Oh, I can’t wait to open this one up, let’s see what it’s aside so here’s spongebob his krabby patty maker. Now you see the lights actually come on the wheels turn and it’s spongebob can drive it now. It doesn’t talk or make a lot of sounds, but it’s still pretty cool. I think right now, one of the things to remember. Well slowly, Bob you just hit a tree is that it takes a total 6 double a batteries and are not included so you’ll need those so let’s see where spongebob drives. So spongebob is out for a daily drive: hmm where’s. He going spongebob or you’re going in a snake foot. Oh SpongeBob’s it straight over Bigfoot. Oh yeah holds Bigfoot’s okay um, Bien, oh it looks like Bigfoot might have a broken leg. Spongebob. You got to be careful when you’re drivingoh my leg, really hurts you hear that spongebob, you hurt Bigfoot’s leg, Vaya: where are you going to next? So spongebob is driving but where’s he going. Oh, no you’ll see it Mickey Mouse. Spongebob Mickey Mouse is on a skateboard. You got to watch it blow. It hey spongebob, No, no drops a way: gee you’re that spongebob squarepants, I think you’re a dangerous driver. Yeah me too. He almost ran over Mickey Mouse, not good spongebob. You got a driver for a lot better than that. Bien, Muy bien. I think you need to listen to Mickey Mouse spongebob, so be careful where you’re driving hey this is rubble on the double I’ll show that spongebob how you have to drive a car? No one can drive up a monster truck Jeep like me that sponge job he’s dangerous.

He needs a watch, what he’s doing because rubble on the double I’m on the roads? Oh No look out a trouble land spongebob were they gon na? hacer, Oh, ah, hidden, hey spongebob, No roh, roh, Oye, Hola, chicos, I don’t think you should be driving at the same time. You both are bad drivers trouble. I can download I’m a great driver, no trouble you’re. A bad driver watch out where’s funny backhoe, oh hay. One rubble mosebach your neck and a Cobra hey. What are you doing guys? No now you’re ruining? Oh, Oh, oh let’s go what’s going on rubble. You shouldn’t, sea esto. Video is a spongebob video. Bien, I got here. You got him out of here, spongebob good job. I mean rubble, I mean we can’t have two bad drivers like that handily no way spongebob is a bad enough driver Punjab, where you driving now spongebob. All that is a giant dinosaur. Oh don’t go toward a spongebob, you like get, might spongebob that’s a dinosaur. What are you doing around a dinosaur quarry? Get one job me it’s, Divertido, babbles close go, Ir, Ir! Gracias! Tana, for these sponges, Bien, everyone so you’ve seen the spongebob Krabby car right, es, a krabby patty driving car and a spongebob. My spongebob doesn’t actually come out of it, but it’s still pretty fun and you can see it goes actually pretty fast for a remote control car I just wish SpongeBob was a better driver, don’t you but it’s pretty neat and looks like you know: a krabby patty That’S right look, look at the detail on it, so you can see that it’s, the krabby patty and some cheese and some lettuce and then the bun and look the lights come on in the bun.

The headlight sides pretty fun too. So all in all this is a pretty fun little toy. Now spongebob just needs to be a better driver don’t. You agree also right up here. It says subscribe here, so please subscribe to the engineering family, so you can see lots of fun videos like this one. I really hate for you to miss one of our cool videos, because you know what they’re they’re lots of fun and also down below. I want you to give us a thumbs up, and that means that you, like this video you like this video and you like spongebob right all right, give us a thumbs up and finally it’s fun job be careful but showing with a secret password BAM, Así es, It’S right there and it’s a spongebob because whoa this is a spongebob video all right, so we need you to put the secret password so that spongebob knows you know the password. Bien. Can you do that for us great all right? todos? You have a great day. I’Ll see you later bye, now take a look at one of these cool videos that feature surprise: eggs, Scooby, Doo, paw patrol, even Jack, Frost and Elsa, going to jail have a great day bye.