Today I prepared a review of TEKNO RCs latest chassis kit, ET48 2.0, which is at the top level in the trucky genre. Among many RC car genres., The genre called truggy is the most unrealistic structure of all RC car genres.. However, it is an RC CAR that can be rolled anywhere without any restrictions with the best driving performance. ON ROAD and OFF ROAD Jumps stunts and track driving are all possible., So many companies are renovating the truggy genre and releasing various RC CAR products. The product. We are reviewing today is the best RC CAR among them.. This is a chassis kit product currently used by RC CAR players.. This vehicle is for professional players and enthusiasts.. There are some parts that are a bit difficult for beginners to approach.. The chassis kit differs from RTR products in which all components are included.. Electronic parts required for driving wheels tires, transmitter and receiver must also be purchased and installed separately. And you have to assemble the vehicle body as well as paint the body yourself. In todays review. We wont go into detail about assembly and setup.. I will make and upload this part for beginners as quickly and easily as possible.. Then I will start the full scale review, starting with the price of the ET48 2.0.. The Korean importer of the brand Tekno product of this vehicle is, I am in charge of SPOKY hobby, which specializes in chassis kit related products. In Korea. The price of ET48 2.

0 was released at 778000 won. For reference. Tekno products and parts sold by SPOKY hobby are sold at the same price as the US price.. So this is the cheapest to buy in Korea., Now open the box and check the contents. The product composition consists of a transparent body that needs to be painted parts that make up the vehicle body and oils and manuals required for assembly.. I have experience assembling most chassis kit, trucks that are officially distributed in Korea., As mentioned earlier. The chassis kit is the best vehicle used by athletes in competitions., So no matter which brand you choose, there is little difference in performance and quality.. However, Tekno products are strongly recommended. If you are assembling for the first time., It is very easy to assemble.. It is not easy, as it is simple compared to other brand chassis kits.. This is because the assembly manual is too detailed compared to other brands. Assembly of Tekno products can be done even by those who have no knowledge of RC CAR as long as they have the tools and manuals necessary for assembly. After completing the body assembly, it can Be a little difficult to select and set the electronic parts., But building the car for RC CAR is really easy and fun. Teknos ET series was a more popular RC car in Korea than in other countries.. However, there were likes and dislikes because of the slim body design.. Unfortunately, the body design of this new product has not been significantly improved.

, Its definitely better than the previous one, but there will be some likes and dislikes this time. Too. Then. I will briefly tell you about my settings and check the performance of this vehicle.. First, the vehicle assembly was assembled with manual values without additional settings.. The electronic part is equipped with Mamba 2 ESC 2200kv motor. For reference. The electronic parts I used do not fit the class of this vehicle.. However, if you dont do a lot of track driving these sensorless products are also a good choice. And the pinion gear mounted on the motor is equipped with the largest size 16T in the manual. Wheels and tires are Arrma Outcast 6S. Genuine products., Then lets run on a road that hasnt been opened. Yet. Lets start with the 4S battery first.. In fact, the wheels tires and the electronic parts I have installed are not suitable for the chassis kit.. So I was worried that I wouldnt be able to show the performance of this vehicle properly.. However, I was very surprised that it ran so much better than expected.. Of course, if you look at the speed alone, 80kmh in the 4S is not very fast.. What I want to emphasize is the stability of driving, not speed.. Usually 18 size vehicles are not for speed specialized genres. At speeds. Over 80 kmh, it doesnt look that stable. A delicate control is required because it shakes slightly left and right or leans to one side.. Youll need to be extra careful, especially if youve got those big monster tires.

. However, in this case the stability and straightness of driving were excellent., So the speed of 80 kmh felt slow.. I was able to do speed measurements very comfortably.. All original 18 chassis kits are now tested with 4S batteries at their maximum., But I tried it because I thought the 6S battery could also be used.. Of course, it showed a little more anxiety than when using the 4S battery.. However, it showed relatively stable driving performance at speeds exceeding 100 kmh with such large tires.. This chassis kit Truggy is hard to find, except for the ET48 2.0. Next time. If I have a chance Ill, try 150kmh, with Truggys dedicated on road tires., The Truggy genre is a genre that can go beyond the realm of monster trucks by installing monster, wheels and tires.. The cars settings are all manual values, except for the wheels and tires. Ill show you a few light stunts and check out the jumps and track runs.. In this way, trucks of the genre can be rolled like a monster truck as many as you like, depending on the settings. Lets, start the jump test now, To be honest, theres, nothing particularly good about these high jumps and aerial stunts as a chassis kit.. These days, RC CAR products released as RTRs are as durable as chassis kits.. If the purpose of the RC CAR is only for jumping and stunts, Arrma products may be a better choice.. However, if you want to enjoy jumping and stunts as well as the track, you need to think twice.

