I programmed them myself and i had them cut for five bucks. A piece and car starts. Remote works, no dealer programming needed Music. I wish we knew about these keys. Two years ago, when my husband’s 2005 scion tc fell apart, this car was purchased used 10 years ago and only came with one key, so we had to macgyver the key together because we didn’t want to pay dealership prices for a new key. The product is solid and sound. The included instructs work great for the keyless, Cerradura, slash unlock features to find instructions for the immobilizer, just google it. I cannot put the link in my review for where i got my information. Music worked perfectly for my scion tc 2005. Programmed everything myself cut in local hardware store for free from what i understood. It matters a lot. What symbol you have on our original keynote piece? I have a dot on new keys, and these you could program yourself. You should also try to program before cutting the keys. In case you got wrong key for replacement. You will have to take these to a locksmith for cutting and programming the chip, but they work. Music works like they are supposed to. These keys were a solid deal. They cinched to the car and work with my o5 tc. I had problems with finding someone to cut them. Ace wants you to buy their keys at 70, each in arizona. There are videos online to program them and they became master keys on my vehicle.

Thanks keyless option: Música 2009 cyanxd worked had a local hardware, tienda, cut key for two dollars and then looked up programming instructions for remote and spent five minutes doing that they feel noticeably cheaper than the oem ones. But thirty dollars for two is a great deal.