What I’m going to show you today is a viper 4105. Esta es una forma única, remote start what the differences are between a one way and a two way system is that a two way system is going to. Let you know on the remote that the vehicles actually receive the commands to start that things have gone. The way that they need to. This is particularly useful when you’re unable to see the vehicle if the vehicle parks around the corneror you know in a parking lot, far away. Obviamente, you’re not going to be able to see the parking lights and you’re not going to be able to know what other vehicles actually running. So a one way system will simply control the vehicle you’re not going to get any less functionality out of the out of the system itself, no less dependability, it’s just that you’re not going to get confirmation on the remote that things have gone. The way that they need to so how this is going to work is the parking lights right there. Those are going to flash for the action. So when we lock the system up, we’re going to lock the vehicle up and you’ll, see that you get a parking light, flash no horn, Bocinazo, no indication on the remote that anything’s really happened. So if I can’t see those parking lights and I go and control thingsI really don’t know if anything’s actually happened so there’s a severe benefit to having the two way remote.

It lets you know on the remote the vehicles receive the commands. If I can see the parking lights, then I now know by the two parking light flashes, that this vehicle is unlocked. I’Ll go ahead and lock it back up. We can’t see it I’ll, go ahead and use the remote start, but you’re going to get there’s a single parking light flash that will indicate that the vehicle’s receive the command vehicle starts up once it does start up, then those parking lights are going to illuminate and Those are going to stay lit for the duration of the runtime, so if you had a clear visual on the vehicle from outside of a window, this might be a system for you. If you do not have a visual on the vehicle, you might want to go with the two way system. It’S going to give you a better experience, you’re going to know that the vehicles receive those commands that things have done the right way again with any other year. As with any of the other systems that I sell, you can shut the vehicle down from remote as well, and everything goes right back the same way. It was as with any Honda. The factory key fob will work to lock and unlock the vehicle while the vehicle is not running, but once it’s running the factory key fob is actually going to be disabled. Así que en este punto, factory key fob does not work to lock or unlock the vehicle.

In order to gain entry, you’re going to need to use our key fob again, you just simply use the unlock button, you’re going to get those two parking light flashes and, Claro, all four doors are now unlocked. Thanks for having a look at how a one way or two way system works, this has been an example on the one way this has been 2011 Honda.