. This is a track for Truggy and Monster Trucks, run free of charge by the RC Sports Association in Yeonsu, gu Korea.. This is a track you can use for free if you sign up., If Songdo Incheon Korea is not far away join us. The off road chassis kit is a vehicle built to run on these tracks. On the track. It shows quite a lot of performance difference from RTR products.. There is a huge difference in performance, especially when cornering., Even on the straight course or jump course. The chassis kit is much better for driving stability.. This makes for an overall comfortable ride on the track.. Also chassis kit vehicles can have different setting values according to the track. Condition. Athletes and experts make these setup sheets to share and study with each other.. I am not yet at the level where I can understand and study the setup sheet., So these chassis kit vehicles usually use the default settings in the manual.. Even when used as a base. It is far superior to RTR. Products on the track. Chassis kits have slightly different advantages and disadvantages depending on the brand and steering method.. I think the vehicle that felt the most stable by default in the manual is Teknos new Truggy, which we are reviewing today. Its my first time driving on a track with this vehicle and Ive, been really enjoying it and having fun with it by default.. The driving part of the ET48 2.

0 will end here.. The details will be dealt with in detail in the assembly section.. Now that I have explained the advantages sufficiently, I will finish by pointing out the parts that can be seen as disadvantages.. First of all, the body design which is expected to have a lot of likes and dislikes is definitely a disadvantage., But from a functional point of view, I think its an advantage. Vehicles that use a general trucky body can run on a track or off road. After driving. A lot of foreign substances such as sand or small stones get inside the vehicle.. However, the body of the ET48 2.0 is made to fit the vehicle body just like a buggy body., So you can keep the interior of the vehicle relatively clean. At first. I thought I had to change it just by looking at the design, but after driving it I changed my mind., I will purchase the second body as well., And some hardcore users cite the durability of the center drive shaft as a downside.. This is the part that has always been pointed out as a disadvantage in this new 2.0 product, as well as in existing products. Non chassis kit. Rtr products solve this problem by adding a metal chassis brace.. However, in the chassis kit, the weight reduction of metal parts is as important as durability.. A chassis kit is a vehicle used by athletes to compete in competitions where large prize money is at stake.

. So the lightweight part of the chassis kit is very important.. The chassis kit is composed of various shafts in order to reduce the weight.. It even has holes in drive cups and shock towers.. In addition to that, most of the metal parts of the chassis kit are composed of a lightweight work, area. RTR products that are released. These days exclude the weight reduction of metal parts and In many cases they even put bumpers on the Truggy to focus on durability.. So even 18 Truggy supports up to 6S., No matter how strong Tekno makes it. It is equipped with a 6S battery like RTR cars with metal, chassis, brace added.. If you attempt excessive stunts, the lightweight metal parts will bend or break. Tekno Truggys center drive. Shaft is compatible with the chassis kit, Sworkz Truggy of other companies, as it has the same. Length., However, the price is more than twice the price of Tekno products.. If you ever need to replace the center drive, shaft use Sworkz. For reference. The old Tekno Truggy, ET48 ET48.3 is also applicable.. When this review video goes out, it is expected that there will be many inquiries about which product is better compared to Arrmas EXB products.. If you dont include track driving, Arrmas EXB products may be a better choice., But the ultimate goal of off road RC CAR. If you are thinking of driving on a track, it is better to choose a chassis kit, even if it is expensive.

. Lastly, Arrmas RTR products are vehicles that can be used by beginners and intermediates.. However, the chassis kit is a vehicle used by players beyond the beginner intermediate and advanced level.. So if you buy a chassis kit, you dont have to buy another RC CAR.. If you are a stunt fanatic who likes high altitude, jumps and fancy stunts enjoyed with RC CAR do not buy the chassis kit Thanks for watching.. If you liked my review, please subscribe. Good Guy signing off from South Korea..