating i’ve ordered batteries with ic3 instead of ic5 fingers. I don’t have a single car that uses ic3 and yeah. I keep ordering batteries ic3, so i have to replace them like brand new batteries and replacing plugs. So if you’re wondering what i’m talking about on the outside of these are ic5 connectors, i ordered see on the outside. Of that you get that my face. It says ic3 um, these say ic5 ic5 connectors are big. They look like this ic3 connectors. Oh this one already has an ic dang, it i’m all over the place, guys i wasn’t prepared for this, but this one says ic3 and i already placed it with ic5, but this is what a ic3 connector looks like that’s, an ic3 connector. This is an ic5 connector, as you can see, there’s a little bit of size difference there and almost all the cars that i run. Uh that are armas are either 3s or 6s, so they use all ic5, and i keep doing this. The second time, i’ve accidentally ordered ic3 connector batteries, which is pretty freaking annoying actually i’m.

Just gon na leave this out because i got ta re solder that later and instead of returning it because it’s such a pain in the butt to return, lipos and get new ones. I just went ahead and ordered ic5 connectors and i’m going to put ic5 connectors on damn all right, more stuff bam mini b tires. These are just the regular stock tires for the mini b. This set the car that i got the other day for 80 dollars at brushless, mini that’s super nice uh. The tires were all worn out. I needed some good tires just in case. I run turf carpet and i went ahead and got a couple of sets up front, so i got two sets of front three sets of rear. I’Ll, probably burn these up and this probably isn’t the best tire to run out on the track. But i didn’t know what else to get and yeah i just want to ignore them boom. The oh see that that means i missed the pack it’s one of those notifications where you miss a package. Ups notifications boom. This is the these are the tires for the infraction. So one interesting thing that i learned about the infraction i’ve always heard that the felony burned through tires people on the infraction burned through tires, but the felony actually uses two different size tires. They have rear tires that are wider than the front on the infraction. The the tires are all the same size or the same size all the way around.

So it does not have a wider rear tire, which is nice not only because they’re a little bit cheaper. But now i can rotate tires. So i have another set of front rear tires for or they’re all same, another set of tires for the infraction, because i know once i start driving i’m, probably going to burn up a set. I’Ve heard people burning up sets on the second battery pack. It just it has a lot of power goes through tires. There are different colors uh when i say colors that’s, like the different compounds. I just ordered the stock, one which is silver, which is the hardest compound i’m, not trying to race. This thing i just need the tires that would stay on the car um. They look cool, though they say hoons on them, that’s, pretty cool all right on to the fun package. I do not know what’s in here do not know what’s in here. I have an idea of what’s in here, but i do not know. I always lose my knife there. It is found it found my knife. Sorry, i always look over there because i want to make sure i’m recording all right here we go. What is in the box? Oh, it is a car, oh man, you guys ready, you might already see it. You already see it here. It is boom, it is the exotics like mini racer. This is a i think. 32 skip 32, 30.

Second, 32 or 30 second scale. Let me see, let me figure out the scale here. One thirty second scale. Thirty, two. Third, one thirty tooth well that’s, not right, anyways it’s, one thirty, second of a regular car, but it’s of like it’s the same size as a mini z. Actually, um lone star sells these they’re actually pretty cool because it has these little bumpers on the actually i’ll open it up here in a second um. You know what let’s just open it up now screw it. So it has these little bumpers. Gon na hide my face on the bumper there. You see that, like bumpers on the bumper um they’re like little rollers, so what was kind of cool is when you drove it on a mini z track you could. You could like lean up on the rail and like slingshot around um. They were pretty quick and it was actually pretty fun um. But thanks for saying this is from exotics rc. They sent this over to me, so i could check it out. Uh. We are gon na drive this thing, i’m gon na actually i’m gon na. Let my sun drive what’s cool about the big bumpers like this is i’m, not scared of my son’s, just breaking it so i’m, just gon na hand it over to my youngest son and let him rip it and then we’re gon na take it over to the Hopefully, maybe i say maybe because melissa’s kind of hungry we’re supposed to go to dinner, i don’t know if we can make it in time we’ll be able to drive this on the track tonight.

But if we don’t do it tonight, we’ll, do it some other time either way we will drive this thing. It just might not be in the track. Let’S. Take it off let’s, go ahead and unbox the whole thing. So i can see what else is in here here is the car. The box is heavy. I bet you, it comes with batteries. It’S exotic rc car i’ll put a link to the website or to where you can buy these below in the description big shout out to exotic rc for sending this over that’s pretty cool all right. This box is actually kind of heavy guessing there’s batteries in here. Instead, it came with an extra set of tires. All right here we go here is the remote and then what this little thing is. Oh, i bet you. This is the charger i think there’s a built in battery. It is a built in battery. Oh look! A little set of tires it comes with spare, tires that’s good plan on burning those up. Oh, it looks like a steering ackerman and a charger. So let’s get this charger. We’Re gon na have to charge it so we’ll drive it tonight, i’m. Putting on charge that’s, perfect, i’ll, put on charge, we’ll go to the minimalist, we’ll go to dinner and then we’ll drive it when we get home all right, guys so here’s a close up of the car, so this car actually retails for 79.

99 on a main um. The body is screwed on, but i did some research. It has an integrated lipo battery, so it is lipo it’s, not nike out here. Let me turn this around there it’s, not nycat or nickel metal, or anything like that. It is actually a lipo battery. They make three different kinds. This kind, which is this like blue, looking buggy thing and then also they make a pink looking buggy and then they make a truck like a semi truck. You can tell the the um the tires are a little dirty it’s, because i i feed me guys, i already drove it. I had to. I had to i’m. Sorry, sorry guys it’s, actually, the next day, sorry we got home. I was super tired, but i did drive it. It was a lot of fun i’m gon na let i’m not gon na. Do a full review on this car because i’m gon na do i’m gon na. Do some new reviews. I’M changing my review format. I wanted to be more thorough, get more information out of it. So i’m gon na do a full review on this card. Today, we’re just gon na get a quick glimpse: i’m gon na hand it off to my son. Let them drive it you’ll, be able to see how it drives inside the house. Doesn’T get good traction inside the house on the wood floors for me, but it also could be because my wood floors might be a little bit a little dusty and then we’ll drive.

It outside so you guys can see it outside uh, but just get some running shots all right. I got this janky little cord. I mean those are mini. Look how small those cones are. Those look they’re almost they’re, pretty much just like booby traps, um yeah. So i got some dog hair on there. I get it. We live in this house, so it gets a little messy um, but not the best traction i’m gon na let evan drive it, go ahead. Buddy keep subscribing right now see you can tell that it washes out a little bit on the back end that’s, because the rear diff is actually locked, there’s, no dip actually it’s just straight so whenever it’s going around corner it’s a little hard to keep control, so It spins out a lot. Oh um, but i’ll tell you one thing i did like about it: evan go ahead and ram it into the wall. Oh i got behind the tree uh. What i did like at first. I thought the the bumpers were cool like on the track and i always thought the bumpers kind of kind of made the car look kind of cheesy, cheesy or like walmartish, but i will say that it completely saves the car, like i i’m, not worried about these Boys breaking it, but these are the driving shots inside again really hard to drive on my wood floors. Um it just it just kind of loses it, but we’re gon na drive it outside and see how it is all right, here’s some running shots outside whoa.

Why are you going so far i’m, not gon na see that part actually doesn’t. Look too bad outside it bounces a lot, the other that’s, the other thing it doesn’t have any shocks like there’s, no suspension um. So there were no shocks, no springs, nothing! Um it’s! Just plastic whoa heaven where you going, but i can’t get it that close uh, nothing, nothing to dampen the shock or anything like that and also the motor size. I did again i did a little research. The motorcycle is a 130 size. I i don’t know if that’s the same as a mini z or not. It looks like the same as an easy um. Is it easy to drive evan how come you could take the turn so slow because it spins out on turns so i actually kind of like it outside a little bit better. It does bounce a lot there’s, just no shock absorbers at all yeah. It bounces like crazy, what’s, wrong bud. Oh it was dead. He had a little. He had a little cutout interesting for a quick second i’m gon na. Let the boys just run with this car i’m gon na do whatever they want with it and then i’ll do a review after we’ve had it for a couple of weeks, all right, we noticed a weird noise coming from it hit the gas oven. I don’t know what that is: it’s almost like, maybe something’s caught up in it or something but it’s like a a loud uh clicking noise.

Did it get him. I told evan that he could do whatever he want wants with it. Just drive it. However, he wants, and the first thing he did is he put it up here and drove it off the curb so go geez it’s like they want to break them, god that noise that’s brutal guys. Well, there you have it guys. I hope you enjoyed that it’s. Always a good mail day whenever you get a surprise card in the mail but i’m not going to do a full review on this car i’m going to follow up because i’m trying to improve my review style so i’m going to do a full review. Follow up. After this video but big shout out to exotics rc for sending it over super cool car, i love to view these cars they’re super cool.