The fobs appear to be of good quality construction and not some sort of flimsy knockoff one fob programmed, but the second would not program. This seemed to be a bad circuit board. I emailed seller and they sent a replacement circuit board. It programmed immediately on one pass. I requested a replacement circuit board since the key was already cut and only the circuit board could be at fault. I ordered these keys because of the price i was able to program one of them. The other one did not work, but i was shipped a replacement, and now i have two new working keys. You need to program two keys to program. A third key. You cannot use a key cut from a place like aced or true value, because they only clone your key, not program. A key worked great got keys, cut at local ace hardware, store for two dollars: 50. Para 2016 jeep patriot. If you have only one working key, you have to go to dealer to get second key programmed dealer charged me fifty dollars to program. One key dealer warned me that keys purchased off internet do not work 50 de la época, but they have always worked for me. Maybe eight times now, once i had two working keys, i was able to program third key myself for free. So in my case i need to keep two spares. So if i lose one i can always program another for free and avoid the rip off dealer.