I just wanted to add this into the beginning of the video. So the other day me and my wife was thinking of uh, of a logo for the rc, fun and um, so the logo was she made this for me, ustedes chicos, let me know what you think pretty cool, so she made it without the rc, porque, Básicamente, With my logo, what i wanted my logo to represent was uh radio control fun. You know rc fun, but i put the rc there for some people that won’t, Sabes, understand the logo. You know so they understand rc fun. So she designed this logo. Para mí, it’s using the remote that i use dx5c and um pretty cool. I just want to show you guys this um you. Let me know what you think i’m, trying to like brand it off into shirts or whatever a lot of people hit me up about the shirts and stuff i’m trying to go get a logo so hoping that y’all could help me with that um. We wasn’t gon na try to put the limitless here, but um this car was just on the site that we had so um. Let me know what y’all think about this. This is a logo i’m trying to go with. También, i wanted to tell you how that masses she does t shirts she’s been doing everything, so this is one of the messes she made me. I just go through a few.

This is my team, my bike team, that are that i ride with so this is one of another mask she made a few of them one with my name on it. Sabes, then she made something for my kids and not for sale he’s. Just from my kids made some nike masses, this is the company that she designs all this stuff through his personal desires, about a a it’s, bastante genial. I really like the fact that she made me my own logo um. I definitely want to brand it and you know, get some t shirts out there so um do. Let me know what y’all think about that and uh let’s get into the testing tune of the slash all right guys thanks for that, all right guys just wanted to add this in there. This is the day before my birthday and um. So i’ll be posting. This video on my birthday, but this maskwas like a gift for that also i’m, trying to do stickers as well. So you know that’s that’s, basically what the design is coming in from. If you know y’all agree, i definitely get some stickers out there, shirts and so on. de todas formas. Back all right, how’s it going too back out with the traxxas slash gon na do some tuning. I did bring a rug with me so hopefully that helped i’m going to try to uh. I did some changes. I just want to see if it’s uh going to take them it’s about 40 degrees out right now.

So i know the ground is cold, pero uh .uh. Just want to see uh how it’s doing and go from there so uh. Let me get it set up and stay tuned all right, just finished warming. The tile up. I ain’t got that much space because it snowed so i can see but i’m just trying to see my launches got any better sorry about the wind guys and the plane noise. As y’all know, the new testament spies right by the airport let’s try another one see what happens, ties up. Música de aplausos – that was a clean pass turn it up a little bit more and then go from there warm up drop it down, set it there. Man see what it do. Harris starts spitting in the big tied up a little bit more see what happens. Aplausos es, not spinning in that big here for sure all right, so a few more test hits and we’ll call it a wrap Applause